Bet on the Right Side of your Brain

The idea that we have two separate and distinct sides of our brains is one of the truisms of science. The traditional understanding of this phenomenon is that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and serves as our center for logic and rationality. The right side control the left side of our bodies and serves as the repository for all of our creative functions. That could be why so many artists are left handed. Their bodies reflect the fact that the right side of the brain is dominant in them.

This idea is useful to people who love online casino games. Not because they want to impose logic or creativity to the betting process but for a different reason entirely. The two sides of the brain not only control logic and creativity respectively but also control two different modes of thought.

The left side controls explicit thought, which tends to follow a linear pattern. The right side controls implicit thought, which is more abstract and disjointed and is often referred to as intuition.


Implicit Thought Helps Find Hidden Patterns


Many people consider the intuition to be a form of thinking that dips into the unconscious mind, where many of our most important decisions are really made. Or at least it's where many of them should be made because our unconscious mind knows a great deal more than our conscious mind. Unfortunately, it is often overruled by left brain logic.

But betting on online casino games is not a matter of logic and reasoning. That would be the case for games of pure skill, such as chess. Those games require a great deal of awareness and thought. Since winning a game of chess generally comes down to outsmarting your opponent, it makes sense that the left side would dominate.

But making a bet on a slots game is quantifiably different. It is not about finding the best way to spin the reels. And it is not about having a strategy that will cause them to land in a certain way. In fact, there is no way to influence the spin of the reels, not be pressing the button harder or softer. The reels will land as luck will have it. The best you can hope to do is to guess which way the wind is blowing when it comes to luck.


What Does the Unconscious Mind See?


Of course, the unconscious mind often believes that it can spot patterns in things that are seemingly unrelated, like the spins of the slots. Each spin is a world in itself, completely not influenced by any spin that came before it or any spin that will come after it.

And yet, it may still be possible to spot a pattern. For example, if you were to toss a coin in the air often enough, chances are good that you will approach a ratio of 50-50 on how often it will land on one side compared to the other.

Even though there is no relationship between the tosses of the coin, it will eventually succumb to a predictable pattern. That is not to say that any particular toss is predictable - it stays at 50-50 on each toss. But even so, there is a pattern at work and it's not beyond the scope of the unconscious mind to try to spot it.

Can it do the same thing with the spins of the slots? Can it spot a pattern to how it sways to the demands of luck? It is highly doubtful that it can offer a precise prediction on any spin.

But can it provide a guess that's better than you could get from the left side of the brain? Can it spot the general direction of luck, the outline of a pattern? The jury is still out. As of now, there is no way to predict how the slots will land nor any way to influence them.

But most people would agree that you are far better off listening to your implicit knowledge and building it up through practice and repetition. If there is an answer to the system, it would come from the right side of the brain.