LUCKY 7' in gold and red with gleaming coins and stacks of poker chips against a radiant purple background

Roll up, roll up, and predict the next card. If you are up or down it is A-OK. Hit the Lucky 7 and you are in the MONEY!

Tighten the seat belts and hold onto the hats. Lucky 7 has landed at Thunderbolt Casino and it is a woosh of game. Be brave, go down the middle and there are 11 to 1 odds to perk up your day!

In this quick-bet game from SpinLogic Gaming stuff like strategy and probability count. Lucky 7 is a table game on steroids – one with optional side bets in the fray. It has elements of online baccarat, snippets of online roulette and a top payout of R27.5k!

Anyone for 7 Up? No way. How about 7 Down? You must be kidding. That is even money all the way. It is the straight-up Lucky 7 that counts. The question is, do you have the resilience to take on the 7.69% edge?

What is the key to winning tons of money at Thunderbolt Online Casino? Moonlighting as a seer, soothsayer, clairvoyant or fortune teller will do!


Demo Play 

Thunderbolt Casino's Demo Play for Lucky 7 is your golden ticket to explore this electrifying game without risking a dime. Test your strategy, get a feel for the rush of nailing the perfect bet, and revel in the game's excitement, all on the house.


Switching to real money play at Thunderbolt Casino kicks the excitement of Lucky 7 into overdrive. Each bet is a thrilling leap towards big wins, turning every card reveal into a pulse-racing moment of truth.




Simple Gameplay and Strategic Thinking 

Play Lucky 7 at Thunderbolt Casino and your objective is clear. That is to bet on one of three options you think will cover the value of the next card in the deal. That may sound complicated but it is not.

You can bet on the card being higher, lower or equal in value to seven. The 7 Up and 7 Down bets cover the cards that are greater than and less than seven in value, respectively. They pay out at 1 to 1 odds.

The straight-up 7 bet only wins when the deal reveals a seven. When that happens, winnings are paid out at 11 to 1 odds. Why is there such a huge difference between potential payouts?

In this game – as in all table games at Thunderbolt Casino – it all boils down to probability. With the 7 Up and 7 Down bets there are 24 possible winners in a single deck of cards.

Extrapolate that over the eight shuffled decks in the shoe and the potential winners increase to 192. The probability of winning either of the bets is 3.84%. Hence they pay out at the same even-money odds.

When it comes to the 7 bet there are only 32 (4x8) possible winners. The probability doubles to 7.69% and the odds soar to a tantalising 11 to 1. What does that tell you?

If you want to bank the big bucks at Thunderbolt you have to take a chance and bet on seven every now and again. The trick is to get the timing right. That, Bolters, is where the ‘lucky’ in Lucky 7 plays out!


Red, Black, Odd or Even?

Here is the good news folks. There is a way to hedge your bets. Do that and there is a chance of winning a little something-something on every wager.

In Lucky 7 you have the option to bet on the colour and parity of the next card too. That is where the elements of online roulette – Red and Black and Odd and Even – step in. These bets are of equal value to the initial mandatory wager but most offer reduced odds.

Again, the odds reflect the probability of the bet winning. Bet on the card having an even number and you are paid even money. Place the bet on Odd instead and the odds drop to 0.8 to 1.

The reason? There are six even cards against seven odd cards in the deck. That makes it 48 and 56 even and odd cards respectively in the shoe. The theoretical chance of the bets winning are 7.69% and 3.07%, apiece!

When it comes to Red and Black, the colour distribution is matched at 26 cards. The odds are 0.9 to 1 and the probability is 5.00% across the board.

Why consider the side bets in Lucky 7? Even when you lose the initial bet, you can still win – and that is a good thing!


Register a Thunderbolt Casino Account and Guess Your Way to 27.5K!

You know how to win the proverbial jackpot in the fabulously fresh Lucky 7 predictive game. The question is, what do you have to do to be in with a shout? That is even easier, folks!

Simply register and fund an account at Thunderbolt Casino. That way you have instant access to more than 300 super-duper online casino games. That includes the new releases like our lightning-quick guessing game that really can pay out a whack.

Go on. Tap on the sign-up tab and fill in your details and you will be a legitimate Thunderbolter in no time at all!

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