How to Fit Online Casino Games into a Busy Schedule

Games in the casino online is fun and quick, a combination that makes them appealing virtually any time of day and easy to manage in between jobs, assignments, and projects. They make effective palate cleansers when moving from one task to another because they can be completely absorbing. That quality makes them games an easy way to build up momentum, and an equally effective way to wind down after a long day at work.

When and When Not To....

A good friend once told me that life comes down to understanding when to take action and when to hold back. His formulation for this decision, in his own words, is reduced to a simple formula - when and when not to. When to make the move and when to hold back and allow the action to come to you.

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

A visit to the online casino - like Thunderbolt Casino - is a thrill ride that takes us out of our everyday lives and puts us a the mercy of forces that are greater than ourselves. We can't control these forces and we can't even influence them, as our ancient ancestors tried to do with the rains and sunshine for the crops they depended on for life. 

Betting from the Right Side of the Brain

The idea that we have two separate and distinct sides of our brains is one of the truisms of science. The traditional understanding of this phenomenon is that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and serves as our center for logic and rationality. The right side control the left side of our bodies and serves as the repository for all of our creative functions. That could be why so many artists are left handed. Their bodies reflect the fact that the right side of the brain is dominant in them.

Real Atlantic City Casino now offers online games

If you can't beat them, join them. That's the obvious lesson in the recent decision from the Atlantic City based casino, Ocean Resort to launch its own online casino site that would work hand-in-hand with the real casino.

The new site will allow people to combine their loyalty points between the real casino and the online version so that people can continue to stay within the Ocean Resort brand even if they prefer to play online casino games rather than travel to the casino itself.

European and American Roulette - Does it Matter?

People who love the casino online, such as our very own Thunderbolt Casino, are always looking for an edge, something that gives them that small advantage that may not make much difference from game to game or even from day to day. But over time, that edge puts them ahead by just enough to justify the time and money they spend at the casino.

Rush of Risk

Everywhere you look, it seems that the people who are most engaged with life, most apt to take full advantage of the opportunities they encounter, and most in step with their time and environment are those who live at the cutting edge of risk

Risk is all around us, but it is most clearly expressed through games of chance such as slots and cards. When we make bets on the outcome of those games, there is always a risk that we could lose our money through nothing more than bad luck. That's what makes online casino games so immersive and so deeply engaging.

Cards Vs. Slots - The Ultimate Showdown

The casino online offers a wealth of betting opportunities that capture just about the entire history of the casino in all of its manifestations. There are dice games that go back to the earliest days of gambling, and even some of the more sophisticated games, like roulette, have a long and vivid history before they arrived in their current form.

Play lesser known table games

While the superstar online casino games are clearly slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette, it is worth your while to consider some of the lesser known games. All online casino games have stood the test of time, and any true connoisseur of the casino experience would want to try out all of them, at least to know how it feels to play them.

Science behind intuition

When it comes to playing games of chance for real money, it helps to have an inner voice that guides you through the a typical playing session, letting you know when to stop, when to increase the bet, and when to ride out a period that feels like a bad streak.

That inner voice can be called intuition. Ask any gambler about it and he'll tell you that the best way to build intuition is to keep on playing. The more games you play, the more situations you see. And the more exposure you have to the variance in the games, the rhythm of how the odds play out in real games, the better your chances are of being able to pick out patterns in the randomness.

Betting Guide for Beginners

Online casino games have grown in popularity over the last decade as more people discover the thrills of playing games of chance with real money on the line. And more people playing means there are always beginners coming to online casinos who need a bit of guidance to feel more comfortable with the games and especially with the idea of betting real money.

It may seem like a simple thing to play slots or video poker, but there are ways to make the experience more pleasurable. Following these tips will help take a bit of pressure off of the game and open up the fun that they offer.

Get into the Online Casino Zone

People who train for high level sports performance speak about getting into a flow state where they feel as though they are fully engaged in the sport they are playing. The right actions seem to come to them out of thin air and their performance is at its absolute peak. They call it entering The Zone, where everything seems like it's going their way and their opponents have no chance to counter.

Finding the Best Games Online

With online casino games spreading far and wide through the Internet, it's always nice to get perspective from other players about the best games, the best strategies for playing, and the best overall experience.

Fortunately, the rise of the online casino has also brought with it a huge resource for everyone involved and that is the online casino review. For every casino site and every game that comes out, it's possible to read reviews by people who have played the games, visited the casinos, and experienced the highs and lows of the games on their own.

Free Spins (and Other Promotions)

There are many ways for a casino online (like our very own, Thunderbolt Casino) to show its players that they are wanted by the casino. There are welcome bonuses, matching bonuses, special promotions, and of course, free spins. While every one of these measures goes a long way in helping players feel welcome and appreciated, the one that may be the most elegant is the last one.

Europe Dominates at the World Cup

The world's most popular sport is turning into an all-Europe affair with the elimination of Brazil, one of the favorites to win the whole tournament, and Uruguay, which had been playing some of the best football through the early rounds.

casino games in popular culture

The intense popularity of the online casino is a clear extension of the enduring popularity of casino games in all formats. The most recognizable forum for top level casino action is the real casino in places such as Las Vegas or the Riviera. But casinos, and the games they represent, are not just places to play thrilling games of luck. They are also iconic symbols across all forms of popular culture.

Online casino games vs real casino games

There have been many comparisons between the experience of playing in a real casino vs. playing games online  in the comfort of your own home. It's a close battle between the two but in most cases, the experience of playing at home whenever the mood strikes and in the environment you choose is the favorite.

