When and When Not To....

A good friend once told me that life comes down to understanding when to take action and when to hold back. His formulation for this decision, in his own words, is reduced to a simple formula - when and when not to. When to make the move and when to hold back and allow the action to come to you.

Understanding the difference, he always said, makes life a much easier game to play. Whether he has managed to capture the essence of life in that that line or not, the truth is that the formula applies pretty well to the online casino. The biggest difference is that there is no way to know which side of the equation to choose. Both are equally valid options and nothing but luck determines which way is right.

But thinking of games online as a series of choices reduced to taking action of letting the action come to you has a number of advantages. First, it gives you the feeling that you have more control than you actually do. It gives you the feeling that you are making the decisions.

Having a false sense of control may not be good in many contexts, but with games online, it's a very good thing. It makes you bet with more gusto, feel empowered to take bigger risks, and keep hope alive when the facts on the ground point the other way.

In other words, it could help you fight through a losing streak long enough to watch the luck shift in your direction. When it does, as happens so often, you'll feel like you made it happen, which will only bring more satisfaction to the experience.


The Still, Small Voice Inside You


Second, believing that holding back from playing is a strategy that can bring you benefits makes you a more selective player. If playing is one way to win, and letting the action come to you is another, then the only games to play are those you are most confident about winning.

Of course, games online are never going to come to you, unlike a potential date or a job offer. These are things that actually make be pushed in your direction when things are all aligned in the right way. It takes a great deal of luck for someone to offer you a job that is better than the one you have and one that you had not tried to get on your own but wanted. It also takes luck for the love interest that you've had your eye on for some time to suddenly approach you for date.

But a casino game is never going to offer you a game. Or will it? Actually, there are so many promotions and so many chances to play that are outside the normal cycle of purchasing playing credits and playing the games that sometimes it really feels like the best choices are not the games you choose but the games that choose you.

Of course, it takes a very sensitive ear to hear the voice from within guide you in the right direction. But that voice is often an expression of your very unconscious, and it usually pays to heed the call of the still, small voice.


The World of Winning and Losing


The same friend had another theory. He believed that the regular world of work and play, vacations and pay raises, was nothing more than a world of winning and losing. Sometime we make good choices and the world makes us a winner, and sometimes we make bad choices and fall through the cracks. That's the world of winning and losing.

He always used the term to describe the normative world, but again he has managed to capture the essence of casino games online. Naturally, casino games come down to winning or losing, but it's usually not the decisions we make that stands between winning or losing. With games of chance, it's luck that decides.

Either way, there is one great difference between the online casino and the world my friend was describing. In his theory, winning and losing were opposite end of the spectrum, unrelated to one another in any way. In the online casino, winning and losing are possible outcomes but the excitement is over by the time the winning and losing happens.

In the casino, it's fun to live in the world of winning or losing because regardless of the outcome, the thrill along the way is what it's all about.