Our mission is to entertain our customers with striking games and thundering performance! You should have the time of your life here at Thunderbolt Casino. From Real Series Video Slots, 3 - 5 Reels Slots, Scratch Cards, Roulette and Keno – whatever your gaming preference, Thunderbolt Casino has the game for you. We assist you 24/7/365 and provide safe and speedy banking methods for the South African Rand.

When you register at Thunderbolt Casino you will automatically be enrolled at our loyalty program – the comp points. For every R10 bet you make your comp points balance accumulates. You can redeem your Comp Points in the cashier under the Redeem Comps section. For a bet of R10 you get 1 Comp Point, and for 100 Points you can redeem it for R1. Converted comp points must be wagered at least once prior to any withdrawal request. Comp rewards will be activated once you complete your first deposit at the casino!

In Slot Tournaments, players can play slots against other player. We only offer Slot Tournaments. Tournaments are available only on the Downloaded version of the casinos. A tournament can be either

  • freeroll, which means your first entry is free.
  • Buy-In, whih means you have pay a fee to enter the tournament. The fee will be automatically deducted from your balance.

In a Tournament you play for a certain time frame (based on the Tournament). During the Tournament, your Credits decrease as you spin the reels. Every tournament is for a specific game.

If you have played your credits down or the time has passed you can make an Add-On. The amount of possible Add-Ons varies according to the tournament rules. If you stop the tournament and didn’t add an Add-On you can later make a Re-Buy if the tournament allows it (not all tournaments have a Re-Buy). At the end of the tournament you can look up your ranking at the scoreboard.

  1. Download the Casino Software.
  2. Log in to the Thunderbolt Casino Client.
  3. Click on the Button "Slot Tournaments" in the Lobby of the Casino Client (on the bottom of the right-hand side).
  4. Choose your multiplayer alias (This is how other players see you)
  5. Choose the tournament you want to join and click on "Register".
  6. Click on Play.
  7. ... And away you go.

You can’t use any bonus money to enter a tournament.

You may change your mind and withdraw from a tournament up to half an hour prior to the tournament start time. Your buy-in fee will be refunded. After this time, withdrawals from Tournaments cannot be facilitated and buy-in fees will not be refunded.

Each player can register one time to each tournament. However, in some tournaments you have a "Rebuy" option that allows you to play the tournament again from the beginning. Only your highest score will be counted for your position at the end of the tournament. (You won't be able to win more than one prize.)

If you select "Rebuy," your account will be debited with a fee amount and you will be able to play the tournament again from the beginning. Only your highest score will be counted for your position at the end of the tournament. (You won't be able to win more than one prize.)

If you select "Add-On” after you have played all your credits or the time has passed you can add credits again to continue your score. Your account will be debited with a fee.

Everything you win during the tournament goes to your Win Box, including winnings from bonus rounds and free spins. If your Play Time ends before you complete your free spins, no additional time will be given, but if you choose to continue to play another cycle, your free spins will be carried on to the next cycle.

If you are disconnected from the system during tournament play, the following rules apply:

  • If you are disconnected during play, the slot will not spin on your behalf.
  • If you reconnect within the tournament time, you can continue playing in the tournament.
  • If you can’t reconnect, your Win Box total will remain static, reflecting the amount at the time of disconnection.

At all times while the tournament is in progress, your position will be displayed in the "Leaderboard" at the bottom of your screen.

No. Slots tournaments do not count towards earning any comp points Jackpot during tournament.
You don’t get access to progressive jackpots

  • The money/credits you win during a tournament are not ‘real money’ but points that help you climb the rankings and take home the prize pool set for the event.
  • While it’s true that if you hit the jackpot you almost automatically win the tournament, you need to keep in mind that the prize you take home is the one determined by the sum of the buy-ins paid by the participants or the one that was guaranteed by the casino room - not the one that you see on the screen after a lucky spin.
  • Yes the jackpot adds as points and will be credited to the player sheet in real money when the tournament is finished.

As soon as the Tournament is over, winnings will be credited to your account. The winning ranks are different for every Tournament.