When you need to take a break

The online casino is a place to go to for fun with a possibility of winning some extra cash for the weekend. But because you are playing for real money, you stand to lose real money as well. In most cases, winning or losing isn’t really the point of playing at all. It’s the icing on cake that is made of thrills, risks, gasps, and deep personal engagement.

Joy of Playing Online Casino Games on the Go

At first, people had to go to the casino if they wanted to experience the thrills of casino games for real money. Next, the online casino made it possible for anyone to play from the comfort of their own homes. Finally, we reached a point where people could play their favorite games anywhere and anytime through the mobile casino. All they need is a connection to the Internet and an account with their favorite online casino.

What casino teaches us about life

The casino online is full of games of chance that require little or no skill to play and the outcome of the games has virtually nothing to do with the effort of the player. In some cases, such as card games, it is possible to make good or bad decisions that can influence the outcome. In other cases, practicing wisdom in betting can make difference as well since the game allows you to choose the odds you play against.

Your Casino Home Online

Since the real breakout of casino games online a decade ago, the number of casinos has truly grown fruitful and multiplied. But with so many options, it becomes a challenge to find the one that's best for you. A good casino is a home away from home, a place to visit when you need a little bit of drama to shake up your day or a little bit of calm to settle down and relax. The ideal casino can give you both when you need them.

Senegal out of the World Cup on new rule

While most of the world was either cheering or lamenting (though mostly cheering, it seems) the unceremonious exit of defending World Cup champion Germany from the Group stage of the tournament, it may have slipped through the cracks that Senegal was eliminated despite being tied with Japan on points.

Online Casino Games as a Bonding Activity

Online casino games can certainly bring people closer together. The very act of competing against someone in a friendly way - especially as the competition involves games of chance that neither person can control or influence - naturally brings people closer together.  

Online casinos and bitcoin

If there was ever a match made in heaven, it would be the union of the online casino and Bitcoin, the virtual currency that is threatening to overturn the power structure of world-wide institutions. The price of Bitcoin suddenly edged up around the beginning of the year to the point where no one could simply dismiss the currency. It has since had some ups and downs, though it has yet to return to the dizzying heights it enjoyed just a few short months ago.

Games of chance or games of skill?

The online casino is a treasure chest of a certain kind of game - the type there the outcome is determined entirely or largely by chance. There are all sorts of different games of chance, but they all have one thing in common. They are based on the understanding that you cannot control how the reels spin, or how the roulette wheel turns, or how the cards are dealt. And those are the things that determine if you win or lose.

Why play at a local online casino?

If you are going to play online casino games, you're better off playing at a casino that is located and caters to South Africans. You can avoid issues of money exchange rates, which could complicate your accounting methods, and benefit from a mentality that matches your own.

Europe-based casinos, which require European currency, tend to produce funny figures when you work out the exchange. And you never know when the exchange rates may change, so it's not stable either.

World Cup Games

The World Cup football tournament, which launched last week, may well be the liveliest sports event in the world today, bigger even than the Olympics.It's even bigger if you count how much streaming is going on with the games online. 

The Olympics has the grandeur of tradition and so many events that it's bound to have something for every member of the family. The World Cup, in contrast, focuses on just one sport. It just happens to be the most popular sport in the world, and the competition to enter the tournament is so intense that every country that qualified is playing at the highest level of the sport. So there are no secondary matches the way there are secondary events at the Olympics.

Playing in Pajamas

It's fun to play casino games online. Part of the fun is the chance to win real money (and the risk that you could lose real money as well). Another part of the appeal is clearly related to the fact that you can play whenever the mood strikes, whenever you're feeling particularly lucky, and you don't even have to change out of your pajamas to do it.

The fact that you can play for real money in a setting that you choose is a major advantage of online casino games over real casino games. You not only save the cost of travel in terms of time and money but also get to play while eating, or even preparing, your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can play during a break at work. You can even play when you can't get to a computer, like when you're at the swimming pool or on a bus between cities. All you need is an Internet connection through the mobile casino.

playing online casino games for free

Online casino games typically appeal to people who love the thrill of wagering real money on a game of chance. It's no wonder that the most popular games are slots games, which have no element of skill to them at all. It's impossible to influence the spin of the reels. It's enormously fun to bet on the results of a random event.

But while it's true that you can't influence where the reel will stop and what symbols you're going to find, it's not entirely true that playing has absolutely no skill involved. Betting itself is an art that requires practice and intuition. It's not clear whether science has ever confirmed the existence of a gut feeling, but most betters have known the feeling at some point. It's that sense that you know where the momentum is moving and you can bet in synch with that.

Blackjack's 2 sided ace

One of the things that makes casino games online, and especially card games, so much fun is the sheer stability of it. The hands of poker are clearly distinct from one another, the values of the cards are clear and consistent. There are no dice - the element of chance is all carried through the dealer and the cards he or she provides.

There is enormous stability in card games in all areas - except one. The ace in a game of blackjack changes depending on the hand. It can even change mid-game to grow or shrink in value.

The thrill of risk in gambling

Adding an element of risk, especially when it's done responsibly and directed towards something as harmless as online casino games, is a way of adding spice to our lives without having to worry about real consequences.

The key element from the above paragraph is that it is handled responsibly. As long as people don't bet more than they can afford to lose, and they don't spend money earmarked for important things like paying the bills or saving for something significant, they are able to feel the thrill of winning or losing as much as they want.

NBA comes back to South Africa

NBA basketball is coming back to South Africa after the successful outings in 2015 and 2017. The ongoing investment in building its name in Africa is a testament to the growth of interest in the NBA across all of Africa as well as the powerful contribution players from Africa, most notably NBA All-Star Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers, who was born on Cameroon.

