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FAQ Lobby Jackpot

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Can I Play Thunderbolt's Lobby Jackpot Using a Deposit Bonus?

Yes, of course! We allow the bonus money you receive from a deposit bonus, to contribute towards bets placed whilst opted in to our lobby jackpot.

Please be advised that the playthrough requirements for the deposit bonus will also apply and you can withdraw your winnings as soon as the playthrough of the deposit bonus is complete.

What is the Thunderbolt Lobby Jackpot?

Even more ways to win! Compete against other players in the Thunderbolt Casino Lobby Jackpots. You can easily participate by opting in, thereafter, every R0.08c placed in bets will contribute towards the Lobby Jackpot prize pool. Once the lobby jackpot reaches the maximum prize pool, it will be paid out! After opting in, Every R0.08c placed in bets will count towards it. You'll see the logo below, within the games, to remind you that you are contributing toward Thunderbolt Casino Lobby Jackpots.

Lobby Jackpot Logo

How do I receive my winnings?

Once you win, the winnings will turn to a pending status. After you exit the slot game, you will receive an indicator that you won and you will need to confirm / accept your winnings!

How do I opt in to the Thunderbolt Lobby Jackpot?

Log in to your Thunderbolt Casino account and select "Opt-in" from within the casino lobby.

Lobby Jackpot Opt-in

You will see the logo below, in each game, to remind you that you are contributing to the Lobby Jackpot.

Lobby Jackpot Logo

How do I see recent winners?

There is a banner at the top of the casino lobby that displays the most recent winners in a carousel.

You can also view the winners in a list format by using the right hand menu and selecting the "LobbyJackpot" section!

I would like to Opt-out, how do I Opt-out?

This can be done in a few easy steps.

  1. Click the menu on the right of the casino lobby.

    Opt out step 1
  2. Navigate to, and click the "Lobby Jackpot" section

    Lobby Jackpot 

  3. Select "Opt-out"

    Opt out of the Lobby Jackpots

  4. You'll be prompted once more, select YES to confirm your Opt-out.

    Opt out confirmation

You will automatically be opted out from the lobby jackpot and can re-opt in at any point in time!

Can I Participate in the Lobby Jackpot Using a Free Bonus?

Unfortunately, we do not allow customers to participate in our Lobby Jackpot using free bonus money as these come with a maximum cashout and your winnings from our Lobby Jackpot could be higher than this amount.

What if I continue playing multiple slots and have won during that time?

This is absolutely no problem, all winnings from all jackpots won in the interim, will be accumulate and be presented to you as a single amount (which you will also need to accept / confirm)

Which games contribute to Thunderbolt Casino Lobby Jackpots?

All of The slot games at Thunderbolt Casino contribute towards the Lobby Jackpot.