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How do you turn the number ‘21’ into M-O-N-E-Y? You play online blackjack games at Thunderbolt Casino. Hit a natural in diamonds… and 3 to 2 becomes 2 to 1! Play Match Play 21 instead and it is sevens that count. Not sure what we are on about? No biggie. We’ve got it covered!

The lekker part about playing online blackjack right here at Thunderbolt Casino is that our blackjack corner is stacked with games. They’re not just any blackjack games either… They’re powered by SpinLogic Gaming. Now that is a (good) biggie!

Why Blackjack Is Your Best China!

The first thing you got to know is online blackjack games hit differently. They’re not like slots, roulette, keno – or any of those other games of chance. The reason being you can use cheat sheets to win. Yep, and that is no cap!

The next factor to take into account is a statistic called the edge. If you’re already a blackjack player at Thunderbolt Casino, you’ll be quite familiar with the term. That is a fee deducted from all bets to cover the cost of running a casino. When it comes to blackjack, the edge is infinitesimal!

What that means is there is more cheddar in the game. Learn to play blackjack like a pro and you really can bank a bit of moolah. That is not to say luck does not play a part… It does.

That is a quick overview of why online blackjack games are kiffer than kiff. The gameplay is simple. The objective is clear. It is all about hitting 21 without going bust! What more could you want from a powerhouse of a game?

Thunderbolt Casino Online Blackjack Games

At Thunderbolt Online Casino we are committed to giving our players an awesome gaming experience. That is evident from our wide selection of games supplied by those legends at SpinLogic. Plus, our promos are not good… They are Gucci... and every other prestigious designer you'll find in Sandton City!

We so don’t want to flex, but Thunderbolt is rated one of the best gaming platforms in Mzansi. We may be ZA-facing but we accept patrons from across Africa and the world. If excellence means versatility, we have that in spades.

That is why we offer more than the classic version of 21. Our suite of online blackjack games features side bets and bonus payouts. It is ramped-up action available on-demand!

Here is a quick breakdown of what is what in the blackjack pot – and it is nca!

Best Online Blackjack Games: Perfect Pairs

When it comes to the rules, long-term payout percentage and edge, Perfect Pairs is classic blackjack.  The only difference is there is an optional side bet on the table. It offers lekker odds for hitting a pair in the opening two-card deal.

Kiff Side Bet Odds!

The Perfect Pairs side bet is a standalone wager. That means you can win the side bet and lose the conventional bet or vice versa. If you are lucky you can win both!

In this game you get paid the usual 3 to 2 for blackjack, even money for a winning hand and 2 to 1 for the insurance bet. Take the optional pair punt and you could be deep in the dosh.

An identical pair in terms of suit and rank – the so-called perfect pair – pays out at odds of 25 to 1. You get 12 to 1 for a coloured pair and 6 to 1 for any two matching cards.

Super-High Average Payout Percentage

Now to the vital statistics. In this game, the average payout percentage is 99.46%. The edge is just 0.54%.

When you do a quick comparison across a range of table games, our online blackjack games are tops. Play Baccarat and the edge for the Banker and Player bets is 1.06% and 1.24%, respectively. Caribbean Stud and Caribbean Holdem have a 5.21% and 2.16% edge.

As for online roulette? The edge for the European game is 2.78% against the 5.25% on American Roulette. To arrive at the average return to player (RTP) or payout percentage of each game, all you have to do is minus the edge from 100%!

Best Online Blackjack Games: Match Play 21

If you are looking for an innovative re-purposing of online blackjack, Match Play 21 is on point. It is the classic game in virtually every respect with two major exceptions. The first is all the ten value cards are excised from the pack.

That of course means there is a lower probability of hitting blackjack. To compensate, the developers have dropped a few bonus payouts into the mix. In this game, you get 3 to 2 for a natural blackjack but there is a plus.

Get Bonus Payouts Up to 40 to 1!

Accumulate a 5-card 21 and you get paid out at 3 to 2 odds. The same winnings apply to hands featuring any 7-7-7 and 6-7-8. Hold up, bolters! There is more.

Get a 6-card 21 and suited 7-7-7 and 6-7-8 and the odds rise to 2 to 1. Get the combinations in spades and the odds increase again to 3 to 1. Now for the kicker combo. Get any three 7s when the dealer shows a 7 and you are in the pound sets to the tune of 40 to 1. Now that is sick!

Player-Friendly Gaming Data

As for the data? In this game, the average return to player is 99.27%. That makes the house edge nominally higher at 0.73%. Despite the slight rise in the edge, it is still significantly lower than that of the vast majority of Thunderbolt Casino games!

Best Online Blackjack Games: Super 21

In this exciting variation of online blackjack, you can benefit two-fold. For one, the rules are relaxed and far more player-friendly. Plus, there are four extra ways to win. You still get 2 to 1 for a winning insurance bet as you do with all the other online blackjack games.

Where you do score is when you hit a blackjack in diamonds. Do that and winnings are paid at 2 to 1. The same odds apply to a 5- and 6-card blackjack and any combination of six cards notwithstanding suit or rank!

The fact that you only get even money for blackjack lowers the RTP to 98.94%. The advantage to the house is consequently 1.06%. It’s still as tasty as a Black Label on a hot day – it might just not be a cold one as you like one!

Sign Up, Play Online Blackjack Games at Thunderbolt and WIN

The only way you can exploit the favourable stats of online blackjack is to join the Thunderbolt Casino community. As a noob, we suggest you get hold of the basic blackjack strategy and use it to guide your gameplay. That way you are sure to end up with coin in the pocket!

Go on, okes. Bolt over and sign up at Thunderbolt Online Casino now. It only takes a few minutes – but offers an entire lifetime of the most awesome entertainment that just so happens to pay out those big bucks too!