Difference Between Games of Chance and Games of Skill

The online casino is a treasure chest of a certain kind of game - the type there the outcome is determined entirely or largely by chance. There are all sorts of different games of chance, but they all have one thing in common. They are based on the understanding that you cannot control how the reels spin, or how the roulette wheel turns, or how the cards are dealt. And those are the things that determine if you win or lose.

Another kind of game is one that is not based on luck at all. Chess is such a game. It's the decisions you make that determine if you win or lose. You have the power to control everything, except the moves of the other player. But through your own decisions, you force your opponent to take the actions you want and ultimately control that as well.

The only element of luck involved is in the strength and skill of your opponent. People play at different levels, and you might draw a weaker player rather than a stronger one.


Different Games for Different Goals


Games of pure chance are so different from games of pure skill that it is hardly worth comparing the two. The main reason to do so is to draw attention to why we love to play both types of games. For most people, there is a quick and easy thrill involved in playing a game of chance for real money. It sort of tells you how much luck is flowing through you at the moment. It's fun to feel that sense that everything is possible because the moment is loaded with good fortune.

There is a gratifying feeling to playing, and especially to winning, a game of skill. It's not the same type of thrill you feel when you sense that luck is strong at the moment. But it shares an element of fun. It also gives you the feeling that you can do anything, especially when you feel that you have dominated your opponent. Both types of games give you the feeling of infinite possibility when you're winning.


Which is More Relaxing?


The main question about the two different types of games is when - under what circumstances - would you play one and not the other. While a good game of chess or Othello or Go could be completely engaging and offer great value for the time you put into it, it's generally not a game you wake up with the desire to play. It takes more effort to play games of skill and therefore people tend to play them when they have more energy.

Waking up in the morning, relaxing by pool, even waiting for an appointment - these are times when we tend to be more interested in slowing down our thinking, not intensifying it through concentrated effort. Those are times when the simple pleasure of slots and poker could be just right. And if you play for real money, the added thrill of winning or losing cash could make the experience emotionally satisfying as well.

Having a stake in the result but not having control of the action makes those games more engaging while removing the need for decisions. That's why we tend to relax with games of chance, not games of skill.


Best Time to Play Games of Chance


Since games of chance are both more exciting than games of skill and less demanding mentally, games of chance are perfect for times when we need to clear our minds and focus on something that is not purely intellectual.

That makes them perfect to play at work when you need to shift between projects and need to clear the mind. Or when you are tired from the intense concentration you usually use at work and need to slow your mind down to let it rest. The mind stays engaged with blackjack or poker, but luck is still the main factor in how the games turns out.

Fortunately, we have both types of games, and even games that are halfway in between them, for all the different moods in the course of a day, week, month, or year. We know which games feel the best at different times and are fortunate to live in a time when a game of chess or the online casino is available whenever the mood strikes.