Casino analysts have been watching the market swing upward during the COVID-19 era as more people turn to online gaming for relaxation and entertainment. At the same time, as the newest Thunderbolt Casino coupons are issued, many governments are passing new laws to keep casino players safer and increase protections against improper advertising and unlicensed online banking institutions.

In Germany, online gambling was legalized in all German states in July by the Interstate Treaty on Gambling (GlüSTV). The new legislation sets German standards for operators who offer virtual games of chance such as casino games and slot machines. GlüSTV was envisioned as legislation that would ensure the rights of German citizens to gamble while protecting minors and protecting players from fraud and problem gambling behaviors.

Gambling operators can now offer their platforms across the German market but first, they need an app development strategy that incorporates the elements that ensure that the apps are implemented in compliance with the new law. This is a two-fold opportunity for casino operators who can now operate freely in Germany by building apps that both comply with German laws and, at the same time, deliver the most technologically advanced interactive gameplay.

Casino operators around the world are watching to see how platforms that are opening in Germany combine German laws with updated casino elements.

German Laws

In Germany, the law now states that, in order to offer online gambling apps in any German State, operators must comply with the nationwide legislation that limits sports betting to placing bets on wins/losses and has players set monthly deposit limits for themselves which may not exceed €1000. Players can change their self-imposed limit but raising that limit will go into effect only 7 days after the request is made while lowering the limit goes into effect immediately.

€1-per-spin bet limits on slot machines are to be imposed and gamers are not to have access to multiple gambling sites simultaneously. There is to be a 5-second wait period between slot machine spins.

Casinos that have sportsbooks cannot operate both the sports betting and the casino platform from the same domain. Cross-advertising is prohibited -- the operator cannot advertise its sportsbook on its casino and vice versa. Advertising for casino gambling is to be strictly limited and monitored.

Platform Changes

To fulfill the requirements of the new laws in Germany, many operators will be building new apps. At the same time that they create those new sites, they can make new changes to make their platforms more appealing to players from around the world. Some of these additional changes include:

Loyalty Programs

According to a study by Feefo, 96% of online casino gamers players move from one betting provider to another at least once a year. One fifth of those make the switch more frequently.

That means that online casinos must work more on retention in the form of better bonus offers that offer gamers an enhanced gaming experience and incentivise players to stick with a specific app.  Under the GlüSTV however, in Germany, operators cannot target players who have limited their gaming activities with bonus offers.


Online casino visitors expect the same physically appealing atmosphere that visitors to land-based casinos have come to enjoy. That means that they are looking for a casino event that comes as close to that of a brick-and-mortar casino as possible. Casino advisors are suggesting that developers start focusing on 3D design elements that work on both newer, mobile devices and on older PCs.

Many online casino game developers are experimenting with a wide range of 3D options including virtual or augmented reality (VR/AR). These adventures tend to replicate the image of a card or roulette dealer in games such as baccarat, roulette and blackjack and in 3D imagery in slots storylines.

In Germany, online games that feature the image of a dealer are  banned under the terms of the GlüSTV but innovative designers can and should explore how to use the AR/VR/3D tech in other ways.

Customer Service

Customer service can make or break any business and an online platform is no exception. Customers need to feel comfortable contacting the casino hot line to report bugs in the system and ask questions when needed.  21st century online casinos should maintain a 24/7 support line where customers can contact them by email, phone or online chat. A top-of-the-line casino maintains a chatbot.

Good customer service includes support for multiple languages. If the casino wants to expand beyond the speakers of a majority language in any one country they should add languages to increase their app’s reach. Conversely, poor translations, including idiomatic language and grammar inaccuracies, suggest unprofessionalism so if an operator is preparing to offer multi language support, it’s important that it be accurate for a successful localization process.

Intuitive User Interface

Platforms that force the user to click through multiple menus before s/he reaches his/her destination will likely lose a significant number of those potential customers. The app’s user interface needs to be intuitive so that it doesn’t lose customers. Developers need to ensure that app user interfaces are easy to navigate and uncluttered with available games, current account information and tasks such as claiming bonuses and adding  funds easily accessible.

Account Accessibility

Making account information easily accessible is a key element of attracting and retaining customers. In Germany under  GlüSTV, it’s also mandatory. The new German regulations state that players must be able to view their account balance, including game history and all charges, at any time but making sure that this information is readily accessible is simply good business sense. Casinos don’t want to lose players who are frustrated because they can’t access their accounts easily.

It’s also important to explain the games clearly because customers who feel that they don’t understand how to play won’t even bother. Online tutorials for different game genres can be helpful.


Germany now requires that online casino apps accept multiple payment methodsOnline casino apps should accept a selection of payment methods but once again, this is simply good business. A player who sees that the casino’s payment methods are limited is likely to go elsewhere. German law states that, at a minimum, German customers should be able to pay and receive money through credit/debit card, online bank transfer and PayPal.

German law also states that customers must be paid their wins immediately. Casino advisors suggest that this become an industry standard because it satisfies the customer and encourages him/her to return.


The GlüSTV stipulates that game rounds may not begin until the user actively confirms his/her participation -- generally by clicking a ‘yes’/’no’ pop up notification that asks users to confirm that they want to start a game.  This, says casino analysts, should be an industry standard for online games in order to eliminate any suggestion that people are betting money when, in fact, they don’t intend to do so.

The GlüSTV has given online casinos much to think about. In building platforms that will be applicable to the German market, the industry may well be doing themselves a favor by attracting more gamers from more countries around the world.