Are Online Casinos Better than the Real Thing?

Ever since online casino games broke out into the public consciousness a decade and a half ago, there has always been one lingering question - can the experience of playing online approximate the experience of going to a casino and playing at a slots room or a card table.

The answer did not take long to arrive. Online casino games offer the same level of excitement as their real life versions, but they also offer the comforts of home and a host of other advantages. When all of the factors are calculated, it seems that the online casino wins in nearly every measure. the only area where the real casino wins is in the social atmosphere of the casino. But that can be created at home too, by getting together and playing with friends.

The Internet is famous for letting people do all their normal tasks while still in pajamas. That applies equally well to the online casino. People can play when they wake up in the morming, late at night, which is just like a real casino that never closes. But online, they can play in the middle of the night without getting out of bed as well.

The Best Casino in the World

With the online casino, the best casino you can ever imagine is right there in your own home. It's perfect because it is exactly the way you like it. If you like it bright and cheerful, you can create that with decorations and music. If you like it quiet and relaxing, you can make it as placid as you like. No one else has to like it but you, and no one else's taste needs to be taken into account other than the people you live with.

It also has special features that are just the type of thing you like. For example, at your home casino, coffee is served first thing in the morning. It's part of the ritual you create if you play early in the morning. And you can bring your favourite pet with you to share in the experience and help you feel relaxed as tension mounts. You can't bring a cat or dog to a real casino.

And best of all, you've got access to all of your favourite games. Just like the real casino, there are tables of all sorts in your personal casino, and you always get a seat at every table. The bets are just what you want them to be and the entire experience takes place exactly when you want it.

Saving Time and Money

Besides being able to personalize the casino so that it goes just as you like it, another advantage is that it is accessible to everyone. In the old days, when you had to spent time and money traveling to the hotels and the resorts that offered real casino action, only a small number of people had the resources to make it happen. So only a small part of the people who love casino games and the thrill of playing games of chance for real money had an opportunity to experience the action.

With today's online casino and the mobile app that lets people play whenever they want no matter where they are, the only restriction is access to the Internet. And thanks to 3G and 4G technology, that is practically everywhere.

The fact that people from all across South Africa can play games for real money is a major development of democratization that is the opposite of what the real casino brought to the society. Whereas the online casino makes it possible for everyone to have the same type of experience, the real casino reserved it only for an elite.

But even for those who can afford to go to a real casino now and then, the high level of the playing experience at the online casino makes it unnecessary to invest so much time and money. The games online offer the same level of thrills as you would get at the casino, but in the comfort of the best casino in the world - your own.