Pyramid Pets slot banner with pink sphinx cat, ancient pyramids backdrop, and lush palm trees

Align furry and feathered BFFs on the grid. Win multiple times on 1 bet where payouts are boosted – BIG TIME!

Cascading wins, ascending multipliers and free games with ALL of that? Yep. Sounds about right for a heist on the reels!





Pyramid Pets online slot may look innocuous. It is anything but! When the coiffed, cuddled and fabulously festooned pets gather in liner groups on the grid anything is possible – including a betting bonsella of up to R12,5K!

In this Ancient Egyptian-themed video slot, cats are queens, dogs are deities and birds… well, they fly! There is nary a sign of Cleopatra nor Tutankhamun. For that we are eternally grateful!

Instead, you get an eyeful of successive payline wins each sweetened with a prize multiplier that leaps in value. There is only one proviso. Bona fide patronage of Thunderbolt Online Casino is required to bank the cash!

Ignite the free games engines and what have you got? Wins cascade as they normally would but the bounty is boostable by up to 15 x! Plus, you get all that without slapping a stake in the Pyramid Pets virtual slot! How is that for super-hot?


One Bet, Back-to-Back Payouts!

Play Pyramid Pets at Thunderbolt Casino and the standout feature is really two interlinked special effects. In this 5 reel and 20 online casino game line wins are not one-off wonders. Every single paying combination on the grid triggers another and another – ad infinitum.

That is the Cascading Wins component of the primary Pyramid Pets bonus. The actual mechanics of the feature are simple. When you drop a paying pattern on the grid you are paid out according to the pay table.

At that point a sleight of the software occurs. The winning symbols explode in a dazzle of light and a new set takes their place. If that set creates a line win, the scenario recurs – until there are no more payline wins on the board.

Listen up, Bolts. That is not the end of the bonus bonanza. Not by a long shot. Every time a cascade occurs on the same wager the multiplier rises in value.


Rapidly Rising Prize Multipliers

In the Pyramid Pets base game, the initial win is anointed with a 1 x multiplier. That increases to 2 x, 3 x and a maximum 5 x for each successive cascade. That is the Pharoah Multiplier feature in full flight.

Let us take a look at a few of the Pyramid Pets payouts. That way, we get to appreciate the potential effects of the multiplier on the purse strings.

In this 5x3 game, the pink cat pays out 2,500 x for 5-of-a-kind. Achieve that combination on the third concurrent cascade and the potential payout soars to 12,500 x the line bet.

When you take the maximum stake of R5 a spin into account and divide it by the 20 paylines, you are left with a line bet of R0.25. What that tells us is you can top up your casino account by R3,125 – and that is in regular play! Meow!

Using the same formula the green cat generates up to R1250, the dog R625 and the bird R250. That is an impressive ROI considering you can win three, four or even five successive payouts on a single bet!


Want to Break Even or Gain a Profit? Play the Demo Game First!

Getting the facts and figures in black and white is one thing. Experiencing the rush of successive wins is another. That is why playing the Pyramid Pets DEMO GAME is a must.

You get to feel the excitement without losing a cent. Plus, you can evaluate the serious stuff like the average number of cascades, how often the maximum multiplier is achieved and how long is takes to trigger free games.

Once you’ve got your head around that you will know how much you need to budget in terms of time and bankroll. Free play is an invaluable sneak peek into the inner workings of slots. It is the key to breaking even or gaining a small profit when you play for real at Thunderbolt!






You can ditch the DEMO and channel your inner Pharaoh! Play Pyramid Pets for real money and see if your bets can be as monumental as the pyramids themselves! 




Unlock Free Games for Boosted Payouts Up to 15 x!

Drop three gold paw scatter symbols on the grid and you are promptly awarded 10 free games. As with the base game, cascading wins are part of the picture. They occur in exactly the same way with one notable exception.

During the gratis game rounds initial wins are automatically TREBLED. Thereafter, any paying cascades are magnified. The first cascade is assigned a 6 x multiplier. The second back-to-back win is enhanced by 9 x!

Complete the free games multiplier meter by achieving at least the third wave of wins and you are in the pound seats. The reason being a 15 x multiplier that is added to all payouts.

Here is a fact Bolters. Free games are where the treasure is buried. X may not mark the spot but we do know one thing for sure. There is 50,000 x embedded on the grid and it could easily be going into your Thunderbolt Casino account!

How do you unlock the major cash in Pyramid Pets? You stake the R5 max bet and drop pink cats on the board on the third cascade. Do that and an eye-popping R9,375 is yours.

Listen up, gamers. That is a sum that can easily rise to the top R12,500 payout. It is all down to one factor. What is that? The cool combo of infinity wins that multiply like magic – no bets required!


Rake in the Rands NOW: Play Pyramid Pets Online Slot at Thunderbolt!

Pyramid Pets is a light-hearted SpinLogic Gaming slot with a fun theme and great graphics. Throw in the multiplier-enriched cascading wins and one thing is for sure. You really can play for hours on an average-sized bankroll.

Free games are the key. Line up the pets in concurrent wins and you will hit a rich vein of cash. If you are lucky, you could be the recipient of 50,000 x the line bet – and that is a lot!

Why not register an account at Thunderbolt Casino? Besides our selection of slots, there is a welcome bonus as a new player reward!



30 Free Spins on Pyramid Pets

Coupon code:NILE30

Requires a deposit in the last 7 days

Valid from 10 April 2024 - 09 May 2024

How to get your bonus: click the coupon code above or button below to directly add it to your account if you've made a deposit in the last 7 days | Thunderbolt Casino Terms & Conditions apply.






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