When Your Luck is Down

When people visualize a day at the online casino, they think of big pots, many wins strung together, good luck flowing so hard you think you owe it to the Australia online casino to stop playing or the site might not be around to visit later. 

While that scenario in a slightly less exaggerated way may play out now and then, especially if you come to play often enough, it's certainly not the norm. It is also possible at times to strike on just the opposite experience, when nothing is going your way and you start to think about taking some time off to keep your sanity. 

What to do when luck has either left the table or never bothered to show up to begin with? That's a question we have all had to answer from time to time. Here are a few tips to get through the hardest periods. 

1. Go Back to Basics 

You probably haven't done anything wrong and you are just experiencing a run of bad luck that probably balances with some good luck you might have had recently as well. But it never hurts to take a few minutes to review the principles of your play. Are you keeping up with the limits you set or are you ignoring them? People hate losing streaks and will often do anything they can to leave the game on a high. So they bet more and longer, and bigger, and riskier than they usually would. 

Make sure you are staying within your own rules. That gives luck the best chance to turn itself around. Dropping your limits at a low point is just a great opportunity for bad luck to make things even harder on you. 

2. Take a Break

There are plenty of reasons to keep on playing, even when the luck is bad. After all, it can’t stay bad forever, and maybe you can ride out the losing and turn it around before you even know it. There are times when that sort of logic can be compelling, and it’s true some of the time as well. But it may well be that riding out a losing streak is handled better away from the online casino.

There is actually no relationship between the luck you have and the amount of games you play. There isn’t even a real relationship between your luck and the number of games you’ve won or lost. Although some may argue, the truth is that each game is a unique event and not related to any game you played before or will play later.

In other words, your luck is just as apt to change when you are playing as when you are sitting out. The only difference is that you might be able to avoid a lot of losing in the process. If you play, you will win one of the occasional games just on the basis of the odds. That will feed the drive to keep playing until you hit a winning streak, and that’s a harder bar to reach than just stopping the losing.

3. Focus on Why You Play the Game

People who love casino games truly enjoy winning and coming out ahead, but there is something they love more. They love the thrill of playing, knowing that there are stakes on the game, that the results of the game have a direct impact on their money, even if it’s a small impact. The game is still about the thrill for them, not the money counting at the end.

Even a losing streak can be thrilling if you approach it with the right mindset. As long as each spin of the reels or deal of the cards is viewed as its own independent world, then there is no concern about streaks, good or bad. The focus shifts away from the result and into the process, which is where most people find the most fun.

Of course, that in itself can be earth shattering and shift your luck where you want it. There is certainly no evidence to show that having a good attitude brings more pay lines to your slots results. But just the same, there is no evidence that claims it doesn't.