Thunderbolt Casino Software Download

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In the modern world of online casino gaming, many players choose to play directly from their browser. At Thunderbolt, we call this Instant Play. It used to be that playing directly from your browser was secondary to playing from your desktop, mainly due to inferior graphics and a limited game selection. At Thunderbolt, the graphics in the instant play version are fantastic and the game selection equal to that of desktop gaming.

Nevertheless, there are still good reasons to download a casino, therefore this article will focus on our Thunderbolt Casino Download. Here are those reasons with explanations to follow:

      • You have a lot of storage capacity on your computer.
      • Thunderbolt is a streamlined casino.
      • You have wireless equipment and a very comfortable chair.
      • You enjoy switching from play to work easily.


Casinos Provide Power

One of the best reasons for downloading the casino onto your computer is gaining access to the vast number of games. Using the 'Download' option gets you access to the entire library of games . You'll also get the full array of casino features including our lobby, your own personal mailbox, and more. Choosing to download Thunderbolt gives you the best possible casino experience.


Don’t Waste Space on Obsolete Games

Some casinos are what we call top heavy. We often see casinos bragging about 700+ games, yet many of these games are no longer tenable. With graphics being so advanced these days, why play a game whose graphics are hopelessly outdated? Downloading top heavy casinos really does waste computer space.

A good reason to download Thunderbolt is that we choose only the very finest games and our casino has a relatively small demand on your hard drive. When we say that we have about 200 games, you know that we aren't cushioning it just to score points with the public. Our 200 or so games are the creme-de-la-creme, and these 200 games sit easily on your hard drive.

Thunderbolt is a streamlined, yet powerful Casino and so we've covered the possibility of performing an online casino software download to your computer, if it has sufficient memory that is.


Get Comfortable

Another reason to download the casino is because you have wireless equipment, a big computer screen, and a very comfortable chair to relax on and play from. This may seem trivial but it isn’t. There's a distinct advantage to playing on a big desktop screen, rather than that of a much smaller, mobile screen.


All Work and No Play? It’s Time to Download

The final reason to download the casino is, when using your computer for both work and play purposes having already downloaded the software gives you the option to switch easily from play to work, to play to work.

It is so easy to perform the Thunderbolt casino download. All that's required from you is to click on the download button, (if your download hasn't already been completed) and follow the simple step by step instructions. Whether you choose to download the Casino or opt in for Instant Play, you’ll still have access to all of the great games, promotions, and customer service that Thunderbolt is famous for.


Mobile Play

For all our mobile players, no download is necessary. Just whip out your mobile and start playing instantly via our mobile version.

Mobile screens, especially on modern tablets these days, provide great graphics and we encourage all our players to give play off of their mobile devices a go as well. Mobile gaming has become so advanced that playing off of your mobile gives you the type of flexibility that a desktop casino cannot.

If you have all of the above criteria—large screen, wireless technology, and a very comfortable chair—it pays to play off of your mobile too. When you’re on the go, playing from your outdoor deck, or just playing a little in bed whilst having your favorite team's game on the television, then you can, and should play in the mobile casino.