Betting across Africa on the rise

South Africa has had the lion's share of attention when it comes to the rise of the casino online throughout Africa. But other countries, including Kenya and Nigeria, are also seeing huge numbers of people making bets through the Internet.

Much of the growth could be related to the growth of Internet connectivity in these and other African country. Technology has also made it easier for people to convert their cash into online currency, making it more convenient to visit the casino online rather than in person. With online betting, there is no need to spend time and money traveling in order to experience the same thrilling action.


Millennials Leading the Way


The growth of the online casino in South Africa and beyond is not just as sign of improved technology. It's also something of a declaration of independence by the generation of millenials - those born just before or just after the turn of the century.

That generation is beginning to come of age, with the oldest members of the generation already in their 20s. Whereas their parents generation never had access to casino games at anywhere near the same scale, the young adults among the millenials are taking advantage of the opportunities available to them.

They also happened to come along at a time of great creativity in the casino. While the physical casinos stayed largely the same in recent memory, relying on tradition as a key to authenticity, the online casino has been able to use tradition as a starting point. This is particularly evident in the slots casino, where new features, looks, and sounds are released to the public seemingly every month.


Mobile Phone Use on the Rise


If millennials are doing it online, there is a pretty good chance that they are doing on the mobile phones. As more people in Africa gain access to smart phones, their access to casino games goes up tremendously. Many have realized they have a fully loaded casino on their phones whenever the mood strikes.

As gambling laws move towards greater freedom to bet online, the industry should see an even greater boom than it already has. That could include more of the older generation, which grew up on the idea that legal betting was limited to hotel casinos and some pubs that featured fruit machine slot games.

Liberalizing the laws on online gaming will also add a local flavor to the casino sites, giving them a more authentic feel. Improvements in the economy will also create more room for growth in areas such as online gambling because people will have more disposable income on their hands and will want to find new ways of turning it into thrilling experiences.


Promoting Responsible Betting


Of course, any sharp rise in gambling across a culture carries substantial risk. All sorts of people are likely to be swept up in the action, and that includes some who may not be prepared to deal with the consequences of losing bets.

People with low incomes may see betting as a chance to improve their financial situation. That's particularly true if they encounter early success in their visits to the online casino. In the worst case, people put themselves in a cycle of debt by borrowing money to offset their losses then try to make up for it by playing at greater risk, exposing themselves to even deeper debt.

The situation calls for greater efforts to promote principles of responsible betting, including the most important rule of all - to limit bets to what you can afford to lose. Set aside a pre-determined amount that can be used for online betting and if the money runs out, the betting stops.