Beginners betting tips

Online casino games have grown in popularity over the last decade as more people discover the thrills of playing games of chance with real money on the line. And more people playing means there are always beginners coming to online casinos who need a bit of guidance to feel more comfortable with the games and especially with the idea of betting real money.

It may seem like a simple thing to play slots or video poker, but there are ways to make the experience more pleasurable. Following these tips will help take a bit of pressure off of the game and open up the fun that they offer.


1. Don't Expect to Win all the Time or Even Most of the Time


Too often people get discouraged if the wins don't start rolling in right away. But since part of the fun is not knowing how the game will go until the very last minute, focus on the element that brings the most pleasure.

At the same time, be prepared for the very real possibility that you will walk away from your playing session with a bit less cash than you had when you started. That's the risk you take and you have to prepare for that possibility.  Look at it as your entertainment cost - the same way that going to a movie has a cost to it.  Therefore, make sure you practice responsible betting by setting aside money you can afford to lose and sticking to that amount.


2. Streaks are Not Real


Whether you are riding high with an unbelievable winning streak or mired in a losing streak that seems like it knows no end, the truth is that you are probably not experiencing either of them. Each game is an independent event that has no relations to what came before it and no influence on what comes after it. The streaks, most times, are our own belief that there is some relationship between the games.  This thinking does add to our excitement levels.

And since there are no real winning streaks or losing streaks, it makes no sense at all to chase the streaks in hopes of winning big eventually. Too often, people who start out with the feeling that they are on a winning streak have a hard time giving up on the idea that it is gone and not returning. They keep playing with greater risk to bring it back and ride that wave again. It's even worse with losing streaks. People keep betting and getting deeper in the hole while trying to pull themselves out.

If it doesn't feel like the games are going your way, take a break, or try another game and let the energy - and luck - change before trying again.


3. Learn to Quit while You are Ahead


It's human nature to believe that if we are winning now, we will continue to win. And if we continue to win, we would be leaving money on the table by quitting. But since there is no relationship between the games, each game is an independent event that could go in either direction.

If you find yourself ahead of the house at some point, quit and enjoy your winnings. A few more spins of the slots reels are just as likely to work against you are they are to work for you. You aren't really risking the money you may win in the future. You are risking the money you already won.


4. Take Advantage of Free Play to Gain a Handle on the Game


Much of the fun in casino games comes from the stakes you put on every game. That's why playing "for fun" is never as much fun as playing for real money. But if you're playing for free so that you learn how the game works better, you are improving the experience you'll have when you have mastered the game and return to playing for real money.

The option of playing for free is one of the great advantages of the online casino over the real casino, along with the ability to create your ideal playing environment. Don't waste the advantage you have. Take a bit of practice time to learn the game and come back stronger than ever.