Flexepin offers online casino gamers a new payment method

The Flexepin payment option delivers an easily-accessible and user-friendly online casino games payment option that allows you to deposit money safely and quickly into your casino account. Your deposits cover your casino payments so you can then withdraw your payouts at your leisure.

Flexepin Payment Option

The Flexepin casino voucher code payment option is a new type of online payment plan that gives you the opportunity to make your casino payments online and withdraw your funds at your convenience. Flexepin is a type of voucher that gives you the freedom to facilitate online transactions without using a bank-linked debit or credit card.

For online gamers, Flexepin is a dream come true. The voucher provides an efficient and convenient method for you to transfer money. You can purchase a Flexepin voucher at any of the thousands of Flexepin vendors which are located around the world or you can facilitate the purchase of your Flexepin voucher card online.  

What is Flexepin

Flexepin was developed to answer the need for an Internet banking solution that offers easy and secure payment opportunities. Flexepin is an evoucher that allows you to move money around the globe at your leisure. You don’t need to divulge where your funds are going or from where your funds originate.

Flexepin is an especially useful tool for online casino players who wish to protect their privacy when they make casino deposits or collect casino payouts. Increasingly, gamers from around the world are choosing Flexepin as their preferred alternative to traditional bank-based or card-based transactions.

Getting a Flexepin Card

You can buy a Flexepin cash voucher online or from any of the thousands of Flexepin vendor locations which are located around  the world. Flexepin vendors can be found in supermarkets, kiosks, convenience stores and other sites. To identify the Flexepin supplier nearest to you, check  the flexepin.com website.

To buy Flexepin online, sign up for the TopMeUp service at website. It takes about one business day to register for the TopMeUp service. You’ll be asked to provide your name, address and an image of your government-issued photo ID (Driver’s License, passport, etc). You’ll pay for your order by debit  card or by e-Transfer.

If you’re in Canada you can also pay at the Canadian post office nearest to your residence (using the QR code that was sent to you upon your registration). Once you receive confirmation of your registered profile you’ll receive an email at the email address that you used when you registered for your card.   

You can also purchase  Flexepin online at OffGamers.com, SEAGM.com, SCDKey.com, KORSIT.com and DPO.com. The card supports AUD, CAD, GBP, and EUR currencies. Payment methods to purchase a Flexepin voucher include MasterCard, Visa, China Unionpay, Maestro, PayPal, AMEX, JCB, CashU, WeChat Pay, Bitcoin, Phone Payment and necard – payment options are dependent on those methods supported at the point of purchase.

Submit the amount of your purchase and your Flexepin voucher PIN code.  Then, as oon as the PIN has been validated by the merchant the Flexepin voucher code and amount are considered “redeemed.” The voucher cannot be used again and cannot be topped up with more value – you must repurchase a new Flexepin voucher for your next casino deposit. 

How to Use Flexepin

Once you complete the purchase of the Flexepin voucher you can start using it immediately. You supply the casino with your Flexepin voucher code and the amount with which you wish to fund your casino account. Throughout the transaction you remain anonymous. No information will be available to anyone other than yourself about which games you’re playing or the amount of money that you’ve won.

Flexepin for Online Casino Gambling

Once your obtain your Flexepin voucher card authorization code you can start using it to play online casino games for real money prizes. The world’s top online casinos are now accepting Flexepin payments including the Thunderbolt Casino, the Grande Vegas Casino, the Springbok Casino and SlotoCash Casino.

To play real money games with Flexepin

  1. Log onto your casino account and navigate to the “Banking” page.
  2. Create a link that connects your casino account to your Flexepin evoucher card  using your unique Flexepin voucher code.
  3. Choose your game.
  4. Click “Deposit” and make your bet.
  5. Start playing.

You can purchase your Flexepin voucher in denominations of 20, 50, 100, 150, 250 and 500 AUD with amounts in other denominations adjusted for conversion rates.

Safe and Secure Real Money Gaming

The Flexepin voucher can be used to make deposits and withdraw winnings for any of the online casino’s gaming events. The voucher card is accepted for playing slots, table games, card games and specialty games. You should consider your Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher as cash because if someone else obtains the code for the voucher, they can use it and you’ll pay for it.

So remember that if you pass on your details to a third party, that individual could, theoretically, use the credit amount that you’ve paid for to make their own purchases.

Don’t share the details of your Flexepin Cash Top-Up Voucher by phone, text or email with any merchant that requires an upfront payment. Authorised Flexepin merchants won’t ever ask for voucher details other than through a secure payment page.

When you’re on a site, you should ensure that there’s a “lock” graphic in the corner of the address bar at the top of your browser. That “lock” icon confirms that the site’s transactions are safe and secure. An authorized Flexepin merchant will never ask you to email, text or phone in voucher details.

Flexepin urges customers to be careful when making online transactions. Use the convenient Flexepin Check Merchant tool on the site to check whether the website is authorised to accept Flexepin 16-Digit PIN vouchers.

Flexipin support personnel are on call 24/7 at https://www.flexepin.com/customer-support/ to help you if you are having trouble redeeming a voucher, a question about the TopMeUp.com site or any other issue.