Card Games For Adventure-Lovers

For some people, the online casino is all about luck. For them, the best games online are the slots and other games of pure chance. Letting luck decide is gambling at its purest and most enjoyable.

For others, games of luck are enhanced when there is an element of strategy. Statistics prove that using basic principles can improve winning percentages in games such as blackjack and poker. The two main strategy games are also games that require a great deal of luck to win. In fact. some argue that luck is a bigger factor than even strategy.

And yet, strategy is hard to resist when there is money on the line. When the dealing gets rough, the smart player looks to find any edge he can. If that means performing a rain dance to appease the god of aces, so be it. And if that means taking a bit of time to learn how the experts say the games should be played, so be in then as well.

At the same time, maybe intuition is the solution after all. When playing poker or blackjack, so much relies on the "gut feeling" people feel when they play. The best players know when they can trust their inner senses and when they can't. They are not afraid of breaking the rules of effective strategy in order to follow an inner guide.

Why Following Strategy Can Make More Money

When it comes to games online, the most experienced players have played so many games and seen so many variations, they have gained an inner sense for what is likely to happen in most situations. They also know often the most likely thing actually happens, and what is likely to happen if the most likely thing does not.

Card deals are completely random, and yet card counters and others who have tried to manipulate casinos in the past insist that there are patterns that can be detected. Those patterns are only visible to the most sensitive. It takes a huge amount of experience to determine in what that cards are likely to come next. It tales special skills to gain a sense that powerful.

But even the clearest patterns are not true predictors. What's revealed is not what card will come up next or which hand to pursue in poker. It only reveals how likely something will happen, what the odds are that it will, in fact happen. And knowing what the odds are in every situation is a powerful and effective way make sure you always pick the option with the best odds for success.

So if you are playing with real money in hopes of winning real money, strategy should be the first item on your agenda. If you can increase your chances of picking the outcome that's most likely, you already stand a chance of breaking the bank.

The Sheer Fun of Playing on a Whim

Even though it may not land you in the top 10 winners on any given night, if you eschew strategy and just go with what feels right, you can have the same experience as someone playing a game of slots. Strategy is usually the part of the game that everyone excited because the possibility of winning a massive jackpot. But it helps with small wins as well, and sometimes those can  add up to a substantial sum. It may not seem as exciting as winning a huge pot, but small wins over a longer period keep the confidence high, and that makes a difference.

On the other hand, it may be true that strategy is more important than intuition. On the other hand. strategy can make your game too stiff and draw you further away from your own intuition. Playing with the heart rather than the head is probably unwise, but who knows? It might be just as effective.

It may be interesting to compare one playing session when all the right decisions were made according to the received wisdom of how to play and another session where none of those principles were kept. It may turn out eye opening in what it reveals.