Lessons in Positivity from the Online Casino

There is no doubt that gamblers must be the most optimistic people on earth. It takes a great deal of trust in the goodness of the universe to continually place bets for real money on games that are based entirely or almost entirely on luck, with no chance to influence the outcome.

Some people may be confident about their abilities and bet on games where they have the opportunity to demonstrate their superior skills in a competitive setting. They work hard to learn all of the nuances of the games, and when it comes time to put up real money, they are ready to bet on themselves.

But online casino games are different in that they are not about practice and diligence. They are fun precisely because they do not require any special skill or ability. They often reward those who take the biggest gambles, but sometimes they don't. And you never know what will happen when you spin the roulette wheel, the slot reels, or deal the poker hand. There is no way to predict what will happen in any particular game.

It stands to reason, then, that the people who play online casino games have a great deal of confidence in their own good fortune. Or, stated another way, they have the most optimistic outlook possible. They believe in infinite possibilities, and that positive energy can only bleed into their regular lives as well.

Here are some of the ways the online casino cultivates optimism:

1. Reminder that each game is an independent event

Every game you play is a completely new experience, so it makes no sense to bring in feelings from previous games or expectations for future ones. Each game is another opportunity to hit the jackpot and win it big. And it can happen even if the previous 10 games or even 100 games did not.

Each time you spin the slots reels, the game could be a winner. So there is never a reason to grow despondent about the outcome. A long losing streak can be broken with just one winner. That's the real meaning of random - that there is no relationship between what came before and what comes after. There is no rhyme or reason behind the various games.

2. If one game isn't working, try another game

The online casino doesn't offer just a game or two games, or even ten games. It offers hundreds of games, all of which are different in some crucial way. There are games for every mood and inclination, and there are games for every situation.

Therefore, if luck doesn't seem to be shining so brightly with one game, there is always an opportunity to try a different one. The change of energy may be enough to shift the flow of luck in your direction. Of course, it may not have any effect on whether you win or lose, but there is reason to be hopeful when there is so much variety.

3. The online casino is fun, win or lose

Possibly the biggest lesson in positive thinking that you can draw from the online casino is the fact that the games - and the thrill you get playing them for real money - is fun even if the result isn't what you were hoping to get from them. In other words, the online casino teaches us to focus on the journey, not the destination. It tells us to pay attention to the sights and sounds on the way and not worry about what it will look like when we get to where we're going.

For many people, that is one of the key insights into cultivating positive thinking. We think that to be happy, we need to achieve great things, become great people, and have great wealth. The truth is that not of those things are guaranteed to make us happy or to keep us happy for long. What really makes people happy is the process they go through to become or have those things.