The ultimate game:  poker or blackjack?

The people who love to play cards at the casinos online - like our very own Thunderbolt Casino - are usually people who prefer their games to mix luck and skill, in contrast to fans of slots games or roulette or craps, which are based entirely on the spin of a wheel or the roll of the dice. In card games like poker or blackjack, luck plays a vital role, but there are still ways to influence the outcome through decisions made throughout the game. The better the decisions, the more winning.

Of course, good luck can make bad decisions look like genius. And bad luck can negate good strategy properly applied. But every sequence in a card game has been played enough times that there are odds on various outcomes. And those odds, ever time, tend to bear themselves out. That means that the right decisions have to take into account what the most likely outcome will be and then gauge the level of luck that seems to be flowing.

Those kinds of decisions are not exactly formulas. They are products of our intuition honed through extensive experience. There is no shortcut to gaining that sort of internal sense about card games. It takes a lot of repetitions.

But which game is really at the top of the casino online? Is it poker or blackjack. We make the case for both and let you decide for yourself.

The Case for Poker as the Ultimate Game

If you count all the Saturday night poker games taking place across the world, it may be true that poker is the most popular game of all time. People don't seem to get together to play roulette or craps, or even blackjack at anywhere near the same rate as poker.

Poker has also stood the test of time. People have been playing poker for real money for much of the history of the casino, and the casino online has done nothing to change that. People still flock to poker games online because the game offers the basic thrill of casino action combined with a sense of purpose. You choose the hands you want to build, and hope that luck sends the cards you need your way.

The essence of poker is fun, and it can be truly thrilling when you get the cards you need just in time and build a winning hand. And it's especially so when you build a hand that's particularly hard and rare. That's when the you truly feel like a master of the universe.

Poker may well be the ultimate card game because it brings channels luck in a such a way that brings it in line with choices and decisions. And it gets better and better the more you play because the inner voice gets stronger and stronger.

The Case for Blackjack as the King of Card Games

There may not be blackjack nights around the world, with people sitting around tables, smoking cigars, and drinking whiskey. But there may be just as many people playing blackjack for fun all over the world. And the reason for that is in the nature of the game. It's a fun puzzle, and playing a game only makes you want to play another, and another.

The case for blackjack as the top of the heap for card games starts and ends with the fact that you just want to keep on playing. And the more you play, the better you get. It takes experience to know what to do under various circumstances. You might know the odds when you hit on 16, but until you've done it enough times to develop an expectation, you don't feel it.

Then there is the sense of luck that develops from experience. You can know that the chances of getting the card you need is very low, and yet still feel that the fates are looking down on you with a huge smile and you take the chance. You also learn that believing luck if flowing and it actually flowing may not be related in any way.

Blackjack puts it all together and makes it all so enjoyable, all you think about is the game. And that might be enough to dub blackjack king of card games in the casino online.