Free Spins (and Other Promotions)

There are many ways for a casino online (like our very own, Thunderbolt Casino) to show its players that they are wanted by the casino. There are welcome bonuses, matching bonuses, special promotions, and of course, free spins. While every one of these measures goes a long way in helping players feel welcome and appreciated, the one that may be the most elegant is the last one.

Free spins are the ultimate reward for a player who loves to play for real money. With free spins, you have all the reward and none of the risk. In other words, when you don't pay for the spins, you have no risk of losing anything, but you still get to keep all the winnings.

That's about as good as it gets. While there is certainly a dimension of excitement in the risk you take when you have money riding on a single spin of a slots game or the deal of a card, free spins remove all of the tension and just provide the reward. Players accept the risk because that's the price they need to pay to get a chance to win something.

But with free spins, there is no need to add risk to the equation. Spinning and winning is great fun, indeed. Try it out and see if it's even better than it sounds.


Welcome Bonus Opens the Door to Good Times


Nothing says "welcome to our casino" quite like a bonus for players who are making their first deposits at the casino. Players who get off to a great start are more likely to return to the casino, and there is no better way to ensure a positive first impression than giving a player some games on the house before charging for the games.

When casinos match the first deposits a player makes, they are essentially opening the doors to free play for the value of the deposit. The winnings, of course, are there for the player to keep. Only after the player has played the whole amount through does the casino begin to charge for the games.

That gives the player a chance to gain a good feel for the casino and even try out some games for free before risking his or her own money. It also means that the more the player deposits in the beginning, the more he or she plays on the house.


Special Promotions All Year Round


A strong welcome bonus is great if you are a new player and want to start off with some momentum. But any casino that wants to show players how much it cares needs to keep the love coming even after a player has used up the introductory bonus. What happens to players who have been around for a while? They need something special directed at them as well.

As it happens, casinos with a player focus have promotions all year, some that change monthly, some weekly, and even some daily promotions that give people a reason to visit just to find out what's new and exciting.

Promotions can be based around a popular game, or they can be set around special days. Some casinos offer special cash offers for those who promote the casino on social media. Those who give the casino a "like" on Facebook could earn special bonus considerations.

Promotions are created to for players to use, so it's always worth looking at the type of promotions a casino has on offer at any given time. Chances are, you will find something appealing available at some point, and it would be a shame to miss out on that simply because you didn't check what was on offer.


Putting It All Together


With all of the different ways that the casino online likes to reach out to players to provide some extra incentive to  do what they love to do anyway - play casino games for real money - the message is loud and clear. Casinos that offer abundant free spins, generous welcome bonuses, and year round promotions on popular games care about their players. They want the best experience for them.

Who wouldn't want to play in a casino that puts players first? You know you are in the right place when you find yourself swimming in promotions and special bonuses.