Slots vs. Roulette

For people who love to play online casino games, the world is full of choices. The best ones, of course, are found at the online casino. There are games of chance and games of skill and chance.

Games of chance are based entirely on luck. You roll the dice, spin the reels, or even spin the wheel, and luck decides where it lands, and luck determines whether you win or not. There is nothing you can do to give yourself a better chance of winning. There is no way to influence the result. It all comes down to luck.

With games of skill and luck, there is still a great deal of luck involved, but you can have some influence on the final result. You make decisions, and while it is mostly luck that determines if those decisions were better than their alternatives, there is a measure of skill and experience that can play a role in shifting the odds in your favor. Those kinds of games, usually card games, are popular because they give the player a feeling of satisfaction of winning on the basis of his or her merit.

The games based entirely on luck are even more popular, however. Those games feel more like pure gambling. It's all about probabilities and the law of average. It is about finding the hidden edge in a context where randomness is the rule. It's about luck, but it's about marshalling that luck to your own purposes.

Two games stand out as classic games of luck. While similar on the surface, the two games are very different in crucial aspects. Choosing one over the other is a serious and consequential decision.

Slots Games Dominate the Online Casino

Of all of the different online casino games available, the most popular, by far, are five reel slots games. It certainly helps that there are more slots games than all of the other games combined. The look and feel of each game is different because of the themes, the special features, and the level of engagement each game offers.

But even if there were fewer slots games, it's safe to assume that it would slide to the top of the rolls at the online casino. It's simply because slots are gambling at its finest. Place a bet, roll the reels, and watch them stop. If it works according to your bet, you win. Did you have any way to predict where they would land? No. That means that luck shined its bright light directly on you and made you a winner.

It also means that each spin is entirely separate from every other spin. They have nothing to do with one another. The results are random every time. They are unrelated, and yet, there is a trend that comes through in the long term that corresponds with the odds of winning. As the games add up, the results appear to move in a certain direction. No game is predictable, and yet the general trend is there.

Spin the Wheel and Win a Prize

The Roulette wheel is similar to the slots concept. Place a bet, spin the wheel, and see if you were lucky enough to win. The difference is that you can choose as many numbers on the wheel as you want. You can bet on all of the odd numbers, or all of the numbers in a row at a certain part of the wheel. The options are endless.

Of course, it is all luck that determines where the ball finally comes to rest. But you can look inside and intuit how much luck you believe you'll need. Sometime, we can feel really lucky. Everything we do seems to work out as well as possible. In those times, it may be worth taking the biggest risks, like choosing just a few spots on the wheel, or even just one. Winning that has the biggest reward.

Other times, you can't tell, so it's worth reducing how much you stand to win in exchange for raising the odds that you will win something. That's the puzzle inside the game of Roulette. It's the hidden mystery within the larger game.

It's worth giving a good tryout to both slots games and Roulette to get a feel for the difference. Then you can choose the one you like better. Odds are, both will find a place on the agenda.