Life Lessons from Online Casinos

The online casino is more than a place to go for some excitement and a chance to win real money. It's also a place to observe how aspects of life flow through the world and what we can learn from that. The lessons, of course, are subtle and not always obvious on the surface. Sometimes, it takes a lot of repetition to learn some of the most important lessons.

But because there is real money at stake, online casino games cannot be simply dismissed as simple games of luck with nothing to teach us. Once money is involved, it automatically carries aspects of character, patience, and even our relationship with the universe.

While it may be true that any experience can provide a lesson, it is particularly true of online casino games. We relate to them differently than almost anything else in our lives, and we put more into finding ways to gain an edge, winning more, or even just getting more excitement from the experience.

What we don't do is let it slide without giving it any thought, even if that thinking is all about what we could do to win more money. We are never casual about online casino games.

Here are some life lessons that come directly out of the online casino:

1.  There is Much in Life that is Simply Outside of our Control

Online casino games are based on luck. Some of them, like slots, are entirely based on luck from start to finish. There is no way to influence the slots reels. They will stop where they choose and there is nothing we can do to increase our chances of winning.

That fact is an extraordinary life lesson. While there are many things in life that we can work toward, practice, and influence, there are also many things we want that are not in our control in any way. And just as slots do not always fall as we would like them to, there are parts of life we can't control and can be difficult to cope with and even painful.

2. A Long Shot Pays More than the Odds

There is some pleasure to be found in risk, and winning a big, risky bet can be more gratifying in itself than the money that goes with the winning. Listening to our intuition when there is real money on the line can be a powerful path through life.

Experience with risk is also good for building our courage. With online casino games, we can experience the sensation of risk in a setting that is all about risks and their payoffs. In this way, the casino operates as a small bubble of real life that mirrors the rest of life.

3. You Win Some, you Lose Some

Perhaps the most important lesson to learn from online casino games is one of perspective. Anyone who plays with any regularity has probably internalized an important life lesson. You never win forever and never lose forever either. Every spin of the reels is an event in and of itself. And the results of that spin have no relationship to any spin that came before or will come after. Some will be winners and others will not.

The key is to keep playing. The odds tend to take care of themselves. The same is true of nearly any activity in life. The more we stay involved, the more we experience the benefits. No run of bad luck goes on without end, and no run of good luck stays forever either.

4. Expect the Best Case but Prepare for the Worst Case

There is a saying that those who fail to plan are actually planning to fail. When it comes to the casino, that means setting money aside that you can afford to lose, finding times to play that do not interfere with other responsibilities, and developing a set of gambling principles so that you don't get caught up in the excitement.

That same level of preparation works for everything else in life just as well. We need to know in advance how far we are able to go with something before the cost is more than we can bear. We need to keep our priorities in mind at all times, and we need to live by a code of conduct to ensure that the chaos of life never drags us down.