Buy a Ticket, Take a Ride

A visit to the online casino - like Thunderbolt Casino - is a thrill ride that takes us out of our everyday lives and puts us a the mercy of forces that are greater than ourselves. We can't control these forces and we can't even influence them, as our ancient ancestors tried to do with the rains and sunshine for the crops they depended on for life. 

That's the real pleasure of the casino online. That's why it's both a way to relax and unwind, and a way to get the pulse moving - depending on what you need at the time you play. You can give yourself over to the fates and enjoy the ride in a passive way. Or you can take an active approach and sit at the edge of your seat with every spin or the slots or every deal of the cards. 

What you can control is the stakes. You can bet more or less depending on how much excitement you want or how much luck you feel coursing through your blood. Of course, the more you stand to win is parallel to how much you stand to lose, and even the feeling of luck can be fleeting from spin to spin, and back again. 

That's why people compare a playing session as a ride on a roller coaster. You know that there will be dips and rises, and even though you can see them coming, the force of forward progress gives you a thrill every time. 

That's how it feels at the online casino. 


How It Feels to Win


There are so many emotions that run through a typical playing session that it's hard to focus on any one of them without doing some injustice to the casino experience. But naturally, the best feeling it when you win. Actually, that's not entirely true, though it makes sense for people to thing so.

The real excitement in the casino is when you are just about to win but when you still don't know. It's when the roulette wheel starts to slow down and you can see the winning number about to come up, though it's hard to project how the wheel will go. It looks good, and it keeps looking good, but until it stops, you can't be overly confident.

That rising tension, that jolt of adrenaline that goes with each spin is the real pleasure in the game. But it helps when you start winning more often. The truth is that we always believe that the next spin will be the jackpot, the one that beats the odds, the one that justifies all of the other spins. If we didn't believe it, we wouldn't play.

And the best way to build that feeling is to win a few time. Then suddenly, you're hot and there is no stopping you. It's a powerful feeling, a high almost like any other.

And then it comes to a screeching halt. Well, actually it usually stops long before you notice that it's over. Your natural optimism keeps going long after the tide has turned. But that's how it feels to be winning. The real world is somewhere off in the distance and you are on cloud nine counting your winnings.


Keep Hope Alive


There have been studies on gambling habits and they show conclusively that someone who starts out on a winning streak is more likely to chase the streak even when it's long gone and to expect the winning to come back at any time.

Of course, ask anyone who loves the casino online and they could tell you that without the need for a formal study. It's obvious to anyone who has ever started out with a winning streak. The same streak could happen much later in the playing session and it won't trigger the same emotions. When it comes near the end, it could lengthen your time at the casino, but the expectation on the part of the player is that it's going to come and go, and when it's done, so is the playing session.

But the hope never goes away. In fact, people who play online casino games with any regularity are some of the most optimistic people in the world. And gaining that type of positive mindset is a value in the real world.