Go Wild for wild symbols

Slots games online used to be simple affairs. They had three reels, and only the most progressive and innovative ones had more than one pay line. Maximum, the game offered three pay lines.

It was an era where the wild symbol was just emerging as a major element of the game. At that point, it was much like a joker in a game of cards. It was nice to get and everyone knew what was happening when it appeared. But it wasn't something you bank on or expect on any level. It was a nice bonus that made the game a bit more fun, and a bit more profitable when you got one.

Guide to Online Casino Games

Chances are you already know the appeal of online casino games, or at least have felt the thrill you get when you risk real money on a game of chance. You know what the fun is all about and you understand why the casino has such a long history of appeal.

Progressive Slots

If you consider yourself a big hitter, a high stakes player who lives or the mega-payout, the real jackpot, then slots games with progressive jackpots are right up your ally. Progressive slots have the biggest payouts in the entire casino online. Some of them start with jackpots of a million coins and just keep growing every time someone plays the game anywhere in the world and doesn't win.

Beware of Bitcoin scams

Bitcoin continues its slow but steady march towards the mainstream of financial life, allowing for decentralized currency to move into more and more industries. It's also become a more popular payment method for playing games online. But not all of the news from the world of cryptocurrencies is good. As Bitcoin grows, so do the number of unscrupulous people exploiting it to defraud the public.

The latest case in South Africa was announced earlier this week. Police have launched an investigation into a company that promised extremely good returns on investments but never managed to deliver, leading to one billion rand in fraud to investors.

Top Casino Movies

When the last Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, wanted to show wealth and opulence with a certain social group, they showed them at a casino, presented as something of a playground for the ultra-rich. Even with the sci-fi elements thrown in, the casino undeniably played a big part in helping the director set the mood and look he wanted. Even online casino games use iconic imagery, and so do the current crop of films. 

The casual appearance in Star Wars points out how common it is to see the casino in mainstream films. The following is the Top Five Films Featuring Casinos.

What to look for in an online casino

The Internet today is loaded with opportunities to play online casino games for real money. There are so many online casinos, it's become a real challenge to decide which to choose. But choosing has many advantages that should not be wasted.

Having a regular casino you go to every time you feel like playing allows you to build up loyalty points, which you accrue every time you play and which you can then redeem for something of value when you collect enough of them. The points grow each time, so don't water down your loyalty bonus by spreading your points across multiple casinos.

Escape the winter with an online casino

With cold days of Winter approaching at the speed of greyhounds streaming across a track. visions of hats and gloves are close behind them. For more and more people, Winter planning means coming up with ways to stay as warm as possible.

In the old days, before the casino online, a good way to spend a day or two indoors was to visit a real casino. Conditions were always comfortable and the drinks were always flowing. Best of all, the casino action was non-stop, creating a thrilling environment.

mobile gaming revolution

The advent of the mobile casino may not be the most dramatic development in the history of the casino online, but it's a pretty close second. The top spot, inevitably, belongs to the development of the five reel video slots game. It transformed the casino from a digital - and largely inferior - version of a real casino to a dynamic force in its own right that eventually leapfrogged in popularity over the hotel casino.

Online Casino Games as Metaphors of Life

Some people say that everything we do is actually a reflection of something we feel inside on a deep, unconscious level. All of our actions, according to this theory, are metaphors for who we really are and what we really want.

That means that the activities we gravitate towards are expressions of something primal, something at the core of our being. If we allow them free expression, they are essentially the closest thing we can get to that can be considered our own personal truth.

US rules on sports betting

It was the shot heard 'round the world - especially at online casinos everywhere. It was, of course, the dramatic ruling by the US Supreme Court striking down Federal laws barring sports betting in America.

According to the court, the ban enacted in 1992 had violated the rights of states to make their own laws. The law had precluded any expansion of sports betting outside Nevada and in limited parts of two other states. But with the law stricken off the books, some states are expected to jump into sports betting full-force.

Poker tips to play like a pro

Some online casino games require nothing but luck, but others reward a certain amount of skill combined with luck. Poker is such a game, and the success of some professional poker players in recent years has proven that experience and intuition can contribute to winning poker.

Luck, however, is still the main determinant of winning or losing. But gaining an inner sense of the odds with various hands can only help maximize that luck.

Best time to play at an online casino

While there is no bad time to play casino games - except maybe in the middle of a meeting with your boss when you are expected to pay attention and make comments - there are clearly times that are more suited for a positive online casino experience than others.

The best time to play, however, is going to vary from one person to another. Some might like to play when they get out of bed, while sipping a hot coffee, and in between glances at their favorite online news site.

Betting across African continent on the rise

South Africa has had the lion's share of attention when it comes to the rise of the casino online throughout Africa. But other countries, including Kenya and Nigeria, are also seeing huge numbers of people making bets through the Internet.

Much of the growth could be related to the growth of Internet connectivity in these and other African country. Technology has also made it easier for people to convert their cash into online currency, making it more convenient to visit the casino online rather than in person. With online betting, there is no need to spend time and money traveling in order to experience the same thrilling action.

Blackjack strategy made simple

Even with hundreds of options, there is no denying that blackjack has emerged as one of the most enduringly popular casino games of all time, And it continue to claim an ever larger share of the mobile gaming pie. The popularity of blackjack should continue to trend upward.

Unlike classic games online such as slots and roulette, blackjack  requires more than luck to be optimally successful. There is a measure of skill that takes time and experience to acquire. Luck may be enough to carry some games to victory. But without practice, most players are leaving money on the table when they play.

