Comic Strip

This month, you’ll see familiar comic faces show up at our casino, and each time they do, they’ll be carrying a gift for you.

Even if we’re all grown-ups (you’d have to be to join our community), there is still a playful little kid hidden in each one of us. We’d probably not be getting together to play at Thunderbolt otherwise, would we? While you’re allowing this kid to have fun with slots and table games,we’ve decided to add something else we’ve all enjoyed when we were a bit younger: comic strips! During the month of June, you’ll see familiar faces show up at our casino, and each time they do, they’ll be carrying a gift for you.

Come Play With Homer Simpson and the Gang

Is there anyone in the world who isn’t familiar with the comic, crude and clumsy head of the Simpson family, with an uncanny gift to create havoc wherever he goes and whatever he does? This fan of beer and doughnuts has been making us laugh for almost 30 years and is still a gladly seen guest in our homes. Possibly more than in his own, as Homer’s extraordinary adventures often drive Marge and their three kids bonkers. That’s why Bart, Lisa and Maggie will stay at home with mum, while their dad pays us a visit.

Equally famous and just as old orange cat with a fantastic sense of sarcasm, Garfield is another cartoon character you’ll be seeing at Thunderbolt in June. Don’t get offended if he shows up making snide comments, that’s part of his character. We’ll make sure this obsessive eater who will promptly devour all lasagna in sight, comes with a little freebie you’ll surely appreciate.

Going further back into the past, we’ve also managed to agree a gig with Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. World-famous mischievous duck wearing a sailor shirt and cap is one of the most popular Disney characters. A few years after he was born, Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck joined the show. When not devising one prank or another, they’re well-behaved kids who’ll support their uncle Donald Duck in the adventure at hand. So we told Donald he can bring them along.

He wasn’t too happy to learn Mickey will be joining as well, as the two often behaved as rivals. Several years his senior, Mickey Mouse was created by Walt Disney as far back as 1928, meaning he’s nearly 90 years old. But doesn’t he age well?? This good-tempered, optimistic character has some mischief in him, but he is also a devoted and generous friend, something you’ll be able to witness when he makes an appearance at Thunderbolt.

With such an interesting set of pranksters, June is guaranteed to be fun, don’t you think?

Comic Strip Heroes Come Bearing Gifts

During the whole month of June, you’ll be able to enjoy the parade of some of the most famous comic book heroes. They will not only remind you of the child within, but also reward for being such a loyal Thunderbolt member. The first one to show up will be Homer Simpson, and amazingly enough, he has confirmed his arrival for June 2nd – the Doughnut Day. How appropriate is that?! Make sure to show up and check out the gifts he’s bringing along.




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