wo space explorers, one wielding a fiery asteroid, and a charming robot companion, with 'Cosmic Crusade' emblazoned up front.

Join the crew of the Cosmic Crusade for copious free spins around the galaxy. Get paid for 2 symbols and up and jettison a max 50,000 x payload into your TB account!

Multiplier enhanced free games, random jackpots and wild stack attacks are integral to the action in outer space. Pick a planet and you could be leaving cosmic dust in your wake as you head Earth-bound for the bank!





Cosmic Crusade online slot is more than a quick step around the sun. It is a free games flyby where payouts are amplified by up to TWELVE TIMES!

Experience a navigational glitch and there is no need to abort the mission. There are progressive planetary jackpots as binary stars. They are on active stand-by as alternative touchdown destinations or, as they say in the Thunderbolt gaming universe, consolation prizes!

In this 5x3 slot machine the objective is clear. To board the spaceship Cosmic Crusade and take control of the flight deck. Do that and your fellow crew members, crystals and pieces of potential space junk can boost your payout profile by up to R12,500 in cash!

Get Two of Anything and Bank Filthy Lucre!

What makes the Cosmic Crusade slot machine more attractive than most? Nope. It is not the galactic theme or futuristic imagery. It is the pay table people.

In this SpinLogic Gaming slot you earn Earth currency at a higher frequency. The reason being payouts that start for two identical game tiles on the grid. What is the relevance of that?

Every time you hit a matching set, brace, duo or doubleton on the reels the outcome is the same. Cash – and not dark matter – flows freely into your online casino account! That is the one awesome anomaly embedded in the 5 reel and 25 fixed payline slot.

The other is the multiplier effect that is always part of the free games constellation! Pair the two aberrations together and what do you get? A starburst of legal tender that gets incrementally higher in value!

When you play Cosmic Crusade slot online at Thunderbolt, one thing is for sure. It is quicker and easier to fill the vault. A universal formula of 2 = (money) applies! Hit 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols on the board and the payback is even greater.

Free Games Intensified with Mmm… Multipliers

The key feature in the Cosmic Crusade video slot is activated by a multi-spaceship scatter attack. A squadron of three or more craft ignites blast-off to a brand new galaxy. Your mission?To select one of six planets.

Concealed beneath the planets’ crusts are quotas of multiplier optimised free games. Depending on which planet you choose, you can get 5 free games with 2 x multipliers. That is the ‘lowest’ denomination.

If your ship is armed with gamma rays capable of exposing the largesse – which of course it can’t – you can snap up as many as 125 free games. In this grandiose allotment all payline wins are maximised by 10 x rocket boosters!

The true value of the bonus feature is only evident when you explore the effect on the pay table. In this game, the male cosmonaut delivers the top 2,000 x prize for a standard symbol. The highest available multiplier value is 12 x. That is part of the quota of 90 free games.

An Explosive Impact

Apply the max multiplier to the big-paying regular win and what do you get? Yep. A payout of 24,000 x the bet per line. What is that in rands and cents?

To determine the prize in currency you have to divide the total bet by 25. Then you have to multiply the answer by 24,000. If you were betting the R6.25 maximum at the time, the available payout soars from R500 to R6,000! How is that for a Big Bang in buckeroos?

What is even more gratifying? The fact that the wild symbol offers up to 5,000 x the payline wager. It can also appear stacked on the grid to deliver a stellar smackdown.

The impact of the free games feature is invaluable. If you are lucky, you can scoop up the R12,500 maximum win – for zero outlay. That is the way to enhance your reputation as a cosmonaut and WINNER at Thunderbolt Casino ZA!

Explore the Universe in the Cosmic Crusade Demo Game

How do you enhance your chances of bagging a big win? You play the demo game. That way you get to blast off with no real bets in the virtual machine.

Free play is the one slots strategy that can pay off. It gives you the opportunity to experiment with different stakes. It also allows you to assess the data that matters – the payback rate, average hit frequency and occurrence of the wild on the reels.

In this online casino game, you can try and figure out which planet unlocks the mega-set of free games. Is it the same planet every time or is there a pattern you can exploit? The only way to find out is to dabble in the demo right here at Thunderbolt!






Ready to rocket your gameplay into a new orbit, strap in and play Cosmic Crusade for real money to potentially skyrocket your winnings!




Flight Deck to Captain Kirk! Consolation Prizes Dead Ahead!

Want something for nothing? Who doesn’t? The good news is you are so in the right place. Cosmic Crusade does not only reward you when you win. You can get a little something-something when you don’t.

In this case, the bonus is not little at all. Heck no. It is one or both of the progressive jackpots displayed above the game board.

These cash prizes kick-off at R250 and R1,000 a pop. That is for the minor and major jackpot, respectively and that is for starters, bolters! Every bet contributes to the pots. You can watch as the tallies increase in real-time.

What do you have to do to get your share of the loot? Nothing at all. These gravity-defying big wins are doled out at random. Get this, only spins that do not award a payout are potential jackpot triggers! Now do you see why we call them consolation prizes?

Play Cosmic Crusade for Planetary-Sized Big Wins

When you take the generous pay table, plethora of free games and double-digit prize multipliers into account, Cosmic Crusade is a must-play slot.

It has a funky futuristic theme. Stacked wilds can up the payout rate. When the stars align, there is up to R12,500 in cash floating around somewhere in the solar system.

If you want to be part of a winning crew, here is what you have to do. Sign up at Thunderbolt Casino, activate and deposit funds into your account and play!

30 Free Spins on Cosmic Crusade

Coupon code:COSM30

Requires a deposit in the last 7 days

Valid from 23 April 2024 - 24 May 2024

How to get your bonus: click the coupon code above or button below to directly add it to your account if you've made a deposit in the last 7 days | Thunderbolt Casino Terms & Conditions apply.


animated space adventurers, a friendly robot, and coins hinting at intergalactic slot game excitement.


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