Popularity of Slots Games

There is no doubt that slot games are the the heavyweight champions of the online casino. But what makes these casino games so much more popular than casino standards like roulette, blackjack, or poker?

Slot games deliver a burst of fun very quickly, and they rely entirely on luck. There is absolutely no skill involved in the game. You simply pull the lever and hope for the best. That makes the slot game the perfect expression of casino action. Games of skill require practice and concentration. Slots have none of that extra weightiness.

Best Places to visit in South Africa

Taking a break from our "usual" topics, we've decided to brag about our amazing country a bit, and make sure you all know the absolute best places to visit while in SA.

Everyone knows that South Africa is one of the world's premier destinations for all types of travelers. But what are the best spots to hit to get a real taste of the country? If you have time to visit five different places, you can get the experience of a lifetime in South Africa.

Computer vs mobile gaming

The first great online casino revolution came years ago with the establishment of the online casino. For the first time in history, everyone - and not just those who had the time and money to travel to real casinos - had access to high quality casino games. Suddenly, the number of people playing online games for real money exploded and has not fallen since.

how playing games boosts personal development

When it comes to personal development, playing video games online tends to be seen as a distraction at best and a harmful activity at worst. But several generations after video games started to appear on the market, the evidence consistently points in the opposite direction.

Video games, including online casino games, bring many benefits. It's a secret gamers have known for years. Finally, the message is starting to gain traction in mainstream culture as well.

the excitement that you might win

When it comes to playing online casino games for real money, people often say that their primary goal is to walk away from the casino with a thicker wallet than they had when they started.

In other words, winning is usually at the center of the casino experience.

Online Casino Games

If casino games were heavyweight boxers, the undisputed world champion would be the slots casino. It's not only true that there are more slots games than any other type of casino game, but there are also many more players looking for slots. The appeal is clear to anyone who loves to play online games of chance for real money. And slots games offer the pure experience in a particularly short time.

In other words, slots give you maximum thrills in a short enough time that you can play several times, even if you just have a few spare minutes. Slots games have also grown in complexity, with numerous features that make each spin a unique experience.

Bitcoin and the Online Casino

Many online casino games are really just digital versions of the same games as played in real casinos. Even slots games, which offer so much creativity and diversity, started as digital versions of the one-arm bandits that appeared in pubs and casinos for years. In that way, the online casino has a lot in common with Bitcoin, which is just an online version of money. 

And just like with the online casino, there are those who believe that bitcoin is the next stage of evolution that will eventually replace the older version, and there are others who firmly believe that the traditional way of doing things will remain alongside the new way. 

Online vs Real Casino

For people who really love casino games. we are living in a golden age. Never in history have there been so many ways to play games of chance for real money. Real casinos have never been so inviting. The number and quality on online games are growing every week, and the level of innovation and creativity in the online casino is already truly breathtaking.

How to Best Enjoy your Online Casino

Whether you are a regular at the casino online or an occasional guest, you probably want every visit to be as optimal as possible. Here are some tips for the most you can every time to come to Thunderbolt Casino to play.

Casino Taxes

One of the issues involved in the regulation of online casino gambling is whether to impose a tax on both casino profits and platers’ winnings and what the tax rate should be.  This is a serious issue that involves basic concepts of economic incentive and competition.  The issue gets in the news in some form or another almost every week.  We recently saw that Kenya had reduced its gambling tax by 50% to the much more competitive 15% tax rate.

SA Inventions

Throughout this month, one South African based online casino has asked its many players to take a moment from playing the casino’s fun online games and salute the inventions and discoveries that were made by South African inventors and researchers. 

Mobile Gambling

A recent study has found that young people in many developing African nations are increasingly using their mobile devices to play online games including online casino games and are transferring money with which to play those games via their mobile devices.  Whilst this may seem to be an obvious result of the economic gains made in these countries, it also has socio-economic and cultural ramifications.

African smartphone use up

Even as South Africa continues to make it difficult for its citizens to gamble at a casino online, Africa is emerging as the next great area for the expansion of online casinos and online gaming.  There are several pertinent reasons that this is so.

Winnie Mandela Laid to Rest

During the deepest years of Apartheid, when even a mild protest against the regime was a serious gamble, not in the innocuous way that we like to play online casino games, but in a frightening real world way, Winnie and Nelson Mandela were the symbols of the struggle for freedom for the millions of oppressed South Africans.

This past week, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela was laid to rest in a state funeral in Orlando Stadium in Soweto attended by tens of thousands and watched on television by tens of millions around the world.

Asian and African markets grow

The history of gambling tells us that people have gambling for millennia.  At first, they gambled on foot races, horse races, camel races, boxing, and many other sporting pursuits.  Jump ahead millennia and we find that people have found games to bet on.  Some are actual sporting contests whilst others are self-contained games provided by what became known as casinos.  Finally, jump ahead a century and we find casino games being offered at online casinos.

Casino Equipment Costs

One of the unsung aspects of the gaming industry, both online and at land based casinos, is how do all those casino games get there?  We just take for granted that at an online casino there is no waiting and at land based casinos there are banks of slots games plus tables for all of the classic table games.  Where do they all come from?

A recent report on the next five years of casino gaming included South Africa as one of the African nations that will experience large scale growth in their land based casino industry and that many companies that supply casino gaming equipment will look to compete for South African business.  The niche that is involved here is formally known as the Global Casino Gaming Equipment Consumption Market.

