Use Your Mind to Play Online Casino Games

There is a fundamental difference between types of video games on the Intenet. Some feature puzzles that need to be solved and require you to use your rational mind to find solutions. They are based on reason. Then there are online casino games. These require virtually no reasoning ability. They are based on luck and require an inner mind, or intuitive style of thinking.

With intuition, you go deeper into the mind than with rational thought. As much as possible, you reach into the unconscious and draw out information that is not necessarily accurate but rather reflects a bigger picture. it takes into account trends and momentum. It looks at things from a holistic perspective.

While it is impossible to predict what will happen with games of chance in any particular game, some say it may be possible to predict trends over a longer period. After all, that's what odds are all about. The odds reflect the fact that wins occur at a particular rate. It's hard to draw out intuitively the same figure. But it strongly suggests that if you play long enough and often enough, you can gain a sense of the patterns.

It is a matter of time. It is also a matter of perspective. The more you look at games as an organic whole, the better chance you have of seeing at least the direction in which the games are heading.

What is Intuition?

According to Psychology Today magazine, intuition is when your brain operates on "auto-pilot". It makes decisions based on hunches and based on the things you already know and the things that experience is constantly teaching you. That fusion of information makes a strong impression and leads to a form of thinking that bypasses the rational mind.

What that means, essentially, is that, the mind relies on cues grabbed from every part of our lives and collates that information. That information is often at the far edge of the mind. It's information gleamed from the outer edges of our observations while we are looking for something else, or forming rational ideas. It's the ideas that get into our minds almost accidently, or at least indirectly. That's what makes them ideal for inner thinking.

It's also why they are useful for choosing online casino games, and especially on how to bet on them. They take into account all of the small hints that each game drops, and guide us to something that is not quite rational and yet more reliable. It's the best tool available, even though it's not like our rational mind with the precise formulations it offers.

The Power of Gut Feelings

Have you ever had the experience of feeling that you simply need to play some online casino games RIGHT NOW because the luck is oozing out in all directions? That's your intuition calling you on and telling you that it feels that the time is right. It may not be accurate and it may well be baseless, but the probability is that the inner mind spotted some pattern that had previously resulted in good luck.

There may be no sense of cause and effect in this type of gut feeling that can be traced back rationally, but there is certainly had some level of causality in the inner mind. That's the message to listen to when playing online casino games. And thanks to the online casino or especially the mobile casino, there is no reason to miss out on an opportunity, real or not, when the inner mind is calling.

The challenge, of course, is to learn to distinguish between times when the gut feeling is really coming from the intuition and not when it's coming from your simple desire to play. We all get the message now and then that we should play online casino games right now. But that does not mean that the inner mind has found a particularly good time for it. It may be just our will doing an impression of gut feeling to convince us to play more games.

That's why it's important to keep the channel of intuition clean. It's easier to hear it clearly that way.