Online Casino Bonuses

There is one sure way to know that someone really wants you to come visit - if he goes out of his way to lavish you with gifts simply for the act of coming over. That's essentially what's happening at the casino online, where all sorts of bonuses await those who come to play, and even more chances for bonuses follow.

In other words, bonuses are the primary language casinos use to tell their customers that they are wanted. And they keep showing the love through a variety of additional bonuses throughout the month directed at specific games or activities. Bonuses are the sweetener a casino online would use to show appreciation that a player chose that casino among all the casinos out there.

Bonuses also come in many different forms. Sometimes they can be matching awards that make your deposit last longer. Sometimes they can come in the form of loyalty points that make it easier to reach a new level of play at the casino. They could also come as coupons redeemable for free play without even having made a deposit.

Types of Bonuses

When a player commits to a casino online by making a deposit, the site usually reciprocates the gesture by offering a generous welcome bonus. The idea is to give a player a good start in his or her career at the casino. The bonus could be a match, a set of free games at some of the popular slots, or any combination of things.

When the bonus comes as a match, it essentially means that the player is using house money for the value of the deposit. The winnings, of course, are his or hers to keep. It also means that the player can try out new games without any risk because he's playing on the house.

After the welcome bonus, many casino sites will want to keep giving to the players who keep coming back. These additional bonuses usually focus on a "game of the month" that will be either set at a discount or offer a bigger prize in the payout. There is also the possibility that the monthly bonus will be in the form of comp points to help players get to VIP status quicker.

It is also popular to offer a weekly deal to bring players to the casino at least once a week. Deposits on that day may be matched or increased substantially. The weekly bonus is popular with new and returning players.

Why Bonuses Matter

For some players, the quality of the bonuses offered by a casino help determine whether they will join the casino at all. The bonuses may feel like promotions that lure players in but they are actually a part and parcel of the casino experience and say a great deal about how much the casino cares about its players.

The more generous the bonuses, the more they focus on games or activities that players might have chosen to play otherwise, and the more they offer rewards that can help a player reach a real goal, the more the casino understands the needs of its players.

When there is a strong player/casino fit, that will carry over into areas besides bonuses. It means the selection of games, however large, will feel like it is tailor made for each player. It means that the rhythm and style of the casino is appropriate for the player. Ultimately, it is about building a sense of trust, and that starts with the quality of the bonuses.

Where to Find Casino Bonuses

Most casino bonuses are easily identified on the front page of the casino online. After all, it doesn't help the casino draw more players if potential visitors cannot find the bonus offers.

However, it makes sense to pay as much attention as possible because some bonuses and special offers may be harder to find than others. Look for monthly deals and weekly treats in different sections, and always look at the welcome bonus before making a deposit.

In the end, paying attention to the bonuses can help guide a player's time at the casino, making it possible to make available playing tokens go a long way and having more fun in the process. When that happens, it's a win for the casino and a win for the player, which is the best of all worlds.