Roulette retains its popularity in the 21st century worldwide

As we move into the third decade of the 21st century it can be overwhelming to look back at all the changes that have taken place over the last 50 years.  Sometimes it seems as though we don’t notice the vast transformations – concepts like the Internet, artificial intelligence, mobile devices, etc. These things, which we couldn’t have even imagined in the recent past, are now part of our day-to-day lives. Yet only a few short decades ago they were unknown. 

The advances in casino online games offers one such example of change. 50 years ago three dimensional card and board games were the norm for gamers.  Consoles were just beginning to make their presence known  and gamblers either had to travel to an overseas land-based casino,  play a lottery or get a pick-up game going with a bunch of friends. Today, billions of people use smartphones which means that they can access every type of game imaginable. Some play for free while others compete for real money prizes. Even some games whose origins date back hundreds of years are available on the PC or mobile screen.


One of the most iconic of these is roulette. In some ways, roulette is a deceptively simple game.  You simply toss a ball into a spinning wheel and wait to see into which pocket the ball will fall.  You bet on your prediction of which pocket the ball will fall and your payout is based on how closely your prediction matched the ball’s final landing place and on whether you placed a narrow, risky bet or a wider, less-risky bet. 

Even with all of the technology available for today’s gaming public, roulette remains one of the most popular casino games.  Millions of people play roulette every day and online players can play any of multiple roulette variations with different zero pocket options and different betting rules.

New Games, Same Games

For all the lights, buttons, clicks, glitz gadgetry, the basic elements of gaming haven’t changed much despite the innovations. Playing games is still all about the experience. Just as gamers competed for camaraderie, fun and excitement at the “old-fashioned” games of years gone by, that’s still the basic goal of gamers today. So a game like roulette, in which players have the chance to combine luck and skill in order to achieve winning results, has the same appeal today as it did in 1720 when the game first made its appearance.

Easy to Learn

Roulette remains popular because the game doesn't require any special skills or knowledge.  It's possible to start to play within minutes of learning the game’s rules. Everyone can play regardless of their background or previous experience. At today’s online casino roulette is also accessible to all, thanks to the no limit roulette machines that allow a gamer to play for as little or as much as is desired.

The ease of play is probably one of the reasons that roulette has always been, and will probably always be, popular. When compared to other casino games, it's easy to understand the attraction.

Let's examine the game to see why it continues to be such a popular game all over the world.  

Skill and Luck

Both skill and luck play big parts in roulette. If you want to rely solely on luck, your best bet is to stick with a lottery game where nothing that you do has any effect on the outcome.  If, however, you want to play a game and have an impact on the results, roulette is a good option.

There’s no way to change the final resting place of the thrown ball.  That’s completely random, and that’s based on the winds of fortune.

However, where you do impact on your ability to collect payouts is on your bet. You need to judge which type of bet will give you the best chance to collect on a win as well as how much you’ll collect. There are more than a dozen types of bets but, in short, you have the chance to place a one of several types of risky inside bets or one of multiple less-risky outside bets.  The judgment is your own but here, you will reap the benefits (or the consequences) of your decisions.

You also have the chance to choose the type of roulette that you want to play.  You can play a one-zero, 36-pocket game (European roulette) which has a lower house edge, or take your chances on the higher house edge double-zero 37-pocket American roulette game

Again, these are choices that have nothing to do with “luck”. They are dependent on how savvy you are at making decisions. In the end, these decisions have a big impact on your end results.

Internet Roulette

Today, once you’ve made the choice to play roulette, you can play at a land-based casino or you can play at an online casino like Thunderbolt Casino.  While the glitz and glitter or a land-based casino is enticing the online casino offers advantages including bigger payouts, better odds and the opportunity to play whenever and from wherever you want.

You can also combine the two options and play live dealer roulette online.  The online casino offers a live dealer roulette where you can chat with the dealer while she takes your bet, spins the wheel, tosses the ball into the wheel and delivers your payout

You can apply the casino’s bonuses and give-aways to either the video roulette games or the live roulette games to increase your winning payouts.