Thunderbolt casino games guide

Follow Our Online Casino Games Guide and Become Proficient in No Time

As a new player at an online casino, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the large number of games on offer.  This online casino games guide will help you get a better feel for what any recommended online casino has to offer.

The term “best casino games” is so subjective that we hesitate to use it.  But we can try to steer you in the direction of either the best casino games for beginners and/or the best casino game to win money.

First a few preliminaries.  Most online casinos have a number of game categories.  The better casinos file their games under these headings so it’s easier for you to find a game you would like to play.  The main categories are:

  • Slots
  • Table Games
  • Video Poker
  • Casual Games
  • Progressive Jackpots


The most popular games at almost every casino are slots.  Modern slots bear no resemblance to the slots of old.  Those games were all basically the same.  They didn’t offer anything for the player’s imagination.  Modern slots all have a theme.  The theme is developed through the characters and icons.  There are about 150 online casino game developers and each one tries to bring out at least one new slot per month.  The world of video slots is huge and beckoning.

Because of the themed nature of video slots, you can play as many different slots as you can find at the casino.  This is one of the many advantages players have when they play at an online casino; the number of slots is simply so much larger than what they can play at a land based casino.

In addition to themes, video slots have many ways to win.  Every game has a wild symbol.  This symbol takes the place of every other symbol except the scatter in order to facilitate wins.  Getting five wilds on a winning payline in the regular game wins the top non-progressive jackpot.  This largesse is usually worth over $1000 and often much more.

The scatter symbol is so called because it wins in all positions.  Three or more scatters send you to the free spins bonus round.  The bonus rounds often have additional winning opportunities such as multipliers, stacked reels, frozen wilds, and many more.

Big wins are not uncommon in the bonus rounds!

In the bonus round, you’ll sometimes be asked to choose between more spins with a smaller multiplier or fewer spins with a larger multiplier.  A debate has been raging for years as to which strategy is best.  Some prefer one option whilst others prefer the second option.

Whichever option you choose, free spins plus a multiplier are always a good ticket to a big win.

Progressive Jackpots

These games run a huge jackpot by taking a penny or two from every bet made anywhere in the world on that game and adding those pennies to the jackpot.  Thus, progressive jackpots are network-wide games. 

The network involved here is that of the game developer so the most lucrative progressive jackpots are in the network of the most prolific game developers such as Microgaming whose signature progressive game, Mega Moolah, always resets at $1,000,000 minimum jackpot after the much-larger jackpot is won.

Although there are some progressive jackpots in other games, by far the greatest number of progressive games are slots.

Table Games

This is a catch-all category that covers the great classic casino games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and some forms of poker.  Many casinos also categorize as table games some exotic games like Pai Gow.

It’s interesting that craps is the least popular table game at probably every online casino.  This is one game that is best played at a land based casino; the excitement that prevails around the craps table at a land based casino cannot be replicated online. 

All the other table games are extremely popular at online casinos.

There are often many blackjack variations with somewhat different rules.  Blackjack is a game of thought and analysis so it’s especially important to know the exact rules of any blackjack game you wish to play before you play it.

The best online casinos offer unlimited free play.  We always urge new players to play for free for as long as you need before placing a bet on any game.

Some table games allow multi-hand play.  This is especially advantageous in blackjack where playing several hands gives you the chance to count cards and make wise decisions.

There are basically only three roulette choices.  We prefer European or French roulette because the odds are better for players.

Video Poker

This game is almost always the game that gives the player the best chance to come out ahead after a gambling session.  The return to player rate is usually about 99% and, with correct play, a gamer can actually gain the upper hand against the house. 

There are strategy cards for almost every video poker variation.  These strategy cards allow you to make the right play on every hand.  Here is another great advantage you’ll have when you play casino games online.  The online casino doesn’t know that you’re using a strategy card whereas a land based casino will force you to stop using one!

The high basic return to player rate plus the extra advantage you’ll get from using a strategy card make video poker the best casino game to win money.

Video poker also comes in many variations with slightly different rules so, again, learn the rules well and play for free to get to know any game you haven’t played before.

Casual Games

In this category you’ll usually find scratch cards, bingo, keno, and similar purely fun games.  Many players come to the casual game section when they need a break from playing any other games.  So, the casual games are designed to provide the pause that refreshes.

Live Games

Many online casinos have set up a studio where you can play some games with a live dealer.  These games are popular enough but have never really competed with either the purely online games or actual live gaming at a land based casino.

Mobile Games

Developers now produce games exclusively for mobile.  The big move to mobile began a few years ago as graphics for mobile became exponentially better than it had been before.

Now mobile gaming is fast overtaking desktop as the default platform for online casino gaming.


Whether you play at your desktop or on your mobile device, there is a vast world of casino games available to you at online casinos.  Millions of people world-wide get great entertainment from the casino games they play online.

Isn’t it time you joined the party?