Themes and Stories Give Slots Games an Edge

In the race for supremacy in the casino online arena, the competition comes down to the old guard of the casino - traditional games like poker, blackjack, and roulette - on one side, and the upstart five reel slots on the other side. One side has years of experience under its belt and a long tradition of popularity with casino fans. The other has the benefits of technology as well as something brand new to the casino online - storytelling.

It's the stories and the themes that make them come to life that give slots games an advantage in modern times. The stories help make the experience smooth and elegant. To spin a slots game with a strong theme and an immersive quality is nothing like the act of rolling dice or even spinning a roulette wheel. Those activities feel like they belong to an earlier era, while modern times belong to something new.

In the era of the slots game, the rest of the casino online becomes a supplementary system. People who want a break from the main event or want to try something slightly less popular than the slots offerings have the option of playing all the other games.

But themes and stories have elevated the slots game to the height it currently holds. Behold, the era of Slots Supremacy has arrived. Long live the king!

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What Makes Stories so Engaging?

Explaining why stories hit us much harder than virtually any other activity requires breaking the brain into two separate spheres that have opposing missions. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body. It focuses on the logical and the linear. It seeks to impose order on everything in its wake.

In contrast, the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and represents the creative side of our personalities, the part that looks to break out of rigid patterns and take a non-linear approach.

So which side is responsible for our love for stories - the logical or the creative?

Surprisingly, the answer is the logical side. And the reason that the logical side is concerned with something as abstract as stories is the very reason that themes and stories in slots make such a big difference to the casino experience.

The reason is that the logical side of our brains can't tolerate any bit of disorder and break in logic. So when there is something that can't be explained logically, the left hemisphere of our brain creates a story as a bridge to fill the logic void. The stories may require great creativity but they exist so that the logical brain can continue to pursue reason and order. They fill the gaps in our understanding of life through plausible ideas.

In the same way, the themes, music, images, and storyline in a game of slots helps bring the games to life in a way that other games cannot. The stories may not seem to truly represent real plots and ideas, but they are strong enough to give the experience a through line and keep both sides of the brain happy and engaged.

How Cards and Dice Fit the Picture

The other games in the casino that do not have stories have a different advantage. They represent something rare and valuable. They offer an experience that is truly fun and engaging, and worth the time simply for its own sake.

There is something special about offering a fun experience, and many would argue that the biggest fun is when there is a stake on the result, even a small one. With money on the line, the entire experience is transformed into a meaningful and important activity with consequences in the real world.

Of course, slots games are played for real money as well, and they represent one of gambling's ideal situations - all luck and no skill control the outcome. There is no way to play slots better, no way to gain experience to improve one's slots skills. Only luck determines the result, and there is no way to manipulate how much luck you have.

So while slots may reign as the king of the casino online for the modern age, there is no reason to ignore the other games that are available. Both pack a great deal of excitement into every game, and it would be wrong to ignore the benefits of all of them.