Wide banner for 'Magic Forest: Spellbound' depicting a vibrant enchanted forest backdrop with a smiling green troll, a purple-hatted wizard with fiery magic, and a fairy-like woman, alongside the ornate game title.

Weave the magic, unleash free spins and win 5 x the loot.

Is a meet and greet with Shrek, Dumbledore and Peter Pan’s Wendy on your forever fantasy wish list? Well, here is your chance. Magic Forest: Spellbound video slot offers that and so much more – 2,000 x more to be precise!

Now for the big news, Bolts. There is something fresh and dazzlingly creative at Thunderbolt Online Casino. You could say it is a free games windfall.

Load Magic Forest: Spellbound slot onto your laptop or phone and here is the deal. The wild is a multi-functional money spinner. Free games are as common as cotton candy. Pay ways recur and recur on just one spin – and that spin is bet-free!

That is not the best of it. Not by a long shot. The game changer is the fact that each new win boosts the multiplier value – and that is where the alchemy resides.

Hit the top spot on the multiplier meter and what do you get? The opportunity to walk away with a single win of half a k jangling in the pocket. Yep. There is a maximum prize of R500 on the grid – and it could be yours! Shazam!





Five of a Kinds Aplenty Plus A High Turnover of Free Games!

Why must you play Magic Forest: Spellbound slot at Thunderbolt? Spoiler alert – it has nothing to do with practicing spells and incantations like Abracadabra and Avada Kedavra! There are more practical reasons than that!

How does the persistent appearance of five matching game tiles on the grid sound?  When that happens, you are paid out the corresponding top prize. The result? A sustained flow of money from the casino’s account into yours!

Now for a dose of reel-ality. The high hit frequency is largely reserved for the lower-paying symbols – the dazzling gem-themed playing card suits. Hit a five-symbol configuration and you will typically get in the region of 50 x to 80 x the total bet.

In Magic Forest: Spellbound online slot you have a better chance of accumulating winnings rather than banking one or two extra-large lump sums. That is in the base game. Activate the key feature and the picture changes altogether!

That brings us to the second reason why the 5x3 243 pay way slot is worth a whirl. Besides a high probability of dropping five-fors, it is the average trigger time of the free games feature that is imminently noteworthy.

At around 50 to 60 spins, it is at least three times quicker than the norm! That and the fact there are up to 60 free games on the board is a quantum leap, wouldn’t you say?


Play the Demo and Hive Off the Hocus-Pocus for Free!

How do you get guaranteed pay way wins in Magic Forest: Spellbound slot? You play the demo game first. That way you get an actual visualisation of all the exciting special effects.

You don’t have to conjure up images of the symbols or how the Bursting Wild feature works. Even the key required to gain access to free games is out there for all to see.

The hocus-pocus occurs right in front of you. Better still, no payments are involved – either into your Thunderbolt Casino account or out. It is completely gratis game time that, if used wisely, can count in your favour!


Experience the full thrill of Magic Forest: Spellbound by playing with real money, where each spin could unlock the enchantment of actual winnings. Invest in your adventure for a chance to turn the magical reels into real rewards.

Expect Wild Wizardry Times Two!

Besides the lovable fairytale characters in Magic Forest: Spellbound slot machine, there is a wild phoenix on the reels. It does what all wild symbols do – transforms incomplete symbol combinations into authentic pay way wins.

When the phoenix emits an eerie whistle and flashes its blazing eyes, you are in the money. That is the typical role of the wild on the grid. Listen up Bolts, In this magical, mystical 5 reel slot the wild occasionally hunts in pairs.

When the twisted vines around the edge of the reels light up, you know something special is about to happen – and it does. Two random symbols on the board mutate into phoenix wilds. That is the so-called Bursting Wilds feature in action.

The outcome depends on the compilation of the rest of the board. If you are lucky, you can win two or more prizes FOR FREE! Hit the high-paying thematic symbols – the wizard, the fairy, and the ogre – and you can scoop up 500 x to 125 x the total bet. 

Free Games with Cascading Wins and a Multiplier Meter

We promised you electrifying enchantment and here it is. When you spin in 3 or more spell book scatters anywhere on the grid, the free games feature is active. It consists of 15, 30 or 60 free spins – all of which can easily be retriggered.

Now for the divine divination. When a pay way is formed on the reels the winning symbols disappear in a puff of smoke. A new set slots into place. If they form a matching combo the payout is doubled and the antics described above recur.

Each time a win is formed the multiplier value increases. By the fourth spell in the winning streak, payouts are quintupled. Yep. That does mean you get up to 5 x the posted payout.

When magic like this is on display even the low playing icons pay out plenty. Hit five of a kind in pink hearts and you can bank up to R100. Not bad considering you haven’t invested a cent!

As you have no doubt guessed the free games is where big wins abound. When the magic in Magic Forest: Spellbound slot is revealed, you can win the 2,000 x prize!


Conjure Up the Cash at Thunderbolt Online Casino NOW!

How can you conjure up a plethora of payouts on the reels of Magic Forest: Spellbound online slot. By registering an account at Thunderbolt Casino. It is quick, it is easy and no devilry or bewitchment is required.

Once you are a signed-up patron, you have any time access to 300 or more online casino games. You will find Magic Forest: Spellbound listed first, along with the rest of the latest releases! Go on. Register an account, cast a few spells and spend time with your favourite friends from the fairytales!


Promotional banner for 'Magic Forest: Spellbound' with a wizard, troll, and woman character in a whimsical, colorful forest setting, with the game's title in a fancy font


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