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Online casino games typically appeal to people who love the thrill of wagering real money on a game of chance. It's no wonder that the most popular games are slots games, which have no element of skill to them at all. It's impossible to influence the spin of the reels. It's enormously fun to bet on the results of a random event.

But while it's true that you can't influence where the reel will stop and what symbols you're going to find, it's not entirely true that playing has absolutely no skill involved. Betting itself is an art that requires practice and intuition. It's not clear whether science has ever confirmed the existence of a gut feeling, but most betters have known the feeling at some point. It's that sense that you know where the momentum is moving and you can bet in synch with that.

It's a delicious feeling, and you can only get it one way - practice. You develop the sense a little bit every time you play. You gain a little bit more time experiencing the time between the spin and the result, and how you feel at that time. It may be an illusion, statistically speaking, but most better believe you can get better at guessing.


Best Way to Build Intuition Muscles


Getting to that place requires a great deal of repetitions. And mistakes. It's necessary to lose a lot before you can feel like you know what you're doing. And even then, things never go so well for so long that you feel like you're actually in control. You just feel like you've been lucky for a while and that somehow you managed to find that luck and bet while it was on your side.

Playing for real money may be required to get that thrill from the game. But practice could be another story entirely. Getting more practice games in may help you in the long run, even if you give up a few games of playing for real money. Playing for free may allow you to play more games, and that can help you in the long run.

Of course, playing for fun may not be entirely perfect when it comes to recreating the playing experience. There is a difference in how you approach the game when you are playing for fun or practice and when you're playing for real money. But for the sake of gaining as much as you can as quickly as you can, it helps to pretend you're playing for real money. Going in with that mindset is best for building the intuition muscles.


Creating Your Own 'Heat Check'


NBA basketball Hall of Famer, Kevin McHale, often spoke about how he would take a wild and outlandish shot at the basket early in the game. The idea of shooting the low percentage bomb while he was still trying to get a feel for the game he was playing was something he called a "heat check" to see just how much luck was flowing through his body in the game.

The shot would help him get a reading on how "hot" his game was that night. If he hit the crazy shot, it might mean that he's having one of those nights when everything goes in without effort. the crazy shot may be followed by another shot with a high degree of difficulty. If that one goes in, it feeds a feeling of invulnerability that could impact the decisions he makes on the court.

That's the power of the heat check. It helps you assess the waves of energy all around you and within you. That's why it may be worthwhile to a play a game or two for real money even when you're planning a whole session of playing for fun and practice. A game with real stakes, even if they are just symbolic, could be your own heat check. It could help you get a better reading on the luck all around you.