SA to tax cryptocurrencies

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) is the tax authority in the country.  It issued a “reminder” to all South Africans that they have to report all cryptocurrency transactions as part of their annual tax filing.  Cryptocurrencies are not considered legal tender in South Africa but that hasn’t stopped the tax authority from requiring taxpayers to report their use of such currencies in online transactions. 

Cryptocurrencies exist only digitally so the new provision makes online transactions in such currencies as bitcoin subject to taxation.  This will have an effect on all manner of internet commerce in South Africa including the increasing use of bitcoins in online casino gaming.

Sun International

A perfect case in point regarding the vicissitudes of the casino business has recently taken place as Sun International, which runs almost half of the land based casinos in South Africa, has begun to downscale its operations in the wake of disappointing returns on investment.  Some of the down trend for Sun International properties may be traced to the increasing popularity of online games, but most of the fall-off in business has to do with the company over-extending itself around the world.

Sun International plans on closing two casinos in the South American country of Columbia—the Sun Nao Casino and the Fish River Sun Casino.  It will close two casinos in Panama, the former Trump Ocean Club and the International VIP Business Casino.  It will also close an International VIP Business Club Casino in South Africa.

Glamping in SA

You love the great outdoors but hate the thought of squeezing into a two-man tent.  Going without a comfy mattress or finding out the hard way that you don’t have piping hot cappuccino, latte or macchiato available on-demand, like you may at a swanky casino resort, may be a bridge too far for you and your BFF.

Let’s face it, back ache, moer coffee, warm wine and frigid early mornings far outweigh the benefits of a gorgeous sunrise or sunset in a wild uninhabited space.  Fortunately glamping has changed all that.  You can now enjoy all the creature comforts of home in spectacular natural surroundings where eagles soar overhead and dung beetles do really good damage limitation!

Poker in SA

Poker has long been one of the most popular casino games both at land based casinos and at online casinos.  Many casinos have a dedicated poker room with as few as one table on up to ten or so tables.  South African casinos add poker tables often; today there are over fifty poker tables spread across the country.

Ball Tampering Scandal

Of course, there is a world of difference between casino online games and cricket.  Possibly the single biggest difference is that online casinos cannot cheat at their games. 

The scandal engulfing the world of cricket has made online gaming seem to be at least one redoubt that game enthusiasts can play without concerning themselves about the honesty of the games themselves.

Online Casino Demographics

Whether you play at an online casino or at a land based casino, the casino proprietors would like to know more about you.  At an online casino, it’s relatively easy to learn about the players because every action a player takes is recorded and connected to that player’s account.  Online casinos do this in order to avoid misunderstandings or disagreements between the casino and a player.

It’s much harder to figure out who, what, where, when, and how about players at land based casinos.

SA casino tourism

In a long awaited action to implement the Yamoussoukro Declaration which, in 1988, committed 44 African nations to open up the skies for freer air travel within the continent, the African Union established the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM).  The purpose of SAATM is to dramatically lower air travel costs within Africa as a whole and within individual countries as well.  Amongst the many business segments thought to benefit greatly are urban tourism and playing casino games at land based casinos.

SA cell phone use increases

As the South African economy experienced a recession in the first three quarters of 2017, one sector rose by some 21%: the smartphone sector.  There are several lessons to be learnt from this anomalous behavior in a country that was in the economic doldrums most of the year.  The first lesson we can learn is that the economy was in less a financial malaise than a political depression.  When President Jacob Zuma resigned and was replaced by the newly elected Cyril Ramaphosa, the South African economy began to become rejuvenated virtually overnight.  South Africans showed that they still had enough money to buy an expensive “toy”.  And the online casino market will surely boom with the use of the new smartphones by gamers playing mobile casino games.

SA Economy

The final report on the South African economy for 2017 is in and the economy performed much better than most observers expected.  Some of the growth was fueled by South Africans increasingly playing online games for money but most came about in the smaller areas such as consumer spending, business start ups, and general euphoria after the resignation of former President Jacob Zuma and the beginning of the presidency of Cyril Ramaphosa. 

In fact, the era of good political and economic news generated by the presidential transition and the real world policies of new President Ramaphosa have created what is being called “Ramaphoria”.

Horse Racing in South Africa

South African based Phumelela Gaming and Leisure has partnered with Kiron Interactive and horse racing interests in Britain and Ireland, represented by GBI Racing, to develop a new satellite-based fixed odds betting venue which will take bets on featured live horse races from Ireland, Britain, and South Africa and virtual races provided by Kiron.

The new horse racing channel is called Racing World.  It will meet a felt need in South Africa in particular and throughout the continent as well where online games are widely available but horse racing, although extremely popular, is less widely disseminated for spectator enjoyment and betting.


We recently received a query from a long-time player who asked simply, “I know that roulette is one of the most popular casino games at land based casinos.  Why is it less popular at online casinos?”

This question gives us a great opportunity to reintroduce roulette to the online casino gaming public.  Everyone knows that slots are the most popular game at online casinos.  Slots rely heavily on graphics, animation, and sound and these three technologies continue to develop and improve with each generation of computer software.

MOCAA in Cape Town

Despite the ongoing water crisis, Cape Town is one of the best places to visit during a South African holiday.  The city has a number of land based casinos for your gaming pleasure but we recommend you spend your casino gaming time at our online casino and spend the rest of your time exploring Cape Town.

Scary RTG Slots

Realtime Gaming (RTG) is known for producing slick functional online casino games.  Themes are exciting and diverse, animations are pretty spectacular and when the gambling gods are smiling down on you, you can bank plenty of cash.  Aside from the happy snappy slots featuring mermaids, elves and lucky leprechauns there’s a suite of scary RTG video slots designed to create a frisson of fear in players.

