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I have flash issues on my desktop device

First make sure you have the newest version of flash on your PC. Second please clear your computer's cache by using the following link and taking the following steps:

  1. Click on “Website Storage Settings Panel”
  2. Clear your flash by clicking on “Delete all sites.”

I see an error “unable to communicate with server”

In this case, please contact our customer support team to troubleshoot the issues.

My games are locked/not loading, what should I do?

  • Please check if you have any other pending games. In this case, you need to terminate the pending game and proceed to a new game session. Please note you may lose the bet amount of a terminated game.
  • Please make sure the games you are trying to access are permitted by the current active coupon. For example: if you're playing with a deposit match coupon for slots, keno and slot poker, you won't be able to access Roulette while the coupon is active as it is retricted to certain game types. You will be able to access the rest of the games once your coupon has been completed.
  • If you have redeemed a deposit match coupon accompanied by free spins, you need to play the free spins on the specified game first.
  • Please clear your internet browser's "cache", log out and log back in again. Why? On mobile and desktop devices, as you browse the internet your browser will store bits of information about each site you visit in order to speed up loading when you return. Browser Cache's can get too full at times and require clearing.
  • Please check if your connection is stable. Either Wifi or cellular data.

What types of games does Thunderbolt Casino offer?

We offer HUNDREDS of types of games at Thunderbolt Casino including; Slots, Table Games, (Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and more), Scratch Cards, Keno and more. You can certainly find all of the same types of games you would find at a land based casino, but it's quite likely you'll find a lot more varieties of each type of game at Thunderbolt Casino. Why not check out our full list of games out today and find your favourite!