Online Casino Games

If casino games were heavyweight boxers, the undisputed world champion would be the slots casino. It's not only true that there are more slots games than any other type of casino game, but there are also many more players looking for slots. The appeal is clear to anyone who loves to play online games of chance for real money. And slots games offer the pure experience in a particularly short time.

In other words, slots give you maximum thrills in a short enough time that you can play several times, even if you just have a few spare minutes. Slots games have also grown in complexity, with numerous features that make each spin a unique experience.

But the online casino is more than a slots casino. In fact, casinos have been popular for all these years thanks to table games and other unique experiences. It's a good idea to venture out beyond the slots tables once in a while, even at the online casino.


Card Games and Their Variations


Slots may be the champions of the real money online casino, but a case could be made that the most popular casino game of all is poker. People still gather around for poker night in virtually every town on earth, or so it seems. And with the recent popularity of Texas Hold'Em poker, the game managed to evolve into a whole new form while retaining it's essential character.

That type of evolution is typical of the online experience of poker. There are so many variations on the game available, you can play all day, and still find something new when you need a change. And yet each game still preserves what's essential. The hands are the same and their hierarchy remains the same so you always know where you stand, even if the changes make it harder to build the hand you want.

Blackjack is another game that has moved beyond the casino. But the casino version has clear advantages, not least of them is that, like poker, there is a high number of variations. In fact, there may be more variations of blackjack than any other game. Still, the cards retain the same value and the goal is always the same. The difference is how you get there.


Roulette - Where You Choose the Odds


Roulette is not just the most iconic game in the casino, it also might be the most fun. There is something elemental about choosing a number and hoping, against all odds, that the number will come up on the wheel.

Anyone who has ever placed a bet on a single number and won can tell you that there may not be a bigger thrill in the entire enterprise.

But you don't have to play against such overwhelming odds. In fact, you choose the odds you want. You choose how many numbers you cover, and therefore you choose the level of risk you want to take. Of course, the more numbers you choose, the smaller the payout. Finding the right balance is part of the excitement.

Watching the wheel spin and stop is pretty exciting, but the real action takes place at the betting table, before the wheel even begins to spin.


Slots  to Rule Them All


In South Africa, like everywhere else in the world, all of the poker, blackjack, and roulette games combined don't hold a candle next to the most popular video slots games. The wide range of slots means there are always new features, new stories, and new amusing symbols to admire.

But when it comes to getting the full casino experience, taking a few hands of video poker may be just what's needed. The experience can seem so close to playing at a real table that you'll want to kick the people playing next to you, just to feel that they are really there. (Of course, you'll realize they are not.)

So move on beyond our slots games at Thunderbolt, each time you play online games. The diversity will keep the experience fresh and exciting every time you play.