If you’re looking for an entertaining way to unleash waves of cortisol in the brain - that human fear hormone that creates the fight or flight response - sign up at Thunderbolt casino and click on one or more of the scariest RTG slots around:

SA National Gaming Board

As the recently concluded conference in India reiterated, the integrity of all aspects of gambling is the key to maintaining public confidence that gambling is fair and safe.  Coupling the highest level of integrity in the honesty of all gambling opportunities with the growing number of families in South Africa with enough money left over to use it gambling, the gambling industry looks forward to continued growth in the near future.

Conference in India

Eventus International, a company based in South Africa that specializes in developing, producing, and running international conferences on primarily sports and gaming-oriented subjects, recently concluded a successful conference in Goa, India called the Sports Betting and Gaming India Conference (SBGI).

One of the highlights of the conference was a presentation on the importance of a growing middle class on gaming generally, sports betting and casino gambling in particular.  When a working class family becomes a middle class family, it has more disposable income and more free time.  Both of these can translate into more gaming and gambling if the activities are marketed as aspects of an overall entertainment budget.

Jo'burg Nite Life 2018

Johannesburg is a suave and sophisticated city.  It’s the economic powerhouse of Africa and the personal playground of wealthy well-connected people.  Although it doesn’t have the natural beauty of Cape Town or the sultry beach-side vibe of Durban, Johannesburg has a life all of its own. 

Visit the dazzling City of Gold and you’ll find trendy eateries, retro nightclubs and splinky shiny jazz emporiums showcasing the best local and international artists.  It’s the city that never sleeps.

Thunderbolt Bonuses

The best return on investment has to be asset accumulation without the cash outlay.  That means you can beef up your worldly wealth without dipping into your wallet.  It’s the kind of investment we’d all go gaga about... but sadly in the real world of stocks, shares and financial trading, getting anything for nothing is just a fantasy.

But before you get misty eyed and slack in the jaw with disappointment, there is a way to boost your bankroll for free.  We’re talking about online casino bonuses of course...and at Thunderbolt you’ve stumbled upon a bonus bonanza.

Jackie Chan Slots

Realtime Gaming (RTG) is hell bent on giving us action packed super slots featuring the king of Kung Fu.  Following hot on the heels of Fantasy Mission Force slot is yet another Jackie Chan inspired money spinner based on the low budget cult movie, Eagle Shadow Fist aka Return to China.

This time a very young Chan plays Si To, a lithe and acrobatic member of a circus-based résistance army that’s formed in response to the Japanese invasion of China in World War II.  He together with the decidedly bad ass Tang - played by Hao Li - and the renowned female martial artist Qiu Yuen are the key characters in the movie... and on the reels of the 5 reel and 25 payline Eagle Shadow Fist slot.

SA sports betting increasing

The South African National gambling Board (NGB) reported late last year that land based casinos still generate the most money in the broad gambling industry but that in the fiscal year covered by the report, land based casinos had actually lost revenue. 

In other words, land based casinos are still at the top of the gambling pyramid in South Africa but they are losing ground to other gambling opportunities.  We can imagine all the other gambling opportunities that may or may not have made inroads in the hegemonic leadership of land based casinos.  Online games, LPM (Low Payout Machines), lotteries, and sports betting are all growing and present a strong challenge to the leadership of the land based casinos.

Cape Town Events

If you’re finding the golden beaches, boutique wineries and pubs and clubs of Cape Town a bit of a bore, there’s a packed events schedule in March that’ll make you love the Mother city more and more.  There are festivals, carnivals and all-night parties; horse races, cycle races and gallery events... plus a smattering of cultural stuff designed for the more ‘high brow’.

So if you’re into entertainment with a capital ‘E’, make your way to the dazzling jewel of the Western Cape and party long and hard... or until you drop.  To ensure you get the best out of Cape Town as summer slowly draws to a close, here are five sizzling festivals and events destined to make a March Hare or Mad Hatter out of you!

Online Casino Legalities Update

The future of online casino gambling in South Africa remains murky.  The National Gambling Board (NGB) frequently tries to remind South Africans that online gambling is illegal in the country.  The NGB released a long study in 2016 that detailed the odd circumstance that finds online casino gambling in South Africa to be both illegal and thriving.

The board also reminds people who are flouting the law that the fine for gambling online may be as high as R10 million with an accompanying jail sentence of up to ten years.  Nevertheless, online gambling in South Africa continues to grow, many gambling sites cater to South Africans by accepting Rand, and online casinos regularly add to the list of banking methods South Africans can avail themselves of. 

Cape Town Water Crisis

There is an interesting correlation between the unfolding and ongoing water crisis in Cape Town and the concept of gambling, especially responsible gambling.  In short, the city and people of Cape Town have been gambling with their water supply for years in much the same way that a problem gambler gambles with money he or she cannot afford to lose.

SA Travel - North of Pretoria

South Africans sometimes say that an Aussie who wants to go off the beaten track in Australia has only to walk a few kilometers and he’ll be in the Outback.  It’s not so simple in South Africa.  In this second installment of our off the beaten track in South Africa series we’ll leave the coasts entirely and head north from Pretoria.

We recommend driving on Old Warmbaths Road.  It’s much more interesting than driving on N1.  You’ll see many out of the way attractions from shops to the amazing things Nature has done with the landscape.   However, to start your trip head northwest on M35 for a short distance to the Tswaing Meteorite Crater, Museum, and Nature Reserve.

