Mobile Casino

Our new Thunderbolt online mobile casino is here! The mobile platform is compatible with virtually all mobile devices. Boasting over 70 great casino mobile games from Real Time Gaming, we welcome you to our greatness!

Extraordinary Convenience

Our mobile casino gives you the ability to “carry the casino” with you wherever you go. This is a complete reversal of the situation that happened a mere two decades ago when one had to travel to a brick and mortar casino. Now you can play whenever the mood strikes, wherever you are.


Speaking about ancient history, we remember when players hoped to see the words mobile casino for Android. This is because, when an online casino added a mobile casino, the mobile was not compatible with every platform, not even every major platform. The day has finally passed when a mobile casino was not always compatible with Android. Today our mobile casino is compatible with all operating systems and all devices.

Start Up and Play

It’s so easy to begin playing at Thunderbolt online mobile casino. Simply access our website from your mobile device and our technology will immediately redirect you to the mobile casino. Click on the 'PLAY NOW' button and you will be redirected to register and thereafter, decide how you want to take your welcome bonuses, and play! Access your account across all of our casino platforms, including Download, Instant Play and Mobile.

Slots Lead the Way

That spinning sound you hear is a large selection of slot casino games for mobile. It is in the quality of modern slots that we see the amazing revolution that has taken place in mobile gaming.

Until just the past few years, the graphics on mobile platforms were far inferior to the graphics on desktop platforms. Slots are incredibly dependent on graphics, for their animation and sound.

So, the mobile casino games at Thunderbolt mobile casino are so expressive, so attractive, so fresh and enthralling that most gamers now play more on their mobile devices - phone and tablet - than on their desktop or laptop.

Uniqueness of Slots

The first generation of slots actually lasted about a hundred years. These were the mechanical three reel fruit slots with one payline. You pulled the arm and spun the reels. These slots didn’t tell a story. But players were fascinated by them from the very first try.

In more modern times, the concept of a slots game with a story-telling theme was revolutionary at first. But players flocked to play these newfangled slots games. Unfortunately, they didn’t work so well on mobile devices.

Today they work fantastically well. In fact, some games are developed for the mobile play and only later are added to the download and instant casinos for PC play!

Table Games

As good as slots casino mobile games have become, they share the online mobile casino with a nice selection of other games. Let’s go through some table games first.

We all know about roulette, blackjack, and poker. These games require some measure of excellent graphics and animation lest they become boring.

Just as desktop casinos strive for great graphics in their table games, we at Thunderbolt have always striven to find the best presentation for the relatively stationary table games. We have accomplished this with the latest round of awesome graphics courtesy of RealTime Gaming.

Video Poker

Thunderbolt features this variant of the famous and uber-popular card game. Video poker has all the elements of actual poker except, drum roll, bluffing! This alone makes it the most popular poker choice of millions of poker buffs.

Video poker also boasts an amazing payout rate of about 99%. That means that if you play correctly, without wild gambles on almost impossible draws, you stand a good chance of beating the house!

Casual Games

Everyone likes to just relax and our casual casino games for mobile let you do just that. Again great graphics make these games fun and entertaining when you would prefer not to think too hard at blackjack or video poker.

Progressive Games

Thunderbolt also has some mobile casino games with a progressive jackpot. The jackpots rise so quickly because they are run by Real Time Gaming not Thunderbolt. All the RTG players are contributing to the huge jackpots. And here at Thunderbolt, we're rooting for our players to win these life-changing jackpots....sometimes topping $1,000,000.

Mobile and Desktop are Like Twins

Whether you game mostly on mobile or mostly on desktop, you can participate in all our great promotions as if you were playing at a single casino. Two casinos - desktop and mobile - but only one player account. For the purposes of the loyalty program, bonuses, and other amenities, the two are really one casino with two aspects. If you are a high rolling VIP, you’ll get all the same extra bonuses and gifts from both of our gaming platforms.

Enjoy All the Great Benefits of Mobile

Our Thunderbolt online mobile casino has everything you need for a wonderful gaming experience. In addition to everything we said here, you know that mobile is now a required piece of equipment for anyone and everyone.

Our Thunderbolt online mobile casino has everything you need for a wonderful gaming experience. In addition to everything we said here, you know that mobile is now a required piece of equipment for anyone and everyone.

The fact that your mobile device can contain an entire online casino just by a simple app download means that you never have to postpone your casino fun time.

In fact, even at home many gamers prefer the mobile casino because it lets them lounge on a comfortable chair or in bed with just a mobile screen and great gaming at their finger’s touch.

Mobile - the way to play!!!


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