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What are Thunderbolt Casino Lobby Jackpots?

Even more ways to win! Compete against other players in the Thunderbolt Casino Lobby Jackpots. You can easily participate by opting in; after that, every R0.08c placed in bets on any slot game(s) will contribute towards the Lobby Jackpot.
The lobby jackpot pays out at random, with up to R400 to be won and some lucky players might even win up to R1000!

Which games contribute to Thunderbolt Casino Lobby Jackpots?
Only slot games and spins placed on slot games contribute to this feature.

After opting in, Every R0.08c placed in bets will count towards it. You'll see a "Lobby Jackpot" logo in the game to remind you that you are contributing toward Thunderbolt Casino Lobby Jackpots.

How do I receive my winnings?
Once you win, the winnings will turn to pending status. After you exit the slot game, you will receive an indicator that you won the lobby jackpot, and you need to confirm/accept your winnings!

What if I continue playing multiple slots and have won during that time?
This will not have any effect on our winnings. All winnings from all jackpots won in the interim will be presented to you as a single amount (which you will also need to accept/confirm after you finish playing the slot).

How to opt in to Thunderbolt Casino Lobby Jackpots?
You can do so from within the casino lobby. Simply click "Opt-in" and you will automatically be contributing to, and eligible for winning the lobby jackpots.

Do free coupons contribute to the Lobby Jackpots?
No, free Bonus money does not contribute to the lobby jackpot.

I would like to Opt-out, how do I Opt-out?
This can be done in one easy step, simply navigate to the "Lobby Jackpot" section in the right hand menu, within the Casino Lobby and select "Opt-out". You'll be prompted once more, select YES to confirm your Opt-out. You will be automatically opted out from the lobby jackpot and can re-opt in at any time!

How do I see recent winners?
A banner at the top of the casino lobby displays the most recent winners in a corousel. You can also view the winners in a list format using the right hand menu and selecting the Lobby Jackpot section.




  1. To participate in the casino Lobby Jackpot, customers must login and manually opt-in. Players can also opt-out from contributing to the Lobby Jackpot at any point .

  2. By opting into our Lobby Jackpots, registered players will be automatically eligible to win the accumulated jackpot amount. During any slot game, R0.08¢ will be deducted from Thunderbolt Casino players' real money account balance for each spin.

  3. Free bonuses cannot be used to contribute to the Lobby Jackpot. Lobby jackpots won while playing with a balance derived from a free bonus will be subject to the maximum withdrawable amount and T&Cs of that bonus.

  4. Lobby jackpot prizes come with no wagering restrictions. Lobby Jackpots are awarded as a real money balance and can be withdrawn immediately by the player.

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