Glamorous 'Wonder Reels' logo with glittering green, red, and blue sevens against a starry, dark backdrop with flying gold coins.

Watch as the brilliance of gems leads you to dazzling jackpots.

Here is a gaming conundrum! How does a classic 3x3 game turn into a slot with 5 reels and more features than hungry monkeys in a kumquat tree?

It unleashes Wonder Reels on the grid! That is the key to everything. By that we mean respins, free games and a R2,5K jackpot that, incidentally, could be yours for zero outlay.

Bet-free respins that kick in after every paying permutation are only one cog in the bonus wheel. Another is a sequence of 10 free games. During the complimentary spins, Wonder Reels are permanently active!

That is just the start of it Bolters. There are diamond-dependent bet multipliers to boost the bottom line. They start at 5x and max out at 500 x. What is more, prizes are awarded as multiples of the total stake!

No jokes people. The fresh new slot machine is live now at Thunderbolt Casino. It has a top prize of 36,000 x programmed into play.

When you do a bit of mental acrobatics, potential winnings in cold hard cash tip the scales at R9,000! That is enough for a weekend away with your squeezer or bae!

Are you ready for a touch of magic? Can you accumulate a cache of diamonds on the grid? If it is yebo yes on both accounts, login or sign up at Thunderbolt and give Wonder Reels a spin.





Get a Free Respin for Every Payline Win!

In most online slots, you get paid out for hitting a winning combination. That is it. There are no frills nor fanfare. You are awarded the prize on the payable.

The same sentiment does not apply to Wonder Reels and for a number of reasons. When you do drop a paying permutation, you are obvs paid out but that is not the end of the gameplay.

In this SpinLogic Gaming slot the conventional 3x3 reel set is only one gaming interface. The other is the usual reel setup plus 4 extra reels. These are the Wonder Reels. They are tacked onto the top, bottom and both sides of the grid.

The extra reels are only active when you win. When they do kick into life, a portion of the grid expands from 3 reels to 5. Paylines are pushed up from 27 to 45.

At that point you are awarded one free respin. A larger game board and a greater number of paylines means only one thing. The chances of raking in a second paying combo for free are high!

How many times have you had the opportunity to win twice on every wager? Not too often we can safely assume. When you play Wonder Reels online slot at Thunderbolt Casino back-to-back prizes are a reality!


Diamonds are a Girls (and Boys) Best Friend

Along with the wild and scatter, there is an added bonus icon in play. It is the dazzling cut diamond. It may not offer any payouts but it can turn you into a winner – and a beeg winner at that!

Your objective is to drop 5 diamonds on a pay way. Do that and the grid expands to its full 45-strong ways to win structure. All the regular symbols vanish, leaving only diamonds and bank tiles in play.

You are granted one respin with the triggering diamonds frozen in place. At the end of the free round, you are awarded a bet multiplier based on the sum of all the diamonds on the grid. The initial 5 diamonds multiply the stake by 5.

The more diamonds you have on the board, the more you win. Hit 11 yellow dazzlers simultaneously on one respin and the major 250 x jackpot is yours. Fill the grid with 12 stones and you walk away with the grand 500 x prize!

What is the that in rands and cents? Bet the maximum R5 per spin and you could walk away with R1,250 or R2,500 smackeroos. That is a lot of moolah that could be flowing directly into your Thunderbolt Casino account!


Free Games with ALL the Special Effects!

Now to the major money generator in Wonder Reels online slot – the bonus-heavy free games feature. It is triggered when 3 bonus scatters drop anywhere on the board. Do that and you are paid 2 x the stake – that is R10 when betting max.

You are then awarded 10 free games. All the reels, including the extras, are permanently active. Diamonds are integrated into the action.

With all the features up and running and no bets required to initiate gameplay, here is the deal. When you unlock the free games bonus round it is possible to:

  • Win more money more often.
  • Trigger the jackpot respins feature and bank up to 500 x the stake.

Free games are clearly where you can make a small fortune. It is a free-for-all that has a hypothetical win of up to R9k concealed somewhere on the game board. The trick is to mine for a large enough cache of diamonds to fill the grid – and on more than one occasion!

It may not be an easy feat but if you are in the right place at the right time, it could be your lucky day! Seriously? With so much of the gameplay free of cost, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Watch the Magic Unfurl in the Wonder Reels Demo Game

How do you get your groove on without throwing cash away? You play the Wonder Reels Demo Game. It is the original slot in form and flavour but without any Randela involved.

By embarking on a few rounds of free play you can get an idea of the drop frequency and how often the respins actually pay out. You can also assess whether diamonds are as scarce as they are reputed to be – or not!






Once you are armed with all the knowledge, you can switch across to real money play with just one click. Smack the Play for Real Money tab and you are one step closer to juicing the balance in your Thunderbolt betting account.




Wonder Reels Really is a Wonder-Ful Game: Play Now at Thunderbolt

What is there to like about the Wonder Reels slot? A more pertinent question is what is there not! The changeable gaming interface is unique and dare we say cutting-edge. It also heightens the probability of cashing in not once but twice on every paid spin.

Diamonds can provide a welcome boost to the overall win rate. That is especially true when you land 10 or more concurrently on the grid. Hit the ‘dirty dozen’ and there is an instant cash prize of up to R2,500 in it for you!

As with most online casino slots, the free games round is where you can win… or lose. It is the grand gesture of bonus features and one that has Wonder Reels and jackpot respins built in.

If you want a genuine opportunity to hit a R9k big win, listen up. Only registered players at Thunderbolt Casino can play for real. Sign up now to get access to the best online casino games and bonuses!

Vivid promotional graphic for 'Wonder Reels' with colorful paint splashes and sparkling gem-styled sevens.


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