Thunderbolt Casino on your Phone, Tablet, or PC

Thunderbolt Online Casino is South Africa's top casino site for people who like a local influence on their casino games. The choice of slots themes is enormous and the number and quality of table games is just as impressive. But what really fills out the Thunderbolt experience is the number of platforms you can choose for playing.

Don't feel limited to just one of the following choices. In fact, all three might be right for you at various times and for different functions. The point is to make casino games as accessible, fun, and exciting as possible and if that means reaching people in the way the prefer to be reached, that's what top casinos do for their players.

1. Download the Casino to Your Hard Drive and Play from There

This is the classic online casino method and with Thunderbolt Online Casino, there is no reason not to pick this option. The games load quickly and the all the options are there all the time. If you usually play using the same computer and you have the hard drive space to do it, it's a good way to get casino games without having to worry about your Internet connection speed.

The classic is still one of the most popular methods to play and it stands to stay that way for the foreseeable future. The games keep coming, so make sure you constantly update what you have. The new features on most games make them well worth the effort to add them.

2.  Play No Download Games on Flash

Ever since the advent of the iPad, Flash as a platform has seen its popularity drop because the breakthrough tablet - the first to gain a mass usage rate - does not support it. In reality, the biggest victims are the people who use iPads and don't get to download casino games because they are built on Flash.

But if you use a laptop or desktop computer, you can play casino games without downloading the entire casino. The games load very quickly and the quality is crisp and clear. There is a slightly smaller number of available games, but all the big ones are there and the slight drop in the number of choices would hardly be noticed.

The no download option is particularly good for people who move from computer to computer, or those who travel a great deal and don't have as much access to their desktop computer at home. The shift to mobile has changed the formula for people who are often on the go, but the no download flash version of the games remain extremely popular at Thunderbolt Online Casino.

3. Play at the Mobile Casino Wherever You Are, Whenever You Want

The lastest monumental shift in the online casino has been the move to mobile accessibility. That means that the games in the mobile casino are specially optimized for all of the top mobile phones on the market.

With the mobile casino, you can play the games for real money just about anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection. That means you never have to let a run of good luck go to waste.

Too often, we feel a surge of luck well up inside, and it feels like a terrible waste not to take advantage of it for some fun and profit in the casino. In the old days, if you did not have access to a personal computer right then and there, you were out of luck. But today, you can play without anything more than your phone.

It also means that you can play during those short, wasted times of your day that used to go unfilled, like when you are waiting in line at the checkout counter or sitting at the bank waiting our turn with the bank manager. Or when we're sitting by the pool or on the beach. All of those are perfect times for online casino games. And now they are open to all.