take a break from casino games

The online casino is a place to go to for fun with a possibility of winning some extra cash for the weekend. But because you are playing for real money, you stand to lose real money as well. In most cases, winning or losing isn’t really the point of playing at all. It’s the icing on cake that is made of thrills, risks, gasps, and deep personal engagement.

Usually, it’s only the really high rollers – those who wager particularly large amounts of money - who tend to have enough at stake truly threaten aspects of their lives. But because of the delicate nature of gambling, it is important to always stay on top of your experience. It is easier than you might think to slip into negative behavior patterns, and if you continue down a dangerous road long enough, it’s possible to fall into a detrimental situation.

That’s why every responsible casino advises players to take certain steps to ensure that they stay within their means. The most common advice is to set aside money for online casino games ahead of time and staying strictly within that limit, even if you feel like you are about to break through with a massive win.

Here are some signs that you need to take from playing, at least for real money:

Borrowing Money to Play

It’s important to remember that online casino games are fun, and that they are based entirely or almost entirely on luck. It’s the combination of having no control over the outcome and the thrill of having a stake on how it turns out that creates the tension that is so much fun. It’s hard to feel the same pleasure without having the stake.

That’s why it makes sense to play for real money, even if it is a token amount. But when you get to the point where you don’t have enough cash on hand to play and need to borrow money to play more games, you need to consider stepping back. If the reason you feel confident about borrowing money is because you expect to win and cover your debts, the danger might be even more serious because you can’t plan on any particular outcome with a game of chance.

Even if you put aside money for casino games, if the cash was needed for something more important, then you might have to wait until next month to play. Keeping up with your financial priorities is part of responsible play.

Ruminating Over Games Played So That You Lose Sleep or Concentration

One of the best things about the casino is how easy it is to get fully engaged. That’s what happens when you feel deeply connected to the results of the game and can’t wait to play again and again.

It can become problematic, however, when your head refuses to leave the casino when you turn off the games. When the slots or card games you played keep swirling around your head – the near misses or the bets not made – and you start to lose sleep or effective work time – it may be wise to take a break. There is a danger at that point that you will start to play against the thoughts in your head. The fun may go and the entire experience could take on a sense of importance that is completely out of proportion for the actual, healthy experience.

Chasing Losses

One of the clearest signs of danger is when you start to make decisions on whether to play more and especially in how much to bet based on the sense that your back luck is bound to turn and you can recoup the losses you just had … if you just hit a big win or two.

The result is usually playing with increasing levels of risk so that if a win comes through, it will be bigger than normal and cover a larger part of the loss. But risk is high for a reason, and the chances of bigger losses are greater than ever.

At that point, it makes sense to take a break and remember that the online casino games are supposed to be fun and that winning and losing is secondary to the experience. It’s rarely fun to chase a loss, and that should be the first sign that things are moving in the wrong direction.