Play Like a Poker Pro

You’ve heard about the World Series of Poker, the European Poker Tour and the Aussie Millions?  And you’ve surely heard of the poker players who walk away from the final tables with serious amounts of hard cash.  Some are pure poker pros who spend their time trawling the globe for live poker events... and others are ordinary Joes, like you and I, who get their ticket to the big time through online qualifiers.

So what’s stopping you from cracking open the live poker treasure chest?  Confidence, low self esteem or are you simply out of your depth?  Well if you want to stand in line behind dudes like Toby Lewis, Scott Blumstein and Eric Afriat, poker buffs who have won serious coinage in the past few months, there are ways and means of refining your game plan.

Win at Slots!

Open up any slot game on your PC or phone and you’re bombarded with animations, 3D graphics and funky themes.  Superheroes, cartoon characters and legendary figures have hopped out of comic books, history books and blockbuster movies... and onto the reels. 

You’ll find thematic video clips and sound bytes from music albums, TV series and feature films.  Gaming interfaces are pleasingly interactive.  And when you fire up the game engines of any modern-day slot you have guaranteed entertainment available on-demand.

Bitcoin Casino Account

Bitcoin (BTC) is a newsmaker, heart breaker and a cryptocurrency destined to keep on giving... to those who wait.  It’s the apex predator of virtual coinage and once all the dust has settled it will become the currency of choice - at shabby chic stores, fast food emporiums and high end online casinos just like ours.  BTW - at Thunderbolt Casino we’re ahead of the game as Bitcoin is already splashed all over our banking page!

In the USA and Canada there are ATMS spewing out BTC as we speak.  Down Under you can replenish your wallet at one of 15 Australian Bitcoin exchanges.  Right here in the deep south of the African continent you can exchange ZAR for Bitcoin in a snap on virtual currency trading platforms like IceCUBED X, CryptoChange, Remitano and more!

Thunderbolt Casino February Bonuses

February is the month of love.  It’s a time for kissing and getting all misty-eyed about that special someone in your life.  It’s a time when fresh new romances blossom and more mature lovers dance to the tune of ‘maybe, should we, could we’ commitment... now and forever more! 

To celebrate the power, accuracy and sustained singularity of Cupid’s little bow, we’ve decided to spread the love with a few commitments of our own.  So before you blow off the online entertainment to focus on love and love alone, make a mental note of our gifts to you. 

Fantasy Mission Force & Fu Chi RTG Slots

Big wins, higher than average RTPs and a flurry of cash generating slots features are standard February fare at Thunderbolt Casino.  This month and every month you’re invited to dip into a selection of smokin’ hot RTG multiline slots games fresh from the production lines.

As can be expected from the gaming gurus who launched real cash random activated jackpots, brand new titles are saturated with multiple payout opportunities, big bold bonuses and great gaming features.  Factor in fab themes based on classic cult movies and astronomical events and there’s E for entertainment available directly at your fingertips!  

So whether you’re an Aussie, Canadian, Kiwi or South African or reside in London, Hong Kong or Macau, there are a couple of Far Eastern RealTime Gaming slots that are simple baying for your attention:

Best Online Blackjack

If blackjack is your game, Thunderbolt casino is your new gambling home, in the office, on the train or chilling out in the park.  Where ever you are and at any time of the night or day you’ve got unrestricted access to a suite of RTG blackjack games... some straight up and conventional and others featuring sassy rules, big bonus pays and precocious little side bets.

Notwithstanding your location or gambling device, you’ll have crystal clear visuals of the blackjack table where the cards are dealt and the hands played with super smooth symmetry.  You can place a bet with a click or a tap; hit, stand, double down or surrender and scoop up the virtual coinage as and when you hit blackjack.....or your hand wins.


On February 6, SpaceX, the space exploration company founded by Elon Musk, launched a triple-rocket, called The Falcon Heavy, into space.  The rocket is expected to fly past Mars and head into the asteroid belt.  After the two boosters deployed the center rocket further into space, they returned to the launch pad and landed, making this the first space launch in which boosters have returned successfully to Cape Canaveral.  You can view the entire, exciting event here.

safari in South Africa

So much has been written about the most common travel experiences in South Africa.  We decided to begin a series of articles on lesser-known places and exciting tourist destinations both for travelers from outside the country and also for South Africans.

Robots have become so popular for business use that they already have a nickname: bots.  Manufacturers began using robots several decades ago.  The first robots were large “industrial arms” that did the work that two humans couldn’t do.

Charity Raffles in South Africa

Dozens of charities in all areas of South Africa run charity draws and sweepstakes to facilitate fundraising activities. These include raffles, lotteries, bingo parties, games and other gaming endeavors.

Spend Money Wisely in  South Africa

During the festive season, as it does every year, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) warned South Africans to watch their money carefully.  This advice covers spending for holiday gifts, spending for purely personal enjoyment such as high end restaurants or travel, and, perhaps, especially, when revelers want to gamble on anything from sports to slots to other casino games.

SA Government Offers Money Advice

During the festive season, as it does every year, the National Credit Regulator (NCR) warned South Africans to watch their money carefully.  This advice covers spending for holiday gifts, spending for purely personal enjoyment such as high end restaurants or travel, and, perhaps, especially, when revelers want to gamble on anything from sports to slots to other casino games.

android casino

The mobile casino industry has been growing rapidly over the past few years, and one of the most important innovations to date has been the development of optimized Android mobile casino websites. These sites were in the pipeline for quite a long time, but have only recently begun to realize their full potential.

online casino bonus guide

Thunderbolt Online Casino Bonus Guide

Each casino offers its own unique bonuses that are designed to encourage players to come to "that" casino. Some casinos give a Welcome bonus, others offer Rewards Points or Loyalty Points and others give bonus give-aways based on the day of the week, the week of the month or the season of the year.

