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Thunderbolt is embracing the Ubuntu spirit! Join us in making a real difference.

Let's unite to celebrate the incredible legacy of compassion and unity left by the one and only Tata M!


Thunderbolt's Mission 

At Thunderbolt Casino, we're all about hitting the jackpot of kindness. This year, we're raising the stakes in our philanthropic game with a generous donation to Isithembiso Babies Home. We were beyond thrilled to donate a whopping R55,000.00 as part of our philanthropy campaign. This grand gesture coincided with a very special occasion on 18 July – Tata M’s Birthday! What better way to celebrate than by giving back and embodying the Ubuntu Spirit?

This is no one-time bet—Thunderbolt Casino has consistently supported this incredible charity every 18th of July since 2020, making it the 5th year in a row that we've donated to this worthy cause. Read more about our 2020 and 2021 donations in our previous blog posts.

Our first year taking part in the special occasion on the 18th of July was in 2019 when we donated 67 Vitameal bags to children in need.

In celebration of Tata M's birthday and the inspiring "67 Minutes," we’re all-in to make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. 


Be Part of Something Extraordinary!

But here's the real icing on the cake – we're calling on you, yes, YOU, to be part of this extraordinary mission! No matter the size of your donation, big or small, it all adds up to something truly meaningful. So, let's join forces and make a donation to contribute to this worthy cause!  

Hope Blossoms at Isithembiso Babies Home

Isithembiso Babies Home, a remarkable Non-Profit Organization (NPO) shines as a beacon of hope for children under the age of 3 who have faced abandonment, neglect, or abuse.

At Isithembiso, love is the foundation upon which they build brighter futures. Their dedicated team of specialists, including paediatricians, occupational therapists, dieticians, and physiotherapists, work tirelessly to provide the utmost care and support to these vulnerable little ones. Their goal is to help each child develop their physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities, ensuring they thrive and grow in a safe environment.

Since their inception in November 2005, Isithembiso has been a beacon of hope for over 140 babies in Port Elizabeth. Presently, they lovingly care for 12 children at a time, divided between two homes. However, their dream doesn't end here; the organization is actively working on adding a cluster home for orphaned and abandoned children older than 3, significantly increasing their capacity to provide love and support to even more young lives.

If you're interested in finding out more then hit the play button below and prepare to be touched by the incredible story of Isithembiso Babies Home.




Be the Change - How You Can Help

We’re not bluffing – we need your help to turn this mission into a full house of compassion! Whether you can spare 67 minutes of your time or make a donation, every bit helps. Here’s how you can join our winning team:

      1. Click That Donate Button: Every contribution counts! By clicking the button below, you can make a meaningful donation to Isithembiso Babies Home. Your generosity will directly support the hands-on nurturing and therapeutic care that these little ones deserve.



      2. Volunteer Your Time: Becoming a volunteer at Isithembiso is a chance to create a positive change firsthand. Your practical help is invaluable in ensuring that each baby receives the support they need and deserves a place filled with love and warmth.

      3. Embrace the Ripple Effect: Share our mission and the story of Isithembiso Babies Home with your friends, family, and colleagues. Raising awareness is an essential part of creating lasting change and touching more lives.

      4. Choose your Cause: Can't join us at Isithembiso? No worries! Pick a cause that's close to your heart and lend your support. Together, we'll make the world a better place!


Thunderbolt Casino - Giving with Purpose

And hey, just so you know, we're not just about winning games - we're about winning hearts at Thunderbolt Casino.  Our philanthropic efforts are driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact, with no financial gain on our end. We believe in spreading love, joy, and support to those who need it most.


Let's Deal Out Some Kindness Together

Thank you for being a part of our philanthropic journey.

Together, we can change lives and light up the world with acts of kindness. As we honor Tata M’s Birthday and his incredible legacy, let’s renew our commitment to making a difference. With the power of the Ubuntu Spirit, we can create a brighter, more hopeful future. Let’s play our cards right and make this world a better place!


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