You'll Get the Best Top Promotions at the Best Online Casinos

If you're really the best, do you still need to reach out the public with added incentives. Isn't it enough to offer the best games and the best playing experience? Shouldn't the overall quality of the casino be obvious to all and serve as enough incentive to draw large sections of the public to the casino?

The obvious answer is NO. The better the casino, the more likely it is to offer better incentives such as a generous welcome bonus and monthly promotions that people can take advantage of immediately.

Looking at the evidence, it's clear that the top casino sites across the Internet take pride in creating the best possible setting for their players. And that means adding tantalizing promotions, not only because it helps draw people to the casino but also because it enhances the experience of those who are already there. It's a perk that tells people that they are valued, and that the casino is happy to have them play.

And that's why a casino - like our very own, Thunderbolt Casino - that sends that message has the chance to be the best online casino. It's not just the games. It's not just the platforms, or the customer service, or the certifications of fair play. It's all of those things. But if the casino does not view it's player and making them feel comfortable as the top priority, it will never be the best online casino.

A Relationship Starts With Hello

It may be conventional thinking to look at the welcome bonus at the online casino as a draw for new players. But for the best online casino, it is also a way of saying hello. And that's when the relationship with new players starts. The casino wants a long and mutually beneficial relationship, and it wants it to start on the right foot.

And that means playing games on the house, or matching deposits, or great terms on particular games that the player might like. Any and all of those things might find their way into a welcome bonus. These types of gifts help them players start to feel at home. But most importantly, they feel the casino is a possible new home for them. The casino has shown a level of loyalty and the players sometimes feel they want to reciprocate.

That's how relationships form, when both parties are willing to give. And as the host, the casino has the opportunity to take the first step towards that players that come to check the site out. In fact, the best players and the best casinos have a lot in common. Both look for relationships and both are concerned about the well being of the other.

Promotions Throughout the Year

Once the initial introductions have been made, a relationship tends to require some maintenance to truly flourish. That's why there are promotions throughout the year, some on a monthly basis, some weekly, and some coming at random times on the calendar. There are promotions that grant free spins, or additional opportunities to win bonus cash.

Some promotions work on another aspect of the relationship  - the VIP program. Only the most loyal and dedicated players get to join the VIP program, largely because it takes so long to reach the milestones that qualify a player for the special status. But the with some promotions, loyalty points are the prize itself, letting players skip a few steps on the way to VIP status.

Ultimately, some casinos see promotions as incentives to draw players who might not otherwise have come. But the best online casino will see them as something more - a form of sophisticated communications with the best online casino players. It's a language both understand instinctually, and it shows the power of relationships in building a great online casino experience.

The best online casino understands that customers want to be shown that they are important. Promotions do that, and more. And if they also draw in a few new players, that's just gravy on the turkey.