Thunderbolt casino delivers all of these bonuses plus more to ensure that Thunderbolt gamers will experience the most lucrative gaming event through online gambling activities. You can read the online casino bonus guide for the Thunderbolt casino to get an overview of how Thunderbolt players enjoy the most rewarding gaming event with the top industry payouts.

Casino Banking Guide

When you open an account at the Thunderbolt Casino you have your choice of multiple banking options that allow you to conduct your casino transactions easily in a way that fits your personal needs. This Thunderbolt Banking casino guide gives you a full overview of everything that you need to know when you're playing for real money prizes.

online casino guide

For Basic Information Read Our Online Casino Guide

This is a general online casino guide.  We hope you find it useful whether you are a new player or a veteran one.  Whichever, we hope you stay and play right here at Thunderbolt.

Thunderbolt mobile casino games

The Mobile Revolution: How Mobile Casino Games Changed The Gaming Industry For Good

Casinos have always been known for staying ahead of the curve when it came to technology, and the development of the mobile casino game is the prime example of this phenomenon. However, something you may not realize is that the casino industry has a long and illustrious history of technological advancement. Read on to learn more about the tech innovation that has driven the success of the casino, as well as a look into the future of gaming: bitcoin mobile casino games.

online casino games guide

Follow Our Online Casino Games Guide and Become Proficient in No Time

As a new player at an online casino, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the large number of games on offer.  This online casino games guide will help you get a better feel for what any recommended online casino has to offer.

The term “best casino games” is so subjective that we hesitate to use it.  But we can try to steer you in the direction of either the best casino games for beginners and/or the best casino game to win money.

neteller to bitcoin

Converting Cash from Neteller to Bitcoin

We’ve all heard about Bitcoin. This payment method became public in 2008, but people were hesitant about using it at first. However, in recent years this cryptocurrency became more popular and nowadays, it is being used freely by people all around the world.

Since Bitcoin is an electronic currency, you can use it in one of two ways: either you exchange it for other currencies, or trade it for goods and services. To do that, you have to own a Bitcoin account that will allow you to deposit and withdraw cash however you see fit.

instant play casinos

Instant Play Casinos – Gambling Online

If you love to gamble every once in a while, if you want to feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins on a regular basis, and to have fun without holding back, you know that there is nothing as important as having an accessible gambling venue at arm’s length at all times.

Once you create an account at this casino or another, you are left with an important choice to make: how are you going to gamble when you have the time for it?

Most casinos, much like the Thunderbolt casino, allow you to access all the games and promos in three ways: the downloaded casino software, the mobile app, and of course – the instant play casino platform.

thunderbolt free pokies

Free Online Pokies Entertainment

Thunderbolt offers multiple ways to enjoy free online pokies entertainment at any time and from any location. Play online on your PC or mobile device and enjoy online pokies free spins no deposit gaming along with multiple additional casino amenities.

Thunderbolt knows that there are times that you want to play for free. To accommodate your playing schedule Thunderbolt offers free online pokies no download games that you can play at your leisure on any gaming device. The free games include casino favorites such as blackjack and poker along with a wide range of three-reel classic slots and five-reel video slots.

Enjoy the top casino gambling options when you play at Thunderbolt Online Casino.

online casino games

Regardless of whether you're a traditional casino game enthusiast or you prefer the excitement of action-filled slots, lotteries and variety games, you'll find all the top online casino games at the Thunderbolt casino of South Africa.

Thunderbolt offers something for everyone. You can find slow-paced three-reel slot machines, interactive video slots, quick-win lotteries and the classic casino games of Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. Everything is online which means that you can play your preferred online casino games South African at your leisure.

download casino

Why Play at Thunderbolt Download Online Casino?

Casino players in South Africa will enjoy the best gaming experience when they play at Thunderbolt, the ultimate South African Download Online Casino. 

What's the Advantage of the Download Online Casino

Downloading the casino into your console  offers you gaming fun that you can access at your leisure. Once you've installed the download casino software into your laptop or desktop device you'll have hours of gaming fun at your fingertips. 

Thunderbolt Online Casino

R10,000 at Thunderbolt Online Casino - for All New Players

Casino gambling in South Africa has been legal since 1994. Until recently, gambling at the casino involved travel, accommodations expenses, finding tables with limits that fit your budget and other barriers. Now you can enjoy casino gaming y clicking into the online casino of South Africa where you can play at your leisure.

Thunderbolt Mobile Casino

From traditional casino games of poker and blackjack to fun-filled slots, specialty games, lotteries and more, the Thunderbolt mobile casino will provide you with all of your gaming needs as it meets your expectations for the best gaming entertainment possible. 

The Thunderbolt South African casino specializes in offering gaming entertainment to all players throughout the country.

mobile casino bonuses

R1000 Mobile Casino Bonus at Thunderbolt!

Hundreds of games, exciting bonuses, and lots of surprises – wouldn’t you want to gain access to all those sources of entertainments at all times of the day?

Casino Bonus

Get R10,000 in Thunderbolt Casino Bonuses

Place your bets, get ready, set, and go! There is nothing as fun and as exciting as online gambling can be with the help of a few chosen real money casino bonuses.

Real Money Casino Bonus

R10000 Real Money Casino Bonus for New Thunderbolt Members

casino payments

Thunderbolt Casino Payments Options

There are many words associated with online gambling: fun, exciting, challenging, and… risky.