when is the best time to play at an online casino?

While there is no bad time to play casino games - except maybe in the middle of a meeting with your boss when you are expected to pay attention and make comments - there are clearly times that are more suited for a positive online casino experience than others.

The best time to play, however, is going to vary from one person to another. Some might like to play when they get out of bed, while sipping a hot coffee, and in between glances at their favorite online news site.

Others might prefer to play in the dog hours of the night, spinning the reels and getting transported to magical worlds inspired by the themes of the slots. A third group of people like to play during their lunch break at work, letting the flow of luck and the excitement of staking real money break up the day so that their heads are clear for their next project.

Online casino games are quick and fun. That means you can play whenever the mood strikes, as long as you have an internet connection and a few spare minutes on your hands.

There really is no bad time to play at an online casino - Thunderbolt, for instance (hint, hint).


Finding Your Optimal Time to Pay


Strange as it sounds, the best time to play may not be the time you like the best. That is, of course, if your goal is to walk out of the casino with some more cash than you had when you walked in. Your luck and your sleeping habits may not have any relationship at all.

Some people who want to be more productive often set aside specific times of day for specific tasks. Some productivity experts believe that the best way to work is by plowing through tasks at intervals of about 90 minutes. The theory is that it's easier to keep one's focus for 90 minutes than to try to stay on task for a whole day.

The other side of the coin is to pay attention to the distractions that come up during the course of the day and to do the most concentrated work during the hours when the distractions are reduced, and then reserve smaller tasks such as answering emails or filing documents, during the high distraction time. That way you get your most important work done in the most focused way.

These ideas can help you find the best time to play.


Distractions or Focus? That is the Question


The next step is to determine if playing casino games are a distraction from other tasks, or a primary task in and of itself. For those who see it as a distraction, the best time to play is while performing less important tasks, especially those that require little concentration or very short bursts of productivity. Stopping in between makes these tasks more palatable.

If you consider online games to be a primary part of your day, schedule a concentrated block of time in your day. It's true that an extended casino session gets more intense the longer you play. The stakes seem to grow even if the amounts you bet stay the same.

When to schedule those times will depend a great deal on when you feel you have the most energy. Feeling the thrill that goes with games of chance helps the blood flow through your veins more intensely, or at least it feels that way. Take advantage of the natural rhythm of your day, when energy is high, to feel the most intense thrills that go with playing online casino games.

So when's the best time to play? It depends on your relationship to the games and when you feel the most energy coursing through your veins. That's not the same as the most productive time of the day. People who don't play casino games often use the energy time for exercise. That's a good idea too, and playing mobile games while going out for a run may bring you that extra strength you need to push yourself fully.

But really, there is no bad time to play.