Bitcoin Casino Account

Bitcoin (BTC) is a newsmaker, heart breaker and a cryptocurrency destined to keep on giving... to those who wait.  It’s the apex predator of virtual coinage and once all the dust has settled it will become the currency of choice - at shabby chic stores, fast food emporiums and high end online casinos just like ours.  BTW - at Thunderbolt Casino we’re ahead of the game as Bitcoin is already splashed all over our banking page!

In the USA and Canada there are ATMS spewing out BTC as we speak.  Down Under you can replenish your wallet at one of 15 Australian Bitcoin exchanges.  Right here in the deep south of the African continent you can exchange ZAR for Bitcoin in a snap on virtual currency trading platforms like IceCUBED X, CryptoChange, Remitano and more!

You can shop at Amazon, Raru, Takealot and PiShop and book and pay for tickets to the Super Bowl, Cincinnati or St Kitts in the Caribbean with a short and sweet line of code.  And if you fancy anonymity as you get your wagers away on craps, roulette, blackjack and slots... what better way than to boost your bankroll than with bits and bytes of Bitcoin?

Online Gamblers Cottoning On to the Virtues of Crypto

If you are thinking about using the cryptocurrency as your online casino account funding method of choice, know are in seriously great company.  According to gray suited people who track patterns and crunch numbers, more than $4.5 billion in Bitcoin has been wagered on online casino games since 2014.

In the twelve months prior to that, 50 percent or more of all BTC transactions was on online gambling platforms... a stat that is sure to have grown and grown.  And if you need more evidence as to the efficacy of the currency as remote gambling’s BFF, those clever crypto tracking sites reveal that 337 BTC bets are placed every second!

So why should you use the king of crypto to fund your account?  Here are a few more really good reasons to choose Bitcoin as your big bets banking solution:

Super Secure Funding Solution

Hacking, phishing and ‘smallanyana skeletons’ lurking in the backend of remote gambling sites are an ongoing risk to conventional banking data like your credit card details or PayPal particulars.  If there’s any nefarious activity around your account, you can lose huge wadges of cash.  But if you protect your BTC privacy keys with a super strong password and keep the bulk of your Bitcoin in cold storage... you’ll never be compromised when it comes to your loot.

What do we mean by ‘cold storage’?  Well that simply means keeping your cache of crypto offline.  You can deposit it on a paper wallet, slap it on a bearer item like physical BTC or use an offline hardware wallet that’s hard as hard can be.  You can also stash your BTC betting bundles on a humble little USB drive and hide it in your pocket!

No-Name Gambling Guaranteed

Coupled with security is guaranteed anonymity.  You can load, lock and fire up your favourite online slots, blackjack variants, video pokers and roulettes without letting anyone else know that you’re swinging it and winning it. 

Your grizzly boss or grumpy supervisor will have no idea you just love punting on progressives.  And when you do hit that constantly accumulating can have it, love it and hoard it... all to yourself.  It’s a fab way of having serious fun without anyone getting wind of it!

‘Cheap Cheap’ Says the Bitcoin Bird

If you’re fed up with the percentage based service fees credit card vendors, banks and electronic transfer providers whack you with every time you deposit – or withdraw – your online gambling funds… get into the Bitcoin buzz right away.

A little bird told me that BTC is ‘cheap cheap’ for both players and online casino bosses who are always concerned about the house edge!  We’re talking fractions compared to hefty fees, so change to Bitcoin today.  You’ll have more of a bankroll to splash out on real money games.

Built for the World Wide Web

Bitcoin was born on the World Wide Web and will probably die on the World Wide Web when it’s replaced by a more sassy and sophisticated digital ‘way-to-pay’.  But until then you can make lightning fast transactions that are super streamlined, uber efficient and always economical.  It really is the perfect solution for a perfect platform that offers on-demand money generating entertainment at the fingertips.

Fast... Real Fast

Last but certainly not least Bitcoin transactions are virtually instantaneous... but I guess you already know that we only deal with the ‘Fast and Furious’ right here at Thunderbolt casino.  All our banking options have been selected for their speed of delivery and include Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, EasyEFT, SID... and Bitcoin of course. 

We want you to be able to cash in and crank up the game engines in one fluid movement.  When your winnings are weighing your portal purse down, you can request a withdrawal and dip into the dosh within 72 hours! 

Bitcoin really is first choice for savvy gamblers who want to deposit, bet and play on a private and secure platform that has the functionality of greased lightning!  Go on; buy your BTC today and get your wagers away at Thunderbolt RTG casino, an online gambling destination with a licence to thrill!