Are the games we play an expression of who we are?

Some people say that everything we do is actually a reflection of something we feel inside on a deep, unconscious level. All of our actions, according to this theory, are metaphors for who we really are and what we really want.

That means that the activities we gravitate towards are expressions of something primal, something at the core of our being. If we allow them free expression, they are essentially the closest thing we can get to that can be considered our own personal truth.

That might explain why the themes of slots games have grown so wide as more people discover how satisfying an experience it is to play games of chance for real money. It might actually point to why casino games of certain types and certain themes are so engaging to us.


The Risks in Life and at the Casino


At their most basic level, playing online casino games for real money is nothing more than testing our luck - how much good fortune is out there with our name on it. It's also about turning this good fortune into money.

Of course, since there is no way to influence our luck, it's also possible that there is very little good fortune at the moment when we are playing, and there is a lot of bad fortune. That leads to losing money we had previously won.

That space between the two possibilities, when everything could go in either direction, is the part of the game most people say is the most exciting. But it's also the place where risk is at its peak. The games could be an expression of a deeper need for risk, and the casino is a perfect way for that need to find expression.


A Game for Every Mood


There are so many choices of casino games online that it sometimes seems like the biggest decision to make is which game to play. In fact, even deciding which type of game to play could be a challenge. Do we choose slots games? Do we go for the big win with a progressive slots game, or a game with 243 ways to win to keep the payouts coming? Do we choose a table game instead? If so, which one - a card game or a game of chance like Roulette?

In today's casino, the sky is the limit. And yet, when we find the game we want, we feel it on the inside. We know we are playing our game. Perhaps we are expressing something by choosing that game. It represents the type mood we feel or the type of odds that match how we feel about ourselves.

And then there is the size of the bet. How much we risk is perhaps even more important to decide than the level of risk itself. Betting is a game of risk, but the amount of money you place on the table must be handled responsibly.


Playing for Oneself is the Winning Strategy


When all is said and done, the person who needs to be most satisfied with the decisions you made No matter what you are playing, you are playing against yourself, and that's true whether you are playing poker against live dealer, a high-stakes game of roulette, or any of the hundreds and hundreds of slots.

It's you who has to live with the consequences of the decisions you make, so make them with the understanding that you will ultimately judge the success or failure of a decision by how you feel when you are making it.

That means let yourself look inside and access the intuition you feel. It may be giving you some good information you don't want to ignore without careful deliberation.