Ghost Ship Big Winner at Thunderbolt Casino

38 year old VIP player at Thunderbolt Online Casino wins R235,179.57 on his birthday!

A Johannesburg VIP player at Thunderbolt struck it rich on his 38th birthday whilst playing the ever popular slot, Ghost Ship “I think the slots must know it’s my birthday. I was so bored I just played my balance and what a surprise!” he remarked with excitement.





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He kindly responded to a few questions we wanted to ask in order to find out more information as we are overjoyed to share this wonderful story with other Thunderbolt players. Here are some of his answers:

What was your first reaction when you saw that you had won?

“I was playing on my mobile device so the figures looked a bit blurr, I wasn’t even sure what happened until the system said maximum payout reached. I was beyond shocked”


How long have you been a member at Thunderbolt for, or was it beginners luck?

“I’ve been a member for almost a year, I think. I have won some odd bits over the past year, but never more than R70k, which I actually won whilst playing the same slot, Ghost Ship a few days before, which is why I say I was beyond shocked to have won this amount.” We asked him what he planned to do with the winnings and he said that “They couldn’t have come at a better time, I am trying to buy a new car, but with this amount I think I will save a bit more and use it towards a down payment on an apartment.”


Do you play the game(s) you won on a lot? Or do you have another favourite(s)?

“The payout game was Ghost Ship. I enjoy the game but sometimes it’s not always generous. To win the big amount I almost played all of R60k of my previous winnings, so I was extremely grateful to have got this payout.”


What advice do you have for other players? Any tips?

“Sometimes games can be extremely frustrating when you keep depositing with no returns, but when its your turn to win, it all comes back, even if not on the same day. Its happen to me many times."


Congratulations Vivian we are really happy and excited for you! The Team at Thunderbolt wishes you lots more luck and hope that you continue on your winning streak!

All players whose birthday it is, are encouraged to login to Thunderbolt, like this lucky winner did, and check their casino inbox as there is an extra-lucky birthday bonus waiting.

In the hopes of everyone getting lucky on this slot Thunderbolt is giving away 50 free spins for the lucky slot Ghost Ship, to all who have deposited in the last 14 days. Watch the video for the coupon code! Question is, do you think it’s still lucky? Some go by the superstition that once a slot has had a big payout, it takes a while before another one happens again. This mainly depends on the volatility of a specific slot.


Thunderbolt offers a wide variety of both high and low volatility slot games. What is a high volatility slot? A high volatility slot is the type of slot that comes with higher risk, which means you may need to play more cash until the slot pays out, but when it does, it pays out BIG just like Ghost Ship slot did for Vivian! These slots often have longer periods where there are no winnings but for those who have the patience to wait for that big win to come, when they do come around, you won’t be disappointed! If you prefer the chance of a bigger win, just less frequently, these are your type of slots to be playing.

Some more examples of high volatility slots at Thunderbolt are:

What is a low volatility slot? Well you see now, that’s just the opposite. A low volatility slot is a slot that offers constant winnings but in smaller amounts. We don’t mean so small that it wouldn’t make a significant difference in your life, but just smaller than the close-to-a-million-wins some players have experienced off high volatility slots. If you prefer winning more often even in smaller amounts, then these are your type of slots to be playing

Some examples of medium to low volatility slots at Thunderbolt are:

Try playing some of both if you would like, this way the probability of hitting the jackpot and winning something (whether big or small), is much higher than sticking to only hwta you know. Have fun playing at Thunderbolt Casino where we are taking South Africa by storm!


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