Is Casino Online Different from Sports Betting?

One of the joys of gambling is that it can make any activity more thrilling and turn a mundane activity into an adventure. All it takes is a small stake on the outcome, and suddenly we are all paying close attention to every detail with an interest that you can only have when you have skin in the game. That's why sports betting is so much fun, and it's a big part of why people love to visit the casino online.

But while all types of gambling are fun and we are fortunate to live in a world that offers so many appealing options, there are some differences between playing slots or cards at the casino online and placing a bet on the game of the week.

Here are some of the top differences:

1. Level of Randomness is Different

The outcome of a sports event is just as unknown as the outcome of a spin of a roulette wheel or a game of blackjack or craps. But a game of rugby or football is not a random event. It is played by teams that are both trying to influence the outcome.

In addition, it is rare to find a team that goes undefeated throughout an entire season. People have good days and bad days. It's impossible to predict human performance but that does not make it random. It is relatively predictable within a range of a particular player's overall performance over time.

In addition, it is possible to follow scouting reports, look at matchups, team records, and even point spreads to get some insight into how to bet.

In contrast. every spin of the slots and every other game in the casino online is entirely random. Each game is a world in itself, completely unrelated to any other online casino game. A player cannot follow the stats of a particular title and predict when it will strike. Athletes are much more consistent and predictable.

2. Casino Games are Quick and Instant and Happen Any Time

One of the best things about sports betting is that the action on the pitch is amplified by the fact that there is real money on line. Every play is meaningful because it could have an impact on your personal bottom line.

But a football takes time to play. In contrast, a game of slots can be done in less than a minute. A game of poker takes only slightly longer. You can fit in a whole playing session in the time it takes to watch an average sporting event, even a short one.

In addition, a sporting event takes place at a certain time and place, and while there are many games of all sorts throughout the year, they are all set in advance. You can play games online anywhere and anytime, whenever the mood strikes.

So while the action may be more fun to watch when you really have a reason to care about it, the pure gambler may prefer to play games online, where the results are based on luck and offer instant gratification.

3. Sports Games Can Be Fixed; Casino Games Can't

While we all love to feel that sports is a pure and honorable profession with elite level athletes playing for the love of the game and the inner drive to be the best in the world, the truth is far more complicated.

There are numerous cases of point shaving or game fixing. Sometimes referees are caught taking bribes. The losers of any type of fix are always the general public and especially the betting public, which is denied a chance to make an informed decision on which team to back.

Games online cannot be fixed, especially if you are playing at a major casino that is monitored for fair play - like our very own, Thunderbolt Casino. Of course, a less reputable casino site may not be entirely reliable. Stick to sites that offer numerous payment methods and offer significant assurances.