Online vs Real Casino

For people who really love casino games. we are living in a golden age. Never in history have there been so many ways to play games of chance for real money. Real casinos have never been so inviting. The number and quality on online games are growing every week, and the level of innovation and creativity in the online casino is already truly breathtaking.

But which option - real casino or online casino - provides a better experience for the eager casino player. A decade ago, the answer would obviously have been the real casino, as online casinos were only starting to gain a foothold among casino fans. Today, however, the answer could go in either direction.

A look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each goes a long way towards deciding which one to choose.




The difference between the real casino and the online version is never as acute as when comparing the playing environment.

No fan of casino games could deny that the sheer romanticism of walking into a big casino and seeing the action taking place. There is the buzz of slots spilling out coins at every turn, the iconic Roulette wheel spinning and stopping, and the card players being cool at the tables.

It seems like the perfect environment for placing a few good bets. And for some people it is a version of heaven - especially when it goes along with a winning streak. The time and money spent on travel and expenses is well worth getting to spend time in the ultimate casino environment.

But for others, the electricity of a casino is no match for the comfort of home. Those people prefer to have more control of their playing environment. They enjoy stroking their lucky cat as they play, and eating homemade snacks while playing in their pajamas.




This is another category that might seem to sway much closer to one side than the other. After all, there are virtually no expenses associated with the online casino, especially compared with the time and money it takes to reach a real casino. There are also hotel costs, nightlife, and food to consider.

On the surface, the difference in expenses appears to be a knockout for the online casino. And indeed, the start-up costs for online casino games are surprisingly low. All you have to do to start playing is to sign up with an online casino, purchase some playing credits, and start placing bets.

But a slightly deeper look at the question reveals that many of the biggest expenses of hotel casinos are part and parcel of the experience. Many casinos want to encourage people to come play by supplementing the costs of the rooms, providing free drinks, and access to fantastic nightlife.

It might take time to  travel to and from the casino, but that's part of the overall experience and only serves to heighten the excitement as the opportunity to start playing draws closer. Regardless of whether one prefers real casinos or online casinos overall, the experience of playing in a real casino should be a goal of every casino fan at some point in their playing career.


Game Action


There is surprisingly little difference in the playing experience between the online games and real casino games. Both offer the thrill of playing for real money, and both have just about the same odds of winning.

Online games are surprisingly lively and engaging, even card games, which appear to fall far short of their real world counterpart. Slots games are even better on the online casino or mobile phone because you can play them anywhere and anytime. The love and care that has gone into creating some of the more innovative online casino games is apparent with every spin of the reels or deal of the cards.

The big difference between the two ways of playing is almost entirely in the area of comfort. One offers less comfort in exchange for a lively environment, a chance to mix and mingle. The other offers the opportunity to choose and shape the environment - play anywhere, anytime.

Either way, the level online casino games continues to get better. If the growth and improvement continues at this pace, it will only be a matter of time before the online casino is universally accepted as the 100% superior option.