An illustrated image of a hand holding a thunderbolt on a midnight blue background

Thunderbolt "who"? Yep! Believe it or not okes, but it is not only our lekker Thunderbolt casino bonuses that represent a flash of lightning with a ‘klap’ of thunder on the side. There is lots of stuff with exactly the same moniker. Some are dope. Others not so much.

From superheroes to our online casino, thunderbolts are the perfect insignia. Why? How about 300 million volts in a single flash! Talk about packing a punch. When you login to Thunderbolt Casino, you’ll see exactly why it’s the perfect fit for us! Now let’s get cracking…

Thunderbolts are Everywhere – From Mythology to Pop Culture

Look back into the past and power dudes like Zeus, Jupiter and Thor are all connected to thunderbolts. Zeus got one as a weapon from the Cyclopes. Jupiter is the sky god. It makes sense that he has a few sharpened thunderbolts in his armoury.

As for Thor? Well, tjoms, he is the Norse god of thunder and lightning. That is a fact. When it comes to popular culture thunderbolt symbols are bigger than ever.

They are mounted on the front of Opel motor cars. Boy wizard, Harry Potter features a scar shaped like a thunderbolt on his forehead. Superheroes like The Flash, Electro, Static and Quicksilver all have the trademark zig-zag plastered somewhere on their person!

Are any of them as noteworthy or exciting as Thunderbolt casino bonuses? Maybe young Harry is deserving of a reluctant nod. Other than that, it is only our gaming gratuities that unlock free spins, cashback and lots and lots of loot! Kiff!

That is the story of thunderbolt in broad brush strokes. Now to a deep dive of some of the more legendary things (and people) that share the name. Thunderbolt Casino bonuses obvs take the top spot!

Thunderbolt Aka Colonel Volgin

If you okes think Stalin was scary and Mugabe was mean, think again. There is a bloodthirsty brute on the run. He could be ‘vas in die huis’ – your house!

Yep, bru. Colonel Volgin is big like RG Snyman big. He is also armed to the teeth and gets off by torturing his victims to death.

The only way to avoid his attentions is to NOT play Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. If you do you are on your own – and it won’t be pretty! The reason why the sizzling hot stealth game is out is because Volgin is the key antagonist.

Get your gameplay into a bit of dwaal and this dude can take you out in seconds. The reason being a secret weapon that he carries around with him at all times. What kind of weapon?

Well, it is not a sniper rifle, flamethrower or Makarov pistol. It is a 10 million volt electrical charge built-in to his bod! Get a bit of that and you will be shocked to a frazzle!

Thunderbolt the Super-Fast Car

In the 1930’s Britain, speed was as seductive as it is today. There were funky-looking, fin-tailed cars that were designed for only one thing – to smash the current British land speed record.

One such vehicle was Thunderbolt. It was powered by twin Rolls-Royce R V-12 aero engines. That is the same engine used in Lancaster Bombers and fighter planes like the De Havilland Mosquito, Hawker Hurricane and Spitfire.

What is more astounding is this baby weighed seven tons. To put that into perspective, it is the equivalent weight of a fully grown bull elephant! It had three axels and eight wheels.

Even when you add all the specs together, one thing is for sure. The sum of all the parts is not anywhere near the value of the incentives integrated into our Thunderbolt casino bonuses! Now back to the car.

Despite its large frame, Thunderbolt, the car set a land speed record of 575.34 km/h in 1938. It held the record for almost 12 months before losing it – but not for long. Thunderbolt, together with his regular driver Captain George Eyston, set a new land speed record of 594.97 km/h in 1939! Tjoe!

The to-and-fro between the two closest rivals was interrupted by the advent of World War II. Thunderbolt was mothballed for the duration of the war and apparently destroyed in a fire! Eish!

Thunderbolt Patterson – WWE Hall of Famer

Pro wrestler, Thunderbolt Patterson was – and still is – an audacious kind of guy. He made his name by fighting for outlaw promotions. At the same time, he was doing his thing with Big Time Wrestling.

That is like playing for Kerry Packer’s rebel cricket team and for Australia! Not quite the done thing!

Thunderbolt is best remembered for becoming the NWA Brass Knuckles Champ. He beat Bruiser Brody – how is that for a kiff name – to win the NWA Florida Heavyweight Championships. In 2024, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

We obvs can’t fight like Patterson. What we can do is bankroll a bit of gaming on your behalf. All you have to do is sign up, claim one of our Thunderbolt casino bonuses and you are good to go!

Thunderbolt Casino Bonuses

It wouldn’t be right not to feature a few of the big-paying Thunderbolt casino bonuses. They have been structured in such a way that everyone can get a bonsella. You get rewarded from the moment you register an account – and for every occasion thereafter!

You can check out our online casino with 50 slots spins – on us. If you like what you see there is $10k in match deposit bonuses linked to your first three deposits. Fund your account at least once a month and you get R250 free bucks – but only if you want it! Duh!

Thursdays and Fridays are special days at Thunderbolt. How come? There are free spins and cash matches constantly in the loop. Weekend deals are as schweet and if you bust your bankroll, there is always a cashback claim to submit!

Seriaasly? What is there not to like about Thunderbolt casino bonuses? They are generous. You can claim any bonus you want. Plus, the wagering requirements are standard.

Come on okes! The only way you can get your share of FREE EVERYTHING is to sign up at Thunderbolt Casino and follow the prompts!