Viking Sir Reginald with archers bow and arrow in the new slot game Locking Archer

Bullseye boredom and hit the jackpot with the Locking Archer slot!

Load Locking Archer online slot on your device and here is the deal. There is enough loot on the gameboard to fill an entire Viking longship, with no room to spare for stuff like furs, or highly polished horned helmets.

Take reel respins and multiplier-enhanced free games into account and what have you got? A Thunderbolt Casino classic that pays up to 50,000 times the payline bet! Do the sums and that is R12,5k in genuine randela… and it could be coming your way.

The 5 reel and 25 payline game is available NOW, so sign up and plunder. You don’t have to be a berserker or even an understudy to a warrior to win and WIN BIG!





Ransack the Reels for Runes of Real Money

In Locking Archer slot, it is not only the suave, infinitely well-groomed bowman who pumps up the payout rate. A small tribe of kings, jarls, karls and thralls conglomerate on the reels to deliver payline wins in the form of crisp hard ZAR.

Chuck in a heavy, two-handed hammer – that is as wild as wild can be – and banking a few quid on every other spin is a reel reality! That is the action in the base game. Wait until the free games unfold and you could be knee-deep in booty!




Find the Spoils in the Demo Mode!

What is the one burning question that applies to all Thunderbolt Casino slots? It has to be “which bonus feature is the best?”

Well, the easiest, cheapest and smartest way to find out, is to play the Locking Archer demo game! That way you get a feel of the payout rate plus the hit frequency of the wild and scatters.

If you have played slots online before, you will know the features can be triggered at any stage of the game. That can mean waiting for 50, 100 or 150 spins… or just the one! Play in the demo mode and the only factor to consider is time, not money.

Once you have assessed key elements like volatility, bonus features and cold beers in the fridge, it’s time to level up and bet like a real Viking!


How to Pillage the Reels of Locking Archer and Co

In the tradition of all great SpinLogic Gaming slots, it is the Scandi-themed game symbols that pay out a lot. The Viking chief in his horned helmet may not be Sweyn Forkbeard but he delivers prizes up to 1,000 x the payline wager. That is a quick R250 on a maximum bet!

The white-haired elder, lovely maiden with thick brown tresses and her square-jawed pig-tailed husband pay up to 400 x, 200 x and 150 x for five-of-a-kind. What is that in real money terms? Bet the R6.25 max bet per spin and you will bank between R100 and R37.50 apiece! Now that is dope!

The trusty playing card ranks from 10 through Ace make up the rest of the symbol set. Available prizes range from 25 x to 100 x. The payouts may not be eye-popping in value, but a high hit frequency takes up the slack!


Locking Scatters with Re-Setting Respins

The archer in Locking Archer slot is one of two super scatters. When two or more archers appear on adjacent reels from left to right, they lock into place.

Depending on the number of Locking Archer scatters on the reels, you are awarded up to 3 respins. The available respins quotients are as follows:

  • 4 archers unlocks 3 respins of reel 5
  • 3 archers triggers 2 respins of reels 4 and 5
  • 2 archers activates 1 respin of reels 3, 4 and 5

If additional archers drop on the reels, respins stop and the tally is reset to the current configuration! If you are lucky, you can get a plethora of 6 or more respins – plus the associated wins – as a big Thunderbolt bonus booster!

Here is the kicker, people. The Locking Archer scatter offers prizes for two matching symbols and up. Drop five archers simultaneously on the reels and you will bank 100 x the stake, but you won’t get the benefit of reel respins!


Yahoo! Free Games with Random Prize Multipliers

The second scatter is represented by the Viking cottage. It is the yippee element in Locking Archer video slot. Drop three or more cottages anywhere on the gaming interface and you are awarded 10 free games.

Get this. There are random multipliers in the mix to juice up the action! Here is how the multiplier effect works…

Multiplier values of 2 x through to 5 x are displayed on a wheel box flanking the reels. As the reels spin, an indicator moves up and down highlighting a particular numerical value. Once the reels come to rest, any payouts are multiplied by the value highlighted on the board!

What that means is every single winning combination on every single spin is multiplied by up to 5 x. When you take a wild symbol that appears frequently on the reels into account, the chances of hitting at least one five-of-a-kind is as tall as a longship is long!

Are you ready to wield your widow-maker and sack Locking Archer slot for the spoils? It is fast, it is fun and if you are lucky, you can win enough for a week-long party! Sign up at Thunderbolt Casino now and get into the Viking vibe!


Huntress Mara in new Locking Archer slot game


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