Playing in Pajamas

It's fun to play casino games online. Part of the fun is the chance to win real money (and the risk that you could lose real money as well). Another part of the appeal is clearly related to the fact that you can play whenever the mood strikes, whenever you're feeling particularly lucky, and you don't even have to change out of your pajamas to do it.

The fact that you can play for real money in a setting that you choose is a major advantage of online casino games over real casino games. You not only save the cost of travel in terms of time and money but also get to play while eating, or even preparing, your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can play during a break at work. You can even play when you can't get to a computer, like when you're at the swimming pool or on a bus between cities. All you need is an Internet connection through the mobile casino.

You can even play for fun, without risking any money at all, and get the same quality of game play as you would if you were playing for money. That's something you can't do in a real casino. You can't simply say that you feel you need a little practice so the next few games aren't going to count. That's something only an online casino can offer.


Scratching an Itch that Feels Like Luck


Before casino games online were easily accessible by just about everyone, there was no great outlet for those times when you feel luck coursing through your veins. Maybe you could rush out and buy a lottery ticket, but that takes a great deal of luck to win. Or you can play an instant win scratch card, which offer some relief.

But there is nothing better than a few spins of your favorite slots games or a couple of hands of poker to scratch the itch - and not leave home to do it. Games of chance are created for situations exactly like that, and the online casino offers so many different ways to test your luck.

That's why being able to play in your pajamas is such a big deal. It means that you can play whenever you feel ready. It means you don't need to deal with the demands of the outside world. In the most basic terms, it means you can play exactly when you feel lucky, and not a while after that when the mood and feeling might have changed.


That Feeling Like Everything is Working


There is a term for when we play sports and get in "the zone" - when we are so deeply connected to the experience, so thoroughly in the moment, that we instinctively know the best moves. Sometimes it's referred to as a flow state. That's the highest functioning experience we've been able to quantify.

Is there something similar with the flow of luck? It hasn't been documented. There is no such thing, in terms of science, of a winning streak. It's a series of random, unconnected events. It's not what we think it is. And yet there is a feeling that something good is coming. You can feel it.

There is no equivalent in gambling terms. Maybe there is a concept of a "cooler" - someone is with such lousy luck that casinos hire them to let their state rub off on people who are doing a little too well for the casino. But that's an urban myth, and it comes to the negative. Is there the positive, winning equivalent to a cooler?

To find out you need to be able to test your luck. And you can only do that if you can play whenever the mood strikes, without any delay. That's what